Saturday, February 20, 2010

Macao pigeon nest park travel

The pigeon nest park occupying land area is broad, in the garden the hill link folds, ancient wooden towering, spreads plants the flowers and plants, the song of the birds is lingering on faintly. Even if during the midsummer season, is in a situation, was still just like tours the cool world. The pigeon nest park acquires fame has the origin really. In the 18th century, here was house of originally the Portuguese rich merchant Ma Kuishi. This person raises the pigeon happily, reaches several hundred many, hovers the horizon, the scenery is really magnificent; Pavilion Zhan space, far view, if nest, by this. In the garden has a pit hole, the named Jia Meishi hole, stands erect the Portugal famous poet Jia Meishi bronze statue. This was born more than 400 year ago Jia Meishi bronze statues, is in 1866 by the Portuguese troops kui gentleman casting. Nearby the pigeon nest park has two story-high to have the southern Europe architectural feature building, this is the Jia Meishi museum original address.

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