Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toronto, Canada.Canada's largest city

Toronto, Canada's largest city is the capital of Ontario and its population of more than 300 million urban area is great. "Toronto" The original Indian language, means "encounter of the place" the name suggests, this is a densely populated metropolis.

Toronto, Ontario is located in the east, roads, subways and other transportation facilities are improved. Toronto is Canada's financial center, its business and the banking industry are developed, can be called the headquarters of both Bank of Canada. Stock to be prosperous, there is the country's largest stock market. Toronto is one of the symbolic buildings of City Hall, also known as Toronto City Hall, its semi-circular vertical structure is very unique. The second is a landmark tower in Toronto (CN Tower), ascent distance, urban landscapes and sweeping, very enjoyable. Toronto is Canada's English regional economic and cultural center. Came to Toronto, its exquisite rich commodities, world famous shopping street gathered absolutely can greatly stimulate your shopping desires, but also to fully meet your needs. One well-known downtown business district has Brewer Street, Central Street, about Rockwell Street and Eaton shopping center.

Prosperity of culture and art is also a major feature of Toronto, the world-famous Royal Museum; Ontario Art Gallery (Art Gallery of Ontario, called AGO) known in North America, one of the best art galleries. Toronto, are rated as Canada's Theater, the Symphony Orchestra, Opera Company and the National Ballet's performance level is not only in the domestic first-class in the world can also be considered as climax level. Its institutions of higher learning are the University of Toronto and York University, is a well-known universities in North America.

In Toronto, Dundas (Dundas) and Spadina (Spadina), between Chinatown is located in the ancient large, shops, restaurants, markets, theaters, everything, is a sheer Chinatown, Chinese immigrants and visitors to Toronto will be able to to appreciate in this Chinatown Chinese style.

Toronto, abundant tourism resources, magnificent and beautiful scenery and Toronto's smile and enthusiasm is deeply attracted visitors all directions.

Erected in downtown Toronto, the country of over 500 meters of the tower, is not only a Canadian National Top Ten Landscape, is one of the world's highest tower, where visitors will go to Toronto. The most unique feature of this tower is that, in its 350 meters high built of glass on the ground. The face of fan-shaped piece of glass on the ground in almost every piece of glass on the ground trying to tread more tourists are hard work, such as glass, and then look down below 350 meters below the ground features, more soul-stirring. However, there are still many "adventure" took to go, a compensation aspiration of a variety of the scenery. The tower received 10000 visitors per day, tickets ranging from 17-21 Canadian dollars (according to a high degree of pricing), every day there are 17-21 million dollars.

Kasaluoma luxury family castle is another popular tourist attraction. It is located north of Toronto, top of the hill, a tree set off the red roof building. Walking Castle to see hall, study, recreation room, library, bathrooms, storage wine

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