Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Fukuoka travel

Is located in northern Kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, northeastern verge of weeks anti-beach, north-west face of mysterious beach, south-west face of the Ariake Sea. Here, and the Korean Peninsula and mainland China, across the sea, is Japan's first contact with mainland Chinese culture places. Since the 7th century to set Kyushu Government House - Since Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture, as the center of Kyushu where the gradual prosperity.
Dazaifu in Kyushu, as the ancient capital rule for nearly 500 years, Dazaifu Tenmangu plant located about 200 species, 6000 and about 40 kinds of red and white plum 30000 Iris and so on, flowers bloom all year round. Ji Feng palace is also the knowledge of God, visitors year-round without a break, of which the majority of students taking part. In addition, the county still full of beautiful stalagmites and columns of the cave - "terra-Stalactite Cave", where elephants have been found Nawu Man fossils. In addition, there are depicted the universe and the Earth's future urban landscape of the "Space World" theme park. Fukuoka City, where he replaced the "Hakata" the name is well known, it is not only the Kyushu region's political and economic center, or air lines, rail transport hub concentration. Annual spring festival to be held in the port - Hakata Festival, to participate in more than 300 organizations to participate in the public about 25000 people, more than two million visitors from the kids, make-up team and dance team composed of unarmed procession of mighty walk through the queue before the city, Shashi spectacular.

Fukuoka City is the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu's largest city, but also the regional political, economic and cultural center and transportation hub. His home at the coast of Hakata Bay, was built in 1601 west of Fukuoka Naka castle, and at the neighborhood across the river in order to businessman known Hakata, so now Hakata is Fukuoka's alias.
Fukuoka City, population 1.3 million, an area of 337.59 square kilometers, the natural condition is superior, since ancient times is an international-type city, with China, North Korea close contacts, was among the first continental cultural influence of the Japanese cities. 1784, in the northern part of Fukuoka city Shikanoshima unearthed from a Han Chinese Guangwu Qinshou of a golden seal to fully prove this point.
Today's Fukuoka is full of rhythm and dynamic, where international competition overwhelmed. The first Sunday in December is the International Marathon Race Day; early March an international cross-country running; in mid-December is the International Women's Judo Championships; in mid-November is the sumo contest; 60 games a year there are professional baseball game.

Main attractions list: Bodo, Tai Ho Park, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, Miyazaki Palace, Fukuoka, golden seal Park, Fukuoka Hall a list of Hawks Town in Fukuoka Dome, Shiga Island, Dazaifu Tenmangu, Fukuoka City Museum, helping the the next 21, Yamashita Park, Kashii Palace Kushida Shrine, American Canal City.

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