Saturday, February 20, 2010

German Frankfurt travel

Frankfurt is not only a world financial center, simultaneously it is also one has 800 year historic tradition famous exposition city. Every year must hold the approximately 15 large-scale international fairs, like every year spring summer two season hold international consumable exposition; International once every two years " the health, warms up, the air conditioning " the specialized exposition; International clothing textile specialized exposition; Automobile exhibition; Books exposition; Cooking technology exposition. On the display season, Frankfurt presents a piece of busy scenery, the urban street appears vigorous. Participates in exposition's population average to surpass every year 1,000,000, the exposition has become the people to understand that the world and the world understand a Germany's important window. Frankfurt is not only Germany's economic center, simultaneously it is also a cultural famous city. Here is the hometown which the world literary giant praises, praises former dwelling in town center. As soon as Frankfurt has 17 museums and many scenic spot and historic resort, the ancient Rome person vestige, the palm park, the black rather Ghale tower, You the Si peduncle Nuse church, the ancient opera house and so on is worth the tourist looking. Frankfurt's main scenic spot: Goethehaus und Goethemuseum Roemer Dom Nikolaikirsche Paulskirche Eschenheimer Turm Staedtisches Kunstinstitut und Staedtische Galerie Museumsufer Frankfurtboese

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