Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hawaii, this beautiful place

Hawaii, this beautiful place, but also with his people was as a mystery ... ...

The trees, flowers everywhere in the Garden of Eden as early as 1,000 years ago, humans have the footprints. Herbert Marcuse, on the Polynesian island were the first to discover the Hawaiian Islands and began to drive far in this beautiful pearl of the Pacific islands.

Captain Cook in 1778 the earliest record of the existence of Hawaii, opened a new chapter in Hawaiian history.

In 1810, the card Kamehameha unified the Hawaiian established the Kingdom of Hawaii.

1819, the card Kamehameha's death in Hawaii at the same time from the Paleolithic into the part of sailors, merchants, missionaries, immigrants in modern days.

In 1820, Calvin religious missionaries to enter, so that the original Hawaiian people to change habits, completely into the era of civilization, and can read or write.

After thousands of years of foreign population into this piece of Qili the earth, from the Polynesians established dynasty in August 1898 incorporated into U.S. territory.

World War II completely changed the game in Hawaii's political and economic laws, after the end of World War II, Hawaii, entered a period of rapid economic growth, Hawaii, officially joined the United States, a state of the United States.

The capital of the island is located in Honolulu, Oahu (Honolulu). Belongs to the island of Hawaii's climate, year-round monsoon regulation, an annual temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees.

Throughout the Hawaiian Islands are formed by large and small volcanic islands, the major eight islands are: Oahu (Oahu), Maui (Maui), Big Island (Big Island), Kauai (Kauai), Molokai (Molokai), Lanai (Lanai), Niihau (Niihau) and Kahula Qi Island (Kahoolawe).

She also brings a modern tradition, to maintain local culture in Hawaii but beautiful wonderful, so subtle co-ordination, often a year from various countries to attract millions of tourists followed. So that this piece is full of rainbow, sunshine, blue waters of the earth, completely washing the weary travelers, eager to relax physically and mentally.
Came to Hawaii, enjoy the drunk! Winding coast, in the pineapple tree, palm trees dotted, the snuggling in the rough beside the green hill. In the evening, warm sea surface mapping brilliant brilliant sunset, from the spread of the colorful umbrella on the shore, under the mellow drift out of foreign wine, which is fascinating scenery of Hawaii is also the majority of people aspire to heaven. Once set foot on Hawaii, you will feel the beauty of fairyland. Here any one island, you will spend a leisurely holiday memorable. No matter what your hobbies are water sports, horse riding or mountain climbing, is frequent in the Green Land on the game of golf, or lying on the beach sun bathing, will be in Hawaii to find the ideal place to enjoy. Hawaii is a paradise for most people aspire to every year attracts countless newlyweds honeymoon. In the paradise of Hawaii, visitors can spend an unforgettable holiday.

Attractions list: Kapiolani, Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor.

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