Friday, February 19, 2010

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is a dynamic full of life, low-lying small country, because in Germany, the Netherlands and France at the turn of the three strong culture, the German's determination, the Netherlands and the French enthusiasm for the calm will be in this transition to independence of Belgium-specific optimism.
Brussels - capital of Belgium, a population of about one million, the national political, economic and cultural center, located in the Netherlands than in France in the heart of the railway lines, known as Europe's most beautiful city. The town hall is one of Europe's most magnificent sixteenth-century Gothic architecture, is also the European Community market and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters. Western European transport arteries, the NATO Secretariat, the European Economic Community headquarters and the seat of more than 900 international organizations, known as "European capital". Who belong in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, which, in its architecture, culture and language are marked with such a mark. Tourist Souvenirs printed on that blue Star Circle 12 EC mark has become tourists visit Belgium, the best pictures.
Located in the heart of Grand Place, built in the 12th century AD, the Gothic-style buildings surrounded by the shape of the burning flame, the Town Hall steeple up to 85 meters, tower plastic with a 5-meter-high statue of the patron saint of Brussels, the city, draw the pattern on the ceiling hall absolutely fabulous, and possession of a huge history of celebrity portraiture as well as the famous painter Rubens's giant painting. City Hall nearby Flemish baroque architecture architectural art and a combination of old-line Old Council Building, the Louis XIV palace, and then call a meeting of Marx's "Swan Cafe." In the north, a large square called "Dog Street" turns to erect the world-famous "Little Yu Qian," like, about half a meter high bronze statue, is a pee bare hips of children, attitude vivid, lifelike images. Said the little boy named Yu Qian a Paoniao extinguished the fuse of the intruders and save the city residents, so as to put this on his memory.
Every morning, big market has the flower market, bird market there Sunday.
Every two years in August, Brussels city government should be held in the Great Plaza, a 4-day "Grand Place Flower Carpet Day", "flower carpet" mainly with the composition of begonia tubers, a total of 1 million.
The northwest of Brussels was built in 1958, the Atomic Energy Museum, is the seat by nine great silver-white metal ball connected to form a building, which is Belgium to study the development of atomic energy and to commemorate the Brussels-based International Atomic Energy exhibition built.

Attractions list: Brussels Square, the ancient battlefield of Waterloo, urine boy was not even like, the European Lilliput, Swan Cafe, Brussels Atomic Energy tower, the Belgian Royal Palace.

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