Saturday, February 20, 2010

Burma travel

Myanmar's mild climate, beautiful natural scenery, charming, most regions have a natural pristine landscape features, with the further opening up of Myanmar, the Government's tourism industry are more attention, and opened up a lot of tourist routes, and is ready in Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay, and other places to build a high level of tourist hotels, hotels, travel and tourism for the tourists to Burma have greater appeal.

Myanmar national highway mileage of 23,461 kilometers total. The main routes are: ─ ─ Yangon, Mandalay, Lashio ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ Bhamo Myitkyina line, more than 1.5 thousand kilometers long, from Lashio to China's highways to Ruili and Wanting City, from Bhamo to China Gansu Chuan Zhang Feng Road, only 80 kilometers. Myanmar, a total of 37 civilian aircraft Young, in which the airport in Yangon International Airport, Mandalay, Sittwe, called bleaching, Moulmein, Dawei, Hill Viagra and other six airports have night flying equipment, among major cities can be navigable. Myanmar and rivers, and most of the river is navigable throughout the year again, Yangon Port is the country's largest natural harbor, as well as hair light to Hong Kong, Bassein, Sittwe, Turkish tiles and other important ports in the old Dan.

Dehong Autonomous Prefecture, bordering with Myanmar on three sides, interlocking borders with Myanmar, Muse, Namkham form "one of three cities in two countries, Bazi" geopolitical landscape. Myanmar charming exotic mystery, will no doubt keep you coming back.

China-Burma border now has become a tourist destination, visitors can go to Myanmar, Muse, Namkham wait until the border towns to make one or two day tour to enjoy the exotic. Muse City Beishanmianshui, beautiful scenery, there are five temples in Kowloon tower, a national park worth sightseeing. The main attractions are Mankan Namkham pagoda, more stout Temple, Manraoi Temple, Mountain Imperial Myanmar Folk tourist villages, Namkham market, the Center pagoda and many other attractions, of which the most spectacular Mankan large pagoda. Go to Myanmar, usually by 4 km away from Ruili City Jiegao leaving the country, the Chinese side of the border in the ares friendship street connecting Myanmar's Muse City.

Attractions list: ancient Namkham, Baoshan, Jiegao border trade zone, with large Yingjiang Ruilijiang, Sister Le Urn, Tengchong, Mans - Dawn of the city, get Island, Sister phase, Ruili border Street, circle Dai Village , Muse, Mangshi Bodhi Temple, the tree package towers, nine Valley, wax Shu, Bhamo, Ruili shouting Sa stout room, the border compact city - Wanting, Ruili Border Town, take the Los Myanmar border.

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