Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Nara travel

Japan's ancient capital of Nara, Nara Prefecture capital. 1950 was designated as an international cultural city. Is located in the central and western Honshu, the Kinki region in south-central, and Kyoto, Osaka, into the isosceles triangle. Surrounded by mountains, cities rich in archaic structure.
Nara City, was founded in 710 years of history has been referred to as "big and country." Copper for three years from the dawn to play the emperor and the emperor Huan-wu emperor on behalf of the early years of the seven, all its capital in Nara, famous Pingcheng Beijing, Shi called the Nara period (AD 710-789 years). Later, in Southern and Northern Dynasties period (Kamako between the times and the Muromachi period), became the center of the Southern Dynasties. 789 years, the Fujiwara family dominated Japan, the capital moved to Kyoto, Nara and has since been forgotten outside the mainstream of Japanese history.
The layout of the ancient city of Nara is the grid-like shape, with the nearby Chinese Tang Chang'an are similar, are Hongzhu, green tile, white wall of the magnificent building. Now after 1200 years of wind and rain, the ancient city of style is still lingering.
Nara is also the name of the Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges, the as early as 1,200 years ago, Nara started on the friendly exchanges with China, especially in the Shotoku Taishi (AD 574-622 years), and Dahua period, had sent envoys to the Sui 10 times so, Imperial Japanese embassies to China. Well-known Imperial Japanese students Abe Nakamaro (AD 701-770, the Nara people), had studied in Chang'an, and Li Bai, Wang Wei and other formed a very good friends. China Masters six times Jianzhen Dongdu, finally arrived in Nara promote Buddhism spread Chinese culture. 1974, Nara City and the sister cities of Xi'an, China, and to Xi'an gift Salix, willow planted in the city, named "Forest of Xi'an." 1978 Temple in Nara Toshodai established near a monument to Abe Nakamaro.
Nara most common place is open, in which there are often see deer in a leisurely walk free. The reindeer have no confidence, health, not only did not care about pedestrians, adding to the some of Nara sightseeing warm delight.
Tip: Nara City is small, you can even walk or ride a bike traveled to every corner of the city of Nara. Major attractions are concentrated in and around Deer Park
Main attractions list: Yakushi-ji Temple, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Horyuji Temple, Nara National Museum, Noto Peninsula, the new Yakushi-ji Temple, Nara Park, Toshodai Temple, a small donation.

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