Sunday, February 21, 2010

Louvre palace of art

Mention of the Louvre, the immediate respect of those who emerged out of the grand, magnificent, magnificent buildings and the buildings on the bas-reliefs are exquisite! There are tall, bright Nazuo square pyramid, intrauterine those collections of art ... It all makes interesting reading nostalgia Nanshe!

Visit the Louvre that day, autumn cotton wrapped around. Tens of thousands of tourists used to fish along the channel of the pyramid, with respectful feelings to enter this world-renowned palace of art!

Louvre collection of works of art than 40 million pieces, yes, when Napoleon's conquest of Europe derived from Egypt and other countries plundered. Which includes sculpture, painting, arts and crafts and ancient East, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece and Rome and other seven categories. A total of 225 exhibition, covering an area of 7 thousand square meters. Succeed in less than a day touring the exhibits is absolutely impossible! So, we went straight to visit the Louvre on the theme of the day - the first town everyone to see the Louvre Palace, Sambo!

I myself have witnessed, while others are valuable painting style!

Although, usually I have also read up. Vinci's famous painting "Mona Lisa", but are of copies! Today, standing in front of this piece of genuine, that I realized where her light!

Within view of the staff taught us how to appreciate the "Mona Lisa Smile." She told us: From the perspective of light is the transfer of light and shade; from the geometric point of view, head to the arm on both sides of an isosceles triangle; from the plane of view, the body parts have brought a sense of transparency and three-dimensional. Her skin is very delicate, in particular, that dynamic is very sensual hands clearly visible through the skin of those tendons! And, no matter what angle you are standing on her, she looks at you smile! Different people at different times to see her smile has a different feel! Sometimes kind, gentle; and sometimes cynicism, mockery, ridicule .... Really lifelike! Combined with tenderness in the pair of eyes watched the whole facial expression is full of vitality, as if standing in a dialogue with her live now! If it is not the strict supervision of security personnel, I really wanted to run over the next stroked her delicate hands smooth implication temperature!

After reading "Mona Lisa Smile," we are tall and elegant decorative art exhibitions of a wide promenade to enjoy a lot of paintings. Such as Ingres's "Grande Odalisque", Le Brun's "artist with his daughter," Delacroix's "freedom of leading the people," Poussin in his later years even as "The Seasons". Among them, I particularly appreciate the French painter 威廉布格罗 attention to oil painting!
I have a collection of 70 pieces of Bouguereau's paintings in the album simply love my blog is not optional in hand! Today, when I stand the world's largest museum, the present master of the many paintings show when the real thing, a devout sense of spontaneous flourishing of art!

Instructors focus on give us a burger pieces of painting, such as "Virgin," "souls ascended to heaven," "Sisters", "peasant", "girls" ... and so on.

Bougreau pen Virgin dignified, kind, body exudes Yi Gu great maternal love. She looked around around five different positions in different kids. Some have been sitting on lap of the tamper not Anfen; some are still not satisfied with the current position of constantly climbing; the middle of that young children are happy doing the serenity of the dream; sitting on the ground of the two a lonely to their own play, a very timid and full of fear ... right around the master several children portrayed through the performance of the different kinds of people in the community mentality.

Bougreau described by fairies, almost all of body art. Live Flesh of those fairy's body extremely charming, set off in the light and the environment exudes a strong sense of beauty of art! Such as "the soul to heaven," "bathing women", "Venus and Cupid," "Senlinzhiwang" and so on.

Bougreau created a large number of rural theme village women and the little girl image. Those strong rural flavor and the pastoral mood of the picture, in the hands of master pieces have become a feast for the eyes as color magnificent works of poetry, people read the exposure of its territory excited!

Time is always precious little that is loss of vertical, I have not fascinating stats from Bouguereau's paintings in the guide also urged us to quickly visit the Sculpture Museum, I had to step 3 back reluctantly to leave the painting exhibition.

Sculptures of the Louvre Museum was established in 1817, a total of 27 exhibition hall, exhibits more than 1,000, mostly for the performance of the works of religious themes, some for the performance of human and animal work.

Sculpture Museum where a lot of statues are the Bible and ancient Greek mythology. For a non-professional staff to do it is difficult to appreciate from a professional point of view of those paintings or sculptures, but fortunately I have read "Ancient Greek mythology tale" for the inside story of the mythological characters and know little about, so that those who and animal statues of a kind of intimacy!

When I stood arm in front of Venus sculpture, 3.2 meters high on the sleeping in the soil again in the Louvre in 2000 stood almost 200 years was full of admiration for the beauty of God! Eolian in 2000 did not bury the United States and God's glory, she is still noble and elegant side Zhuang Xiuli! Although there is no arms, but her shoulders slightly sinking, willowy uniform body, wonderful Suxiong, standard hip curve, quiet and peaceful enough to reflect her facial expressions ... the perfect defects in the United States!

I gaze in ancient Greek mythology, the story of provoking the Trojan War played an important role of the Goddess silent greeting: "Hello Mody Eros? Your son Cupid Cupid good Mody? I wish you all the love you have given love and beauty and your loved ones!

Michelangelo's sculpture of Venus to leave immediately to visit the stone "Goddess of Victory."

Goddess of Victory in the Denon on the first floor the staircase to the second floor junction. Standing stone boat, a high 3.28 meters. Goddess Despite the loss of the head and arms, but she was the wind slightly forward body, fit and dressed in a thin robe chest still felt after the victory of the war has shown a lively, enthusiastic and cheering! It is also perfect in the deterioration of the United States, incomplete though not bring a full sense of beauty, there is a special kind of shock, and is precisely where the art of light!

Sculpture Museum will run through a few halls, and we lose no time, then watched another Michelangelo masterpiece, "the dying slave," "Cupid and Psyche", the Italian sculptor Canova's masterpiece in his later years, "Pu Xisha and Venus "...

A sculpture of each gesture, expression, and that Yi Meipiao contingent is ready to have given me a vivid image of the bursts of tremor! Ancient Greek artists can use boulders to create a perfect craft really makes such a sigh!

Indulge in the arts influenced by the time that I forgot! Xing-not entirely out of the Hall may still proudly Nanshe!

At this point in Paris, the sky is still lingering autumn rain. Look at look at the Louvre building itself is a craft, which more than 100 roots of the Renaissance-style columns, in the misty rain, he proudly hold up the long corridor, to tell the people that it took 700 years of worldly vicissitudes of life, telling the generations of the royal family converted the age of exaggerated style!

Just think, if there is no Louvre, Paris, fairly in the world become?

Good-bye the Louvre! Good-bye the great art galleries! You will stay in my life for some of the most beautiful poems movement!

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