Saturday, February 20, 2010

Macao Dangzi island travel

Mainland people to Macau tourism, limited to the time and preferences lively, it is generally stay in the Macao Peninsula, Taipa little to go on the road part two islands. In fact, love peace and quiet and the Probe into the person's visit to Cuba not only find sense in the Islands, and perhaps in the intersection of East and West cultures blending in and taste the unique flavor.

Macao by the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island composed of three parts, with a total area of 23.5 square kilometers. Among them, two islands located on the southern tip of the peninsula, with a total area of 14.4 square kilometers. 2 Macau-Taipa Bridge and the Cotai a road across the sea from the original three-part company as a whole. Development of late due to two outlying islands, coupled with the vast majority of Macao residents living in the Macao Peninsula, so here with the new Macau Street guxiang crowded noisy, busy, compared with a huge contrast.

I have been to Macau, where a friend introduced me to Macau eight scenic spots carefully, including the "Mirror Sea Changhong", "Taipa", "Black Sand Treader" Three King Islands are related to the. So I gladly accepted a friend's recommendation, find what you want, and the two islands to go over again.

From Taipa Island overlooking the island of Macau, the tallest building in Bridge River Bank of China Macao Branch.
Ranked first in the eight wonders of the "mirror sea Changhong" refers to the two Macau-Taipa Bridge: built in 1974, Nobre de Carvalho, together with the Approach length of 3449.1 meters, 9.2 meters Bridge, lacking a broad prospect; the Friendship Bridge, built in 1994, , together with the bridge approach length of 5522.86 meters, 19.3 meters Bridge, lacking a broad prospect. Yidongyixi two bridges across the sea in the vast mirror above the momentum rainbow. In particular, the longer term, as the open bridge of the bow, Flip forward to connecting the two sides of the middle of the high uplift, to give people a visual image of the steep-Song. Macao Bridge is not only the main artery, but also a sign of the steady development of Macao, rich flavor and charm of the era.

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