Friday, February 19, 2010

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Capital of the Netherlands - Amsterdam is the city has a long historical background, since the seventeenth century, is the center of life, one of the four canals, known as "Northern Venice" of the laudatory title. There are 90 islands, 160 canals and 1281 bridges amazing! Roads in urban areas more than chaos, level house in order, ships in the freedom of navigation canals in the urban areas to urban areas anywhere. Dam Square, the center is the heart of the city, the square is located next to the famous Palace, the Dutch architect Fankan this design.
Amsterdam, because we have a beautiful tulip, romantic canals, bicycles everywhere, flashing diamonds, precious art collection, as well as residents of an open mind, attracting tourists from around the world. Walking is the connotation of a taste of this city the best way, all the tourist attractions within walking distance! In Amsterdam, you can leisurely gentleman from the Anne Frank House along the canal, walk to the National Museum.
In Amsterdam, do not forget to look for a cafe and rest a while, to full-bodied cup of coffee; Otherwise the exiled himself in a natural and beautiful city park bench and enjoy the quiet the noise. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, major cities, Amsterdam was once the world's largest port, is also Europe's largest cities.
Amsterdam, this vibrant city, in any season can provide a wealth of tourist attractions! Colorful variety of activities enough to make you a full and interesting day trip.
Amsterdam Art Gallery and Museum will have more than 60 blocks. Some of the more representative are concentrated in the Museum Plaza. Including the collection of Rembrandt's "Ye Jing" and Vermeer and other 17th-century Dutch painter works of the National Museum, as well as works by Van Gogh collection ranks first in the world of the Van Gogh Museum, as well as collections Gauguin, Picasso Cable and other works of impressionist painters City Museum.
In addition, the Museum Square, not to be missed is the enjoyment of classical music hall known as the National Concert Hall. Here is also the National Orchestra of Amsterdam, the base, in 1888 completed. This gold harp on the roof to the white building marked. Of its excellent acoustics, ranking third in the world. Fares are very low, anyone can easily go in to enjoy classical music. Every Wednesday at noon to enjoy lunch can also be free concerts, it may be easy to listen to some.

Attractions list: Alkmaar Cheese Market, Amsterdam Road, Keukenhof, Amsterdam canals, Zha Damu Windmill Village.

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