Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sydney, Australia

Australia's largest city and port of Sydney, located off Australia's southeast coast. New South Wales (New South Wares) the state capital, is Australia's largest and oldest city, is also a major international tourist destinations. Population of 3.53 million. If you use four words to describe it, then it is: space, sunshine, freedom and stability. There are excellent water features are available to enjoy, just a short drive you can escape from the city's noise around Sydney's beaches and forests so that everyone stay sober. In 1788 the first batch of immigrants in Britain landed and settled down to Sydney to become the birthplace of Australia. Is also the largest city in Oceania. Sydney, advanced industrial, commercial prosperity, and culture developed, based on administrative, business, trade, and entertainment-based modern international city. It is full of vitality and charm shine, it is easy to understand, like, even love it, here on earth may not be the most suitable place to live, but it is safe, clean, no pollution, although it is not a multi-ethnic utopia, but a very old before the White Australia policy was abolished, and the community is fully integrated with all races and nationality of the people, everywhere in Sydney Asian faces, and you are also likely to inadvertently heard people use Greek, Japanese, or Hungarian to talk to. Sydney, New South Wales capital and Australia's oldest city, is an important economic, political and cultural center. She built the world's most beautiful ports, near Sydney Harbor. Sydney AMP Tower from the center layer can watch tower to watch 360-degree panoramic view of Sydney. From the Sydney Harbor Bridge, or from the observation platform you can BRAUN closer to watch Sydney Harbor. Sydney has a variety of entertainment. At the Sydney Opera House you can enjoy ballet, opera and theater performances. In Sydney the port side, close to Circular Quay Office, you can find the Rocks. This is the first European settlement in Australia's land. Here, you can see the colorful street scenes and re-restored classic building. These buildings have a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues and a variety of merchandise stores. In Sydney, you can enjoy the food, wine, in the Sydney Harbor Cruise on the scenic dining, shopping, to the Las Vegas playgrounds have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and visit Sea World aquarium. In Sydney, you can enjoy the endless sun, sand and waves, as far from the city by car can reach beautiful scenery of the Pacific coast. All in all, this is the perfect city blocks, Australians are fortunate that their washing on the fate of this brave and beautiful beaches. Attractions list: the Australian Museum, Darling Harbor, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the collar area, Rose Bay, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Bondi Beach, Hyde Park, Port Stephens, New South Wales Art Gallery, Mrs. Macquarie's chair from Seoul, the Olympic Stadium, Central Coast.

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