Friday, February 19, 2010

Moscow is the Russian federation capital

  Moscow is the Russian federation capital, is a beautiful cosmopolis. As Russia's politics, the economy, the finance, the science, the arts center, Moscow gazes since long for the world people, simultaneously, it by the unique charm, is also attracting the world's the tourist. the Moscow is situated at middle the Russian Europe part, cross Moscow river and class of people Wu Zahe both banks. The existing population 9,000,000, are one of world especially big metropolises. the Moscow urban district is surrounded by an around the city highway, this highway's perimeter is 109 kilometers. Moscow urban district north and south long 40 kilometers, thing long 30 kilometers, area 1000 square kilometers. the Moscow's city symbol is mysterious brave warrior standard Oelke grasps the lance assassination poisonous snake. The city flag is a Red Flag, is the city symbol. In Europe, Moscow is considered as on is the quite ancient city. Moscow constructed the city in 1147, until now had more than 800 years history. During more than 800 years, Russia has several time big historical vicissitudes. the Moscow takes Russia's key city, has experienced her prosperity and decline honor or disgrace together with the country. The Moscow scenic spot and historic resort are many. Area Red Square, the Kremlin is a town center. Borders on what with the Kremlin is the world famous Lenin mausoleum. The sculpture is the Moscow local other style decoration, has the Urey · Dowar elder brother Lu Ji bronze commemoration in the Soviet square likely with Lenin's commemoration elephant; The Red Square south side has the national hero rice rather with the wave Charles base commemoration elephant; In the Pushkin square has the Pushkin statue. Scenic spot tabulation: Red Square, the Sa elder brother Siji old city, the new young girl monastery, the agreement scold the husband former dwelling museum, the Virgin mother Christmas female monastery, the Kremlin weapon cache, the Gorky Former dwelling Museum, the Moscow river, the Moscow country History museum, the Moscow University, the Kremlin, the Lenin grave, the Pushkin Museum, the Pushkin square, the Moscow subway, the Mosse Science and Technology Institute of China theater, the Tolstoi Manor Museum, Zhong Wang, Ivan Emperor the bell tower, the Alexander garden, the new saintess public cemetery, the nameless martyr's grave, the war of national defense memorial hall, the Waxili cathedral, the Si Busk turret, Mary to ascend to heaven the cathedral, the victory square, the former Soviet Union national economy achievement exhibition center, the artillery king, the elder brother gram Lenin former dwelling, the Lenin mountain to look at the scenery Taiwan, oldAerbate street, Moscow Arc De Triomphe, Savior cathedral, Gum state-run department store, Peter the First monument.

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