Friday, February 19, 2010

Geneva, a beautiful modern metropolis

Geneva, a beautiful modern city, has traditionally been the focus of international organizations and activities, the city's symbol is located downtown off the lake a large fountain, surrounded by stunning coastal garden can be said that a name In fact, Fu's "An American." And to the Flower Show is famous for beautiful.

According to information available shows that as early as one to Erwan Nian BC - Ice Age later today have been human settlements in the inflow of Lake Geneva Rhone (Rhone) mouth of the two sides. AD first century, Geneva has an important commercial center until the reorganization of the Swiss League through the period, we were able to bring in Geneva and wealth of knowledge industries, in 1536 announced the establishment of the Republic of Switzerland, before the multi-party forces have continued harassment of this city, 1602 Year Chaves (Savoy) attempts to capture the Duke of Geneva, and the legends of fierce public resistance, and even pot, pots and other kitchen utensils as a weapon to hurl the invaders, the results of the Duke did not succeed, this day became the annual festival.

A large number of museums in Geneva, the collection of a lot of China, Japan, Greece and Rome, and other valuable ancient artifacts, the museum and watch (Watch Museum) can be found within the people's right to seek recognition of the efforts of the time history. Geneva is also a major concentration of cultural performances, international performing arts companies on a regular basis in the major theater music and opera, Grand Casino (Grand Casina) the Office of the Japanese Long-feng (Quai du Mont Blanc) is a race on place. Geneva-based international financial status is no doubt, due to political stability, international institutions gathered here, even the UN's European headquarters in Geneva, to rewrite modern history in a day's work.

Geneva waters wide, the environment elegant. Urban parks dotted with small, but generally has a fountain, sculpture, music pool, cafes, restaurants, leisure is very pleasant little ride.

Lemon Lake Shore, Mont Blanc Qiaodong there is a long 400 meters wide and 200 meters of England Park. The Park has a symbol of Geneva's watch industry, "flower clock" well-known. The south side of the clock for the Park Avenue ramp-li on the ground, the clock face is composed of hundreds of thousands of flowers and plants, quarterly replacement, and preserve their fresh, a little bit of style has always been strict, depending on time of life without losing the romantic, such as the Geneva a portrait of people.

Eastward to the coast there are two parks, one Parc La Grange (barn Park), the garden has a rose garden, every June, rose in full bloom, Colorful. Beside a clear spring parks, just listen to one of the names on the minds of cool people.

Lake of the West Bank is an ideal walking environment, where parks attached Park, stretches nearly two kilometers, there are recreational park, lake pearls, Barton Villa, West Shui is a world famous botanical gardens and Arianna Park, the UN's European headquarters is located in the park.

Geneva, a small party as much as 33 museums treasure, of which the International Red Cross Museum, describes the historical development of the organization's remarkable evolution, like the car visitors to Darwin City, two car museums, as well as Anthropology Museum, Philatelic Museum, clocks and watches museums, etc., and countless private galleries. Of the course ought not to be missed the most unique Encyclopedia of the Swiss Museum - Art Museum of History.

Museum from the United Kingdom park just south of Charles Street entrance Garang, the exhibits show until the early history of the development of modern civilization, mainly archaeological findings, art and accessories, while the second floor to the first floor of the archaeological and the most important paintings. The most valuable one is the 1444 Conrad vits created for the Geneva Cathedral altar painting "miracle fishing", the painting of Jesus walking on water, the background is a distant peaks Sa Lev, apparently painting surface of the water that is Lake Geneva. It is said the first one in the history of European art scene can distinguish the original painting. Other items on display include Egyptian mummies, medieval weaving machines, a large number of y numismatica, the region of ancient furniture, stained glass, armor weapons and so on, encompasses all of Western culture.

Attractions list: Palais des Nations, printing, flower clock, Jie large fountain, Geneva Lake, St. Peter's Basilica.

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