Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hong Kong Saigon travel

Sai Kung in the east, beautiful scenery, and many locals like to come here for the weekend. Here is the best way to view scenery hire a boat, you can boat around the island (about 150 Hong Kong dollars). You can also stroll the beach or hiking. A weekend holiday, young people and families together and to the stream.

Sai Kung from a few hundred years ago near the beginning, the center of business guests, the small streets narrow roads, like a maze, retained a strong old face.

Who have a small fishing village of Sai Kung 60 years due to the east of High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung, the construction of the water of life caused by their migration, the population surge, is now in Hong Kong on vacation hot spots, popular. Saigon street a smaller scale, the shoreline of the Market Street can watch the same rows of Koh aquarium fish shop, a huge colorful lobsters, crabs, shellfish, fish can also be selected eat things into seafood dishes for a restaurant meal. Recently here regularly to see drinking wine, eating seafood, American and European guests. In addition, modern restaurants and bars are also increasing. Walking on the beach and sun drying for a day, you go to the nearby small restaurants. The best restaurants are Pepperoni's Pizza and Cafe on Po Tung Road and Man Nin Street. Road Tung Kee Restaurant, which supply the Guangdong-style delicious seafood.

After a city that is at once the scope of country parks and beaches, visitors can engage in marine activities, hiking, mountain climbing, or to eat seafood and other leisure activities, if the money can rent yachts. Invited on the favorite partners can spend a romantic day in terms of sunrise and sunset Qingqing Bibo experience the alternative of Hong Kong. Take sampan cruise sea of islands is not bad.

In addition, due to convenient transportation in pursuit of a better living environment for the middle class who have done so you can see a lot of Filipino women domestic workers.

Route: In the Diamond Hill MTR station, take bus 92 to the finish line is in Sai Kung, or in the subway station take a bus stop outside the line of light can also be reached.

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