Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cape Town, South Africa

Is located in the southernmost tip of Cape Town, South Africa, but also performers, the city is South Africa's oldest city, also in Africa, a sea pearl, beautiful scenery and have a busy port of Table Bay, as well as fishing villages, vast vineyards, beautiful scenery the coastal road and many beautiful beaches on both sides of the peninsula, such as the sea-point, Ji Lifu Dayton, are highly water-head movement popular resort. 1067 meters high Table Mountain in Cape Town can be regarded as a sign of its peak appears to be leveling with the blade, such as the table-like flat, all-mountain are laminated sandstone composition, higher than 3690 feet above sea level, the Peak is like a huge waterfall white clouds filled the air, to the corner pouring the city, visitors can take the cable car straight off and arrived in steep cliffs cliffs, west balcony Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Indian Ocean, looking just like in fairyland. Cape Town is located in one corner of a narrow peninsula, harbor style romantic, charming scenery; available outside urban areas and countryside, vineyards all over, beautiful color-rich pure taste of wine. Netanya farm in the suburbs of Constance, there are built in a wine museum in 1685. Bobo Hall is an old Dutch-style buildings, with Koshiro's walls and elegant styling, inside furniture, utensils still maintains the status quo in the 17th century. The basement cellar where a large circle filled with a giant wooden barrel, buckets filled with fermented grapes, exudes a very strange, very damp smell, smell seemed to be able to more drunk man. Here, visitors can enjoy tasting wine, Buzuibugui. "Little Europe," said Cape Town, South Africa is currently the second largest city after Johannesburg, the landscape and the general impression of the African wilderness more different interests. Multi-style building on this to create a different appearance, especially in Edwardian-style and Victorian-style houses up. In the magnificent Table Bay in the vicinity, and scattered with well-preserved 18-century Dutch architecture, to this city, within walking distance to appreciate our streets in the historic building, is a highlight not to be missed.
St. George's Street is Cape Town, the Government has deliberately to preserve historic buildings and footpaths carved out a total length of more than 400 meters apart from antique European-style buildings along the street outside, in the balcony inside the boutique store, the assortment of small art exhibition Chang Tourists not put it down so that the streets can sometimes be seen on both sides of the street artists performed or brush painters streets with color, a scene that often makes the illusion of being in Europe. St. George Street, at the end of the government is densely tree-lined avenue. The Road runs through the entire Dutch East India Company's garden, park full of oak plant was originally a European-born immigrants from his hometown to introduce Yuzuo oak material, how can you know where sunlight and abundant rainfall, so that a long oak unexpectedly fast, so the organization can not be made too loose a good barrel, so to bring them into dense oak forest turned into another round of good scenery. South African Museum, sit on the Government Avenue, which display fairly complete mammals, reptiles, birds, insects specimens. Among them, there is a prototype the size of whale whale museum specimens, quite spectacular. In addition, South Africa, indigenous culture and lifestyle, this Jieyou introduced in detail, such as the Bushmen paintings, simple and vigorous, neat lines of the original left a deep impression. Parallel to Long Street and the Government's Road (Long Street), the first half of concentrated decorated with wrought iron lace and the turret-style Victorian architecture, serve an old-fashioned, in this tasting cup of coffee to ensure that make you forget the taste. Attractions list: Table Mountain, Robben Island - a politician cage, Cape of Good Hope, Stellenbosch, Garden Avenue, ostrich in the world - Aocihuoen, water Mun district.

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