Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria is Egypt's main ports and the country's second largest city, population of 4 million. Unlike other regions is that a cool wet winter, the city of Alexandria, the Mediterranean in summer by the fresh sea breeze. BC 332 BC, the Greek Macedonian King Alexander I of domination, the establishment of the city, and in his name, will be as its capital. After 305 BC to the first 30 years will become a capital of Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty. At that time it is the Mediterranean and Eastern countries in the center of trade and cultural exchanges, attracting over businessmen, scholars and poets. The city has a magnificent temple altar and the public the Royal Palace, the palace of the entire city area is l / 4 above, part of which is the history of the famous Alexander erudition garden, which consists of 70 rolls of collection libraries, zoological and botanical gardens, research institutes of several parts. 48 BC, Roman commander Julius Caesar shuaibing occupation of Alexandria, burned the library, the collection of books burned, causing a calamity in the history of human culture.

But this famous city is only the very few preserved ancient glory. Arabs in the 7th century, after the decline of the city of Alexandria. The early 19th century, Muhammad Ali set about rebuilding the city of Alexandria, preferential trade policies, especially cotton, attracted a large number of foreigners. Alexander City, in the 20th century developed into the golden age of 50s, vibrant, with frequent contacts all over the world, in Lawrence Durrell's "Alexandria Quadrilogy" in the city of Alexandria, the same atmosphere of greenhouse vivid description.

Alexander is now no longer have the ruins of ancient Greece and Rome have become the past, but still worth a visit value. A beacon of light past the port, the Islamic Army who have been damaged, but also with caving caused by earthquakes in the 11th century, now no trace of the. A small island where the lighthouse name for Ross Island (Pharos), then the term to represent the European way of Pharos lighthouse and beacon at the lighthouse can be seen just how well-known.

Alexandria (Alexandria) is Egypt's largest seaport, historic city, the Mediterranean summer resort. Is located in the west of the Nile River, Cairo, more than 200 kilometers from the capital city from east to west more than 30 kilometers from north to south narrowest point less than 2 km. The face of the vast sea, perched between waves set off the Maieryoute Lake, mild climate, four seasons like spring.

Port built is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Lighthouse. In the fall of 1477 the lighthouse built on the site of the castle, into Egypt during the Nasser Maritime Museum.

Most representative of the city's characteristics is its coastal road, the road along the beach stretching about 26 kilometers East and West, the eastern end is the Montazah Palace (Palace), west is Lasiaiding Palace (Palace). Alexander, a collection of a large number of text books in Arabic and the European City Library, as well as a Greek and Roman art museum. South of the famous Pompeii many columns and tombs and other monuments. East and south-east living area, east of cultural district, was built in 1942, the famous Alexandria University, as well as a number of colleges and universities and hospitals are located here. The soft sand beach stretching over 30 kilometers, most of the bathing beach are concentrated here.
Attractions list: Montazah palace and gardens, Pompeii column, Lasiaiding Palace, Catacombs, Alexandria lighthouse, Greek and Roman Museum, Anfu poetry tomb Kong Mu Linka, Abu Abbas, and Buse Rui mosque.

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