Thursday, February 18, 2010

New York rated the world's most exciting cities in

New York is located in the Atlantic Coast Hudson River. By the Manhattan Island, Long Island, Staten Island and nearby mainland China and the composition. In 1686 to build cities, the urban area of 32400 square km and is the world's largest city, where skyscrapers, there is the famous Fifth Avenue (FifthAvenue commonly known as 5th Street), on the world economy's most influential Wall Street, WallStreet , as well as artists aspire to Greenwich Village GreenwichVillage. In the Hudson Bay on the square stands the Statue of Liberty, where you can view the New York metropolitan prosperity. Population of 7.3 million, together with the total rural population of 16.8 million.

New York is the largest commercial and industrial city across the United States and the largest seaport, is also the country's largest transportation hub, industry, finance and cultural arts center. Clothing, printing, cosmetics and other industrial sector output rank first in the country. The country's total foreign trade value of 30% or so. The largest U.S. banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges are located here.

New York rated the world's most exciting cities, its known as "Big Apple" has long been a household name, becoming a symbol of New York. Whether the financial and monetary, or trade, entertainment, New York, are leading the trend in the world.

New York is located in the continental United States east coast, which is the tourist center of the eastern region, from the Washington, DC (Washington DC) there are 380 km. New York to Manhattan (Manhattan) as the center is divided into Brooklyn (Brooklyn), Cairns (Queens), Bronx (Bronx), Staten (Staten Island) and other five cities. But the main tourist areas and entertainment district are concentrated in Manhattan, so there are a lot of people think that New York is only one place in Manhattan. There is the famous shopping street on the 5th Street (5th Ave.), Has also gathered about the world economy, Wall Street (Wall St.), The Empire State Building (Empire State Building), Central Park (Central Park), Broadway (Broadway), Harlem (Harlem) and other U.S. symbols.

Attractions list: Broadway, Empire State Building, the United Nations Headquarters, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty.

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