Monday, February 22, 2010

The world's eight wealthy residential areas

We can always see on TV or magazines luxury of the rich area of the world which of the eight areas are rich? In the end a number of luxury? Today, a simple list for everyone:

1, Beverly Hills

Hollywood star and Los Angeles as a super-rich are well-known figures such as the United States's top place to live, Beverly Hills is a Los Angeles clinical Bay area's most famous wealthy area. The radius of more than 10 kilometers of the residential area like a fairyland general, avenue trees and flowers and verdant, dripping fresh grass and flowers and contests. So if you go to Hollywood instead of Beverly Hills, just as the Great Wall of China Beijing not to like. Here, an astonishing price of the villa, with an average price of 600 million dollars, the worst there are five million U.S. dollars. Here not only has the best living facilities, is also the world-famous attractions, many international meetings were often held in this area. Has a house here is very simple in this world-famous singer Jackson just rented a well-known ethnic Chinese painter Ting Shao Kuang mansion, this occupies 1.1 million square meters of an independent villa worth 30 million U.S. dollars. However, where a set of Jackie Chan's villa, room number is 1705.

2, Hawke Bay (Hawke's Bay)

New Zealand's Hawke's Bay is located in the east is the vast Pacific Ocean, Yaan twists and turns, the situation advantageous, is the world a good place for an alternative adventure tourists. Hawke's Bay has a Mediterranean climate, where fertile land, beautiful scenery, dotted with historic vineyards, producing the famous New Zealand wine. Here is world famous for their unique architectural style: a "twin city" known as Napier and Hastings, since 1931, was destroyed by earthquake and after the fire, that is a modern art style reconstruction of the beautiful city. Hawke's Bay ARTDECO a modern architectural style known worldwide, including walking the ArtDeco Peel Avenue and enjoy the unique world-famous architectural style and arts and culture, not a good feeling.

3, Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island South, is exquisitely beautiful, the most representative of Hong Kong's beautiful bay. Where fine sand and clear water, wave-quiet, as Hong Kong's most upscale residential area known for. Repulse Bay is a good place for people's leisure, but also couples "dating" the first choice. People can come here for barbecue, swimming, tea. Days after the goddess, and like the concept of audio and video, as well as 10000 Shouting, longevity bridges are well-known attractions, the living environment quite good.

4, United States Long Island

Long Island, New York in the United States is a wealthy suburb of distinctive characteristics. Long Island, far away from the city, the environment is very beautiful and good public order and the general residential sharp boundaries. Price of wealthy Long Island mansion more than 100 million U.S. dollars, and was rapidly rising trend year by year, up about 15% per year. Long Island wealthy area residents, mostly from New York to doctors, lawyers and self-employed businessmen mainly that they possess a certain degree of economic strength. Most of these people buy a house where they lived, a small part of the investment. But now a growing number of Wenzhou people buy a house on Long Island investment is primarily used for investment, resold or leased. Although the prices here are not the world's most expensive, but the construction of several hundred years of history or to become the world's most famous classic where the rich area.

5, Noosa Bay Area (Noosa Bay)

Noosa is evolved from the aboriginal languages Noothera, meaning shade areas, located in beautiful scenery in Brisbane, Australia. Since 1960, Noosa surfer beautiful beach is a sacred place, now becoming world-renowned resorts. Nusa scenic national parks, water sports lovers paradise Cooloola National Park are all here, where did indeed become the best place for beach tourism. Noosa Beach is located in the wealthy district here has a more distinctive on the temperament, one expensive and the cheapest of the sea have more than 1000 million yuan mansion; 2 is the fear here is the world's most suitable for the top leisure life of the place. Because this is the essence of the Sunshine Coast. Fundus lay out white sandy beaches, the waves of soft tap coast shows a relaxed atmosphere. Living in the Noosa Bay, people are very warm, easygoing, here known as a paradise on earth is not too much.

6, Tokyo Bay (Tokyo Bay)

In Japan is famous for reclamation land reclamation, while the Tokyo Bay area, as the world's first one mainly rely on manual planning and building of the Bay Area, becoming wealthy man planning model. Wealthy area of Tokyo Bay 80 years in the 20th century building, where the prominent feature is the emphasis on ecology and sustainable development, created a world-class ecosystem of the Gulf. Tokyo Bay landscape design people-oriented, people can not only enjoy the beauty of Tokyo Bay, you can also participate. As the wealthy owner of Tokyo Bay in Tokyo Metropolitan Area-based business tycoons, where transportation and other hardware facilities are very good, architectural design, architectural style, construction quality, and cultural and other aspects of residential lead the world trend.

7, Burau Bay (Burau Bay)

Malaysia's Langkawi is the world's rich find the best place for holiday fun. Langkawi Langkawi is located in the city is located in the Strait of Malacca between Malaysia, Thailand and the Andaman Sea border the junction of the west coast it has a quiet beauty of the beach-Burau Bay. Here is not only a conditional first-class modern hotel super, there are a variety of features cozy style resort. Living in the here and come to travel here, people are intoxicated with a variety of recreation: water sports, rainforest adventure, beach golf course, beach yacht club, it is unforgettable. Everything is making it possible to tour the Holy Land to become rich people's tourist paradise. Here is not just a luxury buildings, but also visited Burau Bay, the rich people's dreams.

8, double inlet (Double Bay)

As the name suggests, double-inlet is not a bay, but by the KELTIE composition of the Gulf and the Gulf BLACKBURN, located in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Due to its unique geographical location, where the Mediterranean town filled with rich atmosphere. Sydney is Australia's largest city, two inlets along the coast within the mansion is also home to Australia's richest people. Out of the spun yarn is soft, light sparkling off the front of you is, little white sail; overlooking Sydney, a blue pearl in the ocean, displayed in front of a modern metropolis. Australia's reputation for high quality of life in the world would aspire to the most luxurious among the world's wealthy pairs of inlets into the quarter-finals is reasonable.

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