Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canberra, Australia

Australian capital Canberra is located in the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, is the Australian Government, Congress and foreign embassies are located. Canberra is a unique city, did not damage the nearby environment, but also integrate with the surrounding environment. In fact, it was once made in Canberra described as a garden city. As the surrounding forest surrounded by lush natural beauty and the nearby countryside, so elegant and Canberra to become a modern city, also enjoy the "natural capital" in the world. Although the pastoral atmosphere permeated with Canberra, but it is also the seat of the Australian Government, as well as a major regional diplomatic centers. Imagine a city below: it is the world's major capitals, but also harmonious with the nearby natural environment. In this landscape of experts from the United States Walter Burley Griffin designed the city, you will not see the awkward and chaotic city building. Greets us, it will only pieces of a plan the world's most comprehensive, secure, truly a masterpiece of urban design aesthetic. Here mild climate, the annual rainfall average, the four seasons are sunny. Before 1913, Canberra is just a synonym for, where hills, goat and kangaroo grass only home. Today, Canberra is Australia with 26 million people and a host of modern architecture and fastest-growing city. Design in Australia's capital in international competition, the young and talented Chicago architects-Walter BurlyGriffin win. A well-designed modern city from the ground where they stand. Zhuang numerous re-elegant building, surrounded by flowers from 10000. And other large city with many parks dotted the contrary, Canberra is like a building in the garden city. Australia's largest inland city in the central is an 11-kilometer-long lake, it looks as if the same is a natural formation. In fact, the 35 km-long shoreline is dug up, this artificial lake is a watt. Lumpur Leigelifei pride in the design of an important part. Cat 1964, cited in this lake filled with water, named the same year. It is divided into Canberra, in the spring, summer and autumn months, many activities held at the lake. Attractions list: Australia's traditional villages, Griffin Lake, the National Aquarium, the Australian National Gallery, National Library, jet fountains, stamp exhibition room, Canberra Parliament House, the Royal Mint, the embassy district, the new Parliament House.

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