Friday, February 19, 2010

Monaco is located in Nice, France, 14 kilometers east

Monaco is located in Nice, France, 14 kilometers east. By the Nice train station every day more than 30 bus-owned road, the journey of 40 minutes; posted along the rugged coast of mountain walking.
Where a direction by the Italian out of a train in southern France, Monaco Monte Carlo, but the European train schedule, and is not listed, readers can access the station.

Go to Monaco, generally through France, the French signed certificate. People can fly from Paris to go there, first arrived in Nice, and then spent 400 francs spot by helicopter, or spend 350 francs a taxi to see a 400 Monaco; can also take the train, sit Happening in general, late 9:00 start the next morning 8:00 more to. The train has its advantages, tourists can have with the wishes down, because the French Riviera on the famous seven cities are on the train line, Marseille, Cannes, Nice is different city. No wonder every one stop-ping, there are many people off, there are countless people on the train. Monaco, European well-known tourist attraction, the tourism industry developed, the state income is dependent on tourism. Real estate, small and medium industries, banking insurance and postage stamps, taxation, telegraph, telephone, and also an important source of national income. Industries are mainly construction, electronics, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, printing, machinery manufacturing, chemicals and other departments. As Monaco does not levy personal income tax, other taxes are relatively low, so there are many foreign company's headquarters is located in the near future there.

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