Thursday, February 18, 2010

Johannesburg, South Africa

One day in 1886, in Johannesburg, working in farm north of George Harrison, walking above the ground when a stone trip, he climbed up and saw the stone sparkling golden light, so that the debris back to the farm Qiaoxia, and indeed in the water bowls of water, panning out the Can-luminous Jinsha, unparalleled on the planet's largest gold mining district was discovered this way. News around the world, such as a flood of gold are coming all at once here, built a 14 gold mining areas, the White Mountains (White Water Slant) set off a tide of gold rush. The quiet pastoral scenery almost overnight has been replaced by noise.

Gold and diamonds from South Africa as a world-famous big country before, and now about 100 years, the city is considered the world's fastest changing cities. After a rapid population increase, immigration, the outflow of changing times, and now, Johannesburg has become the largest city in South Africa, the world's largest gold-producing center, is a veritable gold capital.

Johannesburg, an area of about 269 square kilometers, population 630,000, of which more than half are black, belongs to Gauteng (Gauteng) - South Africa's smallest and most economically developed province, with the South African capital, Pretoria (Pretorla) and the surrounding 10 a number of satellite towns connected by highways extending in all directions into one. About the city is located about 1800 meters above sea level inland plateau, big temperature difference between day and night, but the climate is mild. The average summer temperature 20 degrees Celsius in winter is 11 degrees Celsius.

Probably every one who first arrived in the city about it will be as fascinated by the modern bustling urban areas was the railway is divided into two parts north and south: South of heavy industry zone; the north downtown area, the distribution of a major business and white residential areas and higher学校. Ju-Ha lined downtown, government offices, banks, railway stations, stock exchanges are all extremely innovative modern buildings. In contrast, the tree-lined middle-class suburban homes, as well as luxury high-level gardens, to form another secluded atmosphere. Here, black and white faces was distributed with a healthy sheen, would the noise of the city flourished with completely different from Europe and the United States. The urban area is the most attractive tourist center of up to 50 layers of Carleton. Here is the most senior of the business district around the city, the international gold trading higher in this transaction. Mu gold from tourists, here are free to buy gold coins.

Gold museum and gold refining factory in the visitors must go to the office. Visitors enter the cave underground mine tour, they must sign the book in a voluntary content is that if an accident during a visit on the way, we should be responsible, not for compensation. Then, put on glial helmet and put on length boots sitting in a cage as simple as a lift down to the mine cave tour. Tourists to visit every move in the hidden cameras, closed-circuit television surveillance within the scope, no one can go with a gold ore.

However, the city is about this incredible wealth of capital, but also the horrors of the world's highest rates of all. In southern Africa under the bright sun, in the prosperous surface, Terton the evil. South Africa's unemployment rate is as high as 40%, the vast majority of the unemployed is the lack of skills, and less educated blacks. The deterioration of law and order makes the looting became a common occurrence, but also an atmosphere of ethnic conflicts brewing Yi Gu, so that the middle and upper class, or on behalf of South Africa's major capital firms have migrated to the northern suburbs, urban, suburban function continuously moving. In addition, the fear of the risk of foreign capital also followed outward migration, resulting in the urban areas, restaurants, clubs, nightclubs and so on have closed, making this lively hustle and bustle of gold capital, the evening turned into an abandoned city, appear to be so lonely .

Even so, some still seem to be a city permeated with a vibrant city, which boasts other places in South Africa do not feel the heat. Came to the city, saw the city, you can see who wore "the world's first dangerous city," the notoriety of the Yi Lianzhe dedication to people's emotions here in South Africa. Although they did not catch up with the big gold rush era, but the city is often about the new, they want to seize the momentum now.

Gold is about the city led to the birth of a catalyst, and about the characteristics of the city is also closely linked to gold. Early gold rush, the big money of the opportunity to attract this many people to come downtown. Today, Gold City (City Reef City), and Rand Refinery is also available so that visitors feel the lure of gold.

Many have the aggressive and enterprising people are successful. Followed the rise of aristocratic houses, they live in the tennis world of sports and Larry cars at the same time, some cities are also promoted to a wealthy society.

This is a rapid development of a "hot" zones ─ ─ fast-paced, modern, cosmopolitan metropolis with all the characteristics of passion and vitality. Those lined with luxury downtown hotels, restaurants and shopping malls cater to the tastes from around the world five-star customers.

About the city golf courses, botanical gardens and parks dotted in between the tall buildings, the north suburbs were perfectly trimmed garden is a good place to visit at leisure.

The city can start a tour of downtown Carlton Center first step. Downtown commercial buildings everywhere, busy but there is also an extraordinary Diagonal Street, allows you to carefully look at the lifestyle and shopping habits of Africans. If you want to stay away from the city noise and crime, go visit the northern suburbs to go, Melville, and Parktown will give you a elegant feel; Melville warm on the streets there are many small shops; Parktown for many ornate palace building; east walk the suburbs filled with the free atmosphere; Yeoville street like a young Art Street; in suburban areas were able to experience the authentic African style. Johannesburg nearby nature reserves, such as the famous Kruger National Park (Kruger national Park) or natural ecological reserves (Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve), let people bathed in the joy of returning to nature.

Attractions list: Gold City, Rand Refinery, Kruger National Park, eastern suburbs, inner city suburbs.

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