Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mild climate, the mountain beside the sea in Vancouver

Vancouver residents share many ethnic immigrants from around the world, no matter what race, no one will think you are in the local foreigners, perhaps because of immigrants from around the world herd of this, so that residents know what is in Vancouver harmony and tolerance, so tourists, most of Vancouver's first impression was "cordial." Of the continuum for several years been selected as the world's most liveable city in the end the attraction? Let us first get to know Vancouver, and then found in Vancouver.

By geographical location, downtown Vancouver, referring to the English Channel separates the Gulf, Bernards Bay and connections within the area between the Stanley Park peninsula. And New York, San Francisco, compared with major cities such as Vancouver, is clearly smaller number of downtown, but also because of this, the spots close to the urban areas to facilitate tourism. Robertson Street is a good place for shopping downtown Vancouver. Shops along the street on both sides of local products from the United States, Canada, to the internationally renowned boutiques readily available, in addition to running around the tired, hungry, stroll the way, there are also many cafes, a variety of restaurants, people Chibaohezu continue to tour.

Gastown can be said to be the birthplace of Vancouver, because of its historical value, making today's Gastown community throughout the history of the maintenance area, like the pioneering era of the early 19th century streets, buildings, plus many individual shops, making Gastown become Vancouver city sightseeing itinerary attractions. Walking down by the Gastown, when you see the Zhonghua Gate archway, entered the Chinese city of range. Some Chinese Grocery, Chinese Medicine, restaurants, everywhere, in addition to the Chinese will come to this dinner, the local residents are very fond of this shopping and eating. Yale is located east of the town center for the emerging community, is taking the high consumption line, the streets bustling city like, but travel to Vancouver, down worth a visit, understand and moon.

Mild climate, the mountain beside the sea in Vancouver, is Canada's largest city in the West Bank. In addition to an annual influx of tourists from around the world, it is also the minds of many people bent on immigrant dream of paradise. Canadians and the right side, Vancouver is known as "Octopus City" is known, meaning whether from coast to coast, or the West Bank to the east coast, Vancouver is always Qizhan also terminus. Similarly, taking off daily from the Vancouver airport, flights are able to get to many countries worldwide, it can be said that among the controls in Vancouver by land, sea and air transport hub in the important geographical location. Distinct because of topography, natural environment properly, Vancouver is also a good place to enjoy the natural environment, whether it is the magnificent mountain scenery or the beautiful coast, come to Vancouver and be able to see for themselves.

Attractions list: Canada Square, Gelao Shi Shan, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, the Science Center, Robson Street, Stevens Houston Fisherman's Wharf, Totem Park, the Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park, Vancouver Library Square.

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