Friday, February 19, 2010

Athens, Greece

Greek capital Athens for national political, cultural, economic center and transportation hub, the world-famous ancient city, population 890,000 is located in the southeastern part of the Greek peninsula, Attica plain. 6 century BC, the ancient Greek city-state of slavery in the states and the Group's chief and served in the Mediterranean powers, and cultural center, known as the "source of Western culture." To the 6th century BC, attained its zenith, many immortal master, such as the tragedian Aeschylus, Euripides Europe, comedian Aristophanes, the historian Herodotus and Thucydides, philosopher, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, were born or live here.

In 1830 as the capital of Greece after independence, urban political and cultural center northeast, southwest and the port area is industrial and commercial area, near the Place de la Concorde for the city's most prosperous areas, many people focused on shops, hotels, banks, restaurants and the Museum of . Well-known monuments of Athens are the Acropolis, Parthenon Papert, Theater of Dionysus, Zeus and so on.

The Acropolis in Athens and All Greece a pearl is a symbol of Athens. In the world no longer a place like the Acropolis in Athens, as in a small area focused on so many buildings, paintings and sculptures of classic. Here's monuments and shrines such as: the Parthenon, the Temple Weng Yi Rui Keti, giant door, Victory Temple, to a theater named after Dionysos, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and阿克波利斯Museum, is not only the epitome of Greek civilization, but also a miracle in the history of Greek architecture.

After several thousand years of ups and downs, and now the site of the Acropolis of the most Duanqiangcanyuan. White limestone buildings of the Acropolis was destroyed by fire more than a century ago, Castle marble statues and pillars have suffered a lot, and some were destroyed, and some were shipped abroad by. However, some fairly complete Acropolis statue can still see the statue depicts vivid and Yi Wen, pillars at the top of horses and warriors Pentium vivid relief, as well as clothing Weng Rui Keti Temple girls like pillars, are is called left a deep impression on visitors.

, North of the Acropolis Hill is a scientific and cultural center. There Sciences, University of Athens (1837), was established, the National Library (a collection of more than 2300 volumes of ancient copy draft), the Greek Archaeological Society (in archeology outstanding contribution to the world's well-known), the National Theater and various museums. Among them, the National Archaeological Museum, built in 1866, a collection of prehistoric antiquities and works of art; inscription museums, there are precious historical inscription; Castle Hill Museum (opened 1878), collections of ancient sculpture of various periods; Byzantine Museum Byzantine, Muslim and Chinese works of art; Wei Naji museums, collections of Greek clothes in various historical periods. Athens and Piraeus, between the outer 10 kilometers away from the urban areas has been working as a. Northeast of the city as a whole, is a political and cultural district, Southwest and the port area is commercial and industrial areas. Athens is located in the eastern Mediterranean countries in shipping and aviation center, outer set of more than Leiai Fu plat spoke, almost all the country's foreign trade this out. City drinking water from far away reservoirs northeast of Marathon, the supply of marble, where the world rarely seen in the dam.

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