Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nepalese Katmandu travel

The city was founded in 723, when the city hosted the king of the ancient building that Jiamadewa it named "Kantipur", Sanskrit meaning "City of Light." 16th century AD, King dynasty Lichhavi with a tree in the city center built of a three double eaves and a Tamiao architecture, called "Jia Sida over Darfur," Sanskrit means "Dumu Temple", or "Forest and the temple," and later referred to as "Kathmandu" in Nepali means "Dumu building." Since then, the people to the building as the center, large scale construction to build housing, outreach, Kathmandu also followed for the city's name. Since 1768 years, Kathmandu has been the capital of Shah dynasty. Of course, the origins of this name around Kathmandu, the local spread of many interesting legends.

It is a 1000 years of history, ancient cities, in order to fine architecture, wood and stone carvings have become a symbol of Nepal's ancient culture. Nepal dynasties built here, a large number of palaces, temples, pagodas, palaces, temples, etc., in an area of less than 7 square kilometers of downtown there are pagodas, temples, more than 250 seats, more than 2,700 city blocks in size temples really can be described as "Wu Buyi Temple, 10-step a Nunnery." Therefore, it was the city known as the "temple city" - in this world can be called when the get to "temple city", only Kathmandu.

Canada is 1370 meters above sea level, surrounded by hills, cypress pine trees everywhere, the sun bright, round spring, known as "the mountain paradise" laudatory. Overlooking from above, you can see it's like a peacocks in full display, her colorful scattered on the ground in this valley. Viewed from afar, Qili scenery, picturesque; close look, scenic 1000 strange phenomena, Zhengyan Doo-yan. Throughout the year, everywhere in full bloom with flowers, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by another, the entire Kathmandu off World Bank as the fairy realms, and beautiful. Located in the Himalayas because of the south slope, which Tao natural barrier for the urban block the wind from the north, the south facing the Indian Ocean city of warm, unique geographical environment, so that where the average annual temperature of 20 ℃ or so, and pleasant weather, year-round sunshine bright, lush green trees, flowers in full bloom, is the world-famous tourist attraction.

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