Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pakistani Islamabad travel

Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, the country's political center. Founded in the early 60s, only 30 years of history, is the world's capital of one of the youngest. Islamabad is located in the northwest plateau Botewaer the north there are 1,500 meters above sea level do Guerra mountain, the west is a slightly rolling hills, lush south-east is the open land, the environment elegant and pleasant weather.

Here in Pakistan in 1959 decided to establish the capital, began construction in 1961, basically completed in 1970. Urban layout with square-shaped corridors as the backbone, building, and a new style of Islamic tradition. Distinct functions in the city districts. East for the administration, the embassy district, Bangshan bordered by a lake, there is the National Assembly building, the presidential palace, ministries, building authorities, as well as embassies, around the Lawal Lake is the botanical gardens, aquariums, jasmine and rose garden, as well as government guest house and Islamabad Club. West of a large residential block arranged things orderly, and service equipment is complete, each block have a mosque and shops, schools, hotels, banks and parks.

Islamabad, the urban area of 65 square kilometers, population 55 million (1996), of which 168,000 rural population. Plan to 2008, urban population has grown to one million rural population has grown to 300,000.

Industry is limited to Islamabad is closely related to daily life of residents, food, furniture, construction and other industries, but the commerce, transportation, communications and urban municipal construction are developed. The agricultural district of Islamabad 46.27 thousand acres of arable land, to meet people's needs, Capital Development Authority in addition to actively developing eggs, vegetable production, but also actively promote fair trade.

Islamabad's education has developed rapidly, the existing primary and secondary schools more than 100 institutions of higher learning have Jinnah University, Iqbal Open University, Islamic University, the National Modern Languages College. Islamabad, a number of natural science research institutes, mainly in Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and its affiliated research institute of nuclear science and technology, and the National Institutes of Health, the National Agricultural Research Center, National Defense Science and Technology Organization, Space and Atmospheric Research Council, Oil and Gas Development Corporation, carbonation Hydrogen Research Institute.

Islamabad, 30 kilometers west of the famous monuments in Taxila. This 2,000 years of history, heritage is a world famous Gandhara Buddhist art center. Chinese monk Fa Xian, Xuan Zang visited here, and so on. Taxila museum collection of many artifacts, including a variety of Buddha particularly noteworthy.

Islamabad Yishanbangshui scenery lai. Trees on both sides of the road all year round stream Chui, flower-decked. A pair of the city which nestles at the green trees, has become a world famous garden city. Pakistan's rich tourism resources. The famous city of Karachi has the Arabian Sea, the best golden beaches. Karachi, 98 kilometers away from the Office of tha city as a unique civilization, the history of Sindh witness list in 1980, is listed as the runway. 400 km northeast of Karachi, as well as a famous tourist destination Mohenjo Daro. 2500 years BC the Indus Valley civilization, a magnificent city of ancient ruins. 1980 has been inscribed on the World Heritage List. In addition, the historic city of Lahore, the famous Royal Castle and the Shalimar gardens, mosques and others are lying child Badexiaxi dynasty outstanding representatives of civilization. 1981 has been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Peshawar is a famous tourist destination in Pakistan, it was said, to go to Pakistan tourism, such as not to Peshawar, would be a major regret. Peshawar has many attractions, many famous buildings, including the Sikh castle, open Wilbur Yamaguchi, Tara, Peshawar Museum.

Attractions list: Faisal Mosque, Chitral Valley, ziarat, Canada Gangu, Jahangir Tomb, Khyber Pass, Lahore Museum, Lahore Fort, Ranjit Singh tomb, the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro ruins, Muri Mountains, Arca Dev Shizun temples, Tsilas stone, Swat, Shalimar Park, Iqbal's tomb, Jinnah tomb, Badexiaxi mosque, independent monument, Fenza, Kot Diji, Jalapa, Hunza, after Hill Park.

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