Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brisbane, Australia

Because here I found a river, and named for the Brisbane River to mark the region to promote colonization of the then Governor Thomas, Mike hudag Brisbane. Now Brisbane is located on the Brisbane River, 25 km from the sea, Brisbane River into the Gulf Moer Tang. In 1829, the Gulf with its more than 1,000 prisoners to become Australia's largest colony of the prison. Free colonists living in the Mo Ertang only 80 km radius of the Gulf region. In 1842, the prison was closed prisoners were transported to other places, the colonists of this region to become a free and open new land to be sold. In 1845, people in the upper reaches of the river barco found in other land, WARREGO and become fertile pastures in central Queensland BEYLANDO. With livestock herders have come here, so that more places here to become a ranch. Later, in these pastures that have played a pretty big house. The BEAUDESERT valley, is still preserved in beautiful St. JOHN'S, and All Saints Church, in order to MUNDOOLUN and TAMROOKUM around them as the center formed a club. In the Brisbane Valley or by the old ranchers owned. IPSWICH Brisbane River, a creek to the rich Darling Townes pasture and Brisbane connected. Through a large number of colonial buildings, such as public buildings, specifically the hotel's large house in Queensland's capital, today we can see that at the time prosperity. Brisbane River in the north shore of the beautiful slave sheep, to become a major wool, sugar and timber exports to Hong Kong. In 1867, gold was found in GYMPIE promote the development of the region, where colonization began is very unstable. Brisbane gradually become the center of this region. Been built on the river connected to the winding river separating the city north and south blocks. Shore of the stack, and a built customs building. Brisbane is in their 1880 Victorian churches and colonial-style characterized by large banks. In 1988, Australia celebrated the 100th anniversary of colonization, for a little quiet tropical city of Brisbane is a bonus. World Expo a great success brought with it a million tourists, the south bank of Brisbane River, downtown and suburban buildings to retain a lot of exposition. The World Expo 88 in Brisbane, is full of makes cafes, bars and small hotels. Many people are now also talk in the Queensland held a 6-month Expo, the Expo attracted the city's new development. Although it is not lack of tourists can be today, it still can give visitors a lot cheaper to provide housing.

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