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Japanese Osaka travel

Osaka, Japan Updated :2004-12-29 15:52:50

Osaka is Japan's third largest city, with a total area of 221.37 square kilometers, from 24 districts constitute a population of nearly 26 million. Osaka is Japan's economy, trade and cultural center, at the same time as Japan's historical and cultural city, its monuments also tourists from around the world nostalgia afternoon a memorable one.
Osaka City, the high terrain east west low, low-lying west of Osaka people use the favorable conditions to build a number of canals so that water transport is more developed, the water area accounting for more than 10% of the total area, the "water is," said. Addition of the bridge on the river, there are more than 1400 seats, and thus have "Osaka Bridge 880" depicted. There are five underground street in the city, with a total area of 9.2 thousand square meters. Some underground street upper, middle and lower three floors, each floor features a different, there is a man-made stream flow during wear, comes with flower beds, statues, fountains, and small gardens, waterfalls and other man-made landscape, streets, shops both bustling business district, but also chic tour ground.

Concentrated north of the city government agencies and high-level department stores, skyscrapers, a typical modern atmosphere; the south are more civilian-oriented, there are many century-old still maintains the old style. Although Osaka in western Japan's commercial and industrial center, but the Environmental Protection intact, fresh air, clean, little pollution. Street crimson maple, apricot and dark green pines and cypresses of ginkgo each other, they constitute an "Osaka Autumn," a beautiful picture.

Because the verge of the Seto Inland Sea since ancient times as the ancient capital of Nara, Osaka and Kyoto on the gateway to the Japanese business and trade development in the first area, there have been several generations of its capital in this Japanese emperor (AD 313 ~ 412 years, 645 ~ 683 years) Therefore, numerous monuments.

Osaka is Japan's land, sea and air transportation hub. Of aviation lines, high-speed railway and highway and the capital Tokyo and around the similarities. Such as Tokyo, Osaka Shinkansen high-speed train between the day and from as many as dozens of columns. Osaka port can accommodate large cargo ships, each year at 30 million tons of cargo throughput over its external financial accounts for the country's total foreign trade about 30%.

Cultural and educational center in Osaka in western Japan. More than 40 colleges and universities, as well as the National Museum of Ethnology, Museum of Oriental Ceramics and other cultural facilities. Osaka's dialect has the characteristic, is named the Guanxi words or the Osaka words. The Guanxi language charming humorous, many Japan's comedians and the tradition inundate only then (are equal to China's crosstalk actors) are born much in the Guanxi area, moreover, even if after they become famous, in local or also still uses the Guanxi dialect in television station's and so on Guandong performance. Osaka's scenic spot and historic resort are many, mainly has the Oosakajou, the international exposition park, the four devas temple, the exceedingly high Chinese style pavilion, to live in lucky big society, the plum field lively street, “the rainbow street” the underground city and the new world avenue and so on.

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