Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sri Lankan traveling introduction

Golden beaches, lush lowland, spectacular mountain scenery, fragrant plants, fresh of plants, exotic wildlife, impressive historical cities in religious monuments ... ... This is known as the "pearl of the Indian Ocean , "" tea country "of the lion kingdom - Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is located in southern Asia, north-west across Palk Strait and the Indian peninsula, the sea, is the South Asian subcontinent, an island on the southern tip of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka was originally called "Ceylon", Sinhala means "bright and rich paradise" in Sanskrit, meaning "lion." Lanka in the Sanskrit word for "island" in Italy, therefore, Sri Lanka, according to local language, also known as "glorious island."
Sri Lanka's rich resources, is a plantation-based agriculture, parks and natural plant kingdom. Of its agricultural products are mainly known as the "three treasures" of tea, rubber and coconut, as well as rice and so on. Here graphite, gemstones, titanium, iron and other mineral reserves are also very rich, graphite and precious stones industry to extract the main, all kinds of precious gems as many as 30 kinds. In addition, there are spices, cocoa, all kinds of handicrafts, all kinds of leather produced chairs, bags are reasonably cheap.

Sri Lanka's north to south and 433 kilometers from east to west 244 kilometers wide, an area of 65.61 thousand square kilometers, a coastline of 1,200 km. Territory in the north and the coastal plains, central and southern plateau, mountain. Pidurutalagala mountain 2524 meters above sea level, for the national peak. In short, swift rivers, of which mahaweli longest river.

2,500 years ago by the Indian moved to Ceylon, the Sinhalese Dehlavi Xinha Le dynasty was established, followed by nearly 2000 years after the rule of the feudal dynasty. 1505 onwards, has become the Portuguese, Dutch and British colony. February 4, 1948 became an independent dominion of the Commonwealth. May 22, 1972, announced that Ceylon was renamed the Republic of Sri Lanka. August 16, 1978 changing the country, called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is still a member of the Commonwealth.

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