Saturday, February 20, 2010

Macao Lu Lianre park travel

If Lu Lian the park located at Macao Peninsula's middle, east looks at Yangshan's northern foothill, Luo Lilao street and Dutch garden street's intersection point, total area 1.78 hectares. In garden scenery like poem like picture, just like one quiet and tasteful, beautiful, tranquil south of Yangzi River scenery, has the Suzhou Sizi Lin's pattern, one kind “small sees the feeling in a big way” for the human, is the Hong Kong and Macao area has the Suzhou botanical garden graceful bearing park only. the 20 years ago repairs Lu Lian who is completed, if the park, the original name amusement garden, several dozens years ago is this Australian one of three given name gardens, by the big gambling business, Macao chamber of commerce and the Jing Lake Hospital charitable meeting manages affairs meeting President Lu Lianre to contribute the construction, begins in builds in 1904, undergoes twenty years only then one after another to complete in 1925. Big its scale is Macao private garden. At the beginning of the century the amusement garden once the lid built the theater shed, the performance Guangdong opera, therefore is renowned in one's time. Latter Lu Jia withers the defeat also to partition changes hands. In the early 70s. Buys for Macao government. After repair, Lu Lian, if the park opens in September, 1974, becomes the populace amusement and rest the good destination. Enters the park from the main entrance, is a book has “the Pingshan mirror building” four large brush-written Chinese character antique circular arched entrances, both sides is covered with the fresh flower and green bamboo's treeshady lanes, the towering banyan fig, the Large expanse of bamboo grove, are in full bloom the fresh flower complements the tower pavilion Chinese style pavilion, the winding path winding corridor, the pond bridge pavilion, the running water to fly the waterfall, the rockery strange stone.  In the garden the scenic spot distribution is appropriate, the scenery is scattered and organized. The rockery piles the high peak strange stone which becomes exquisitely carved, towering hundred condition, trickle the running water from the rockery crown depreciation, forms five pack of waterfalls, the current of water pours into the rockery under foot's small pond, in the ancient times beautiful woman handsome pond which builds with the megalith, nearby the pond the weeping willow is reluctant to part, pond domestic waters Ming Rujing, the white lotus drags, in groups tilapia mossambica tours tours, above the round lotus leaf and the spread-eagle assumes the campylodromous curving zigzag bridge bridge to form a nice contrast. The entire garden take “the spring thatched house” the waterside pavilion hall as the construction main body, before passing appears in court, around water surface Shi Jing to be united as one body various scenic spots. The park pavilion porch, hangs up the inscribed horizontal tablet antithetical couplet. After renovates a new blue incense pavilion, to scoop up the green jade pavilion, the life insurance pavilion, the tourist often settles down the appreciation calligraphy to unite the language, innate appeal. In the ordinary day, in the courtyard has many old people and the friend seizes the chess together in this, or takes a nap a quarter to wear down the time.although spring the thatched house is typical China constructs, but the house outer wall has actually used the cream color which the Portuguese uses happily, and matches by the white line, 12 porch pillars also adopt the Gothic style architectural style, what on the mast top decorates is the white western-style pattern, but borders on the pond in the platform the chair type railing is the Chinese likes with the bright red color, causes the human to realize in this Chinese building reflected the West culture blends trace.if Lu Lian the park scenery outshines others in the Macao numerous parks, in 1992 is evaluated Macao one of new eight scenery.

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