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Christmas is a sea of flowers Netherlands

Christmas is the biggest festival in Western societies, is a hot co-exist with the warm holiday. While abroad, Christmas atmosphere Jianrugaochao, people enjoy to celebrate and enjoy this festival, it prefers to explore the exotic you may wish to choose the most interesting places to look busy.

Most flower FIT

Netherlands, the world's largest flower market

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Christmas Aspect: Amsterdam is an old city, all the buildings have maintained their original style, there is no high buildings, mostly four-storey, pointed roofs, floor of the large windows, even with the housing color distinction, rather like a medieval movie set perfect. Christmas customs in Amsterdam is a microcosm of the Netherlands, the Dutch use two days to celebrate Christmas: December 25 and 26, in that the Dutch are all within two days and my family, singing, playing games, watching movies, reading Christmas fairy tales, eating Christmas dinner. A lot of people go to church to participate in the ceremony.

U.S. anti-vice police how to catch prostitutes

A girl came to the U.S. mainland China less than a year, do not understand English, had no choice but to Los Angeles to a concentration of ethnic Chinese living as a masseur in a massage. One day, a guest in the massage during the course of her Maoshoumaojiao that a lot of English, who did not understand a woman is stupefied, not knowing what the customers want in the end. Since the mouth did not understand, on the trial bar hand gestures. Later, several police officers rushed in, these girls were arrested and accused her of their agreement to provide sexual services, the original person who asked her to massage the police, to the massage come to fish.

Although pornography is not a vice-related crimes in the United States on charges of non-big, but the woman felt quite innocent. She insisted in court he did not have sex with the guests refused to plead guilty, and later in the jury during the trial, fishing, the police insisted that the woman in the massage process agreed to 40 dollars as a tip to provide additional sexual services. Results 12 jurors found the woman convicted, the woman was sentenced to imprisonment for 30 days.

This is a police officer in law enforcement in the fishing story, fishing withhold that right, first to talk about the United States the delicate relationship between the police and the prostitutes. In addition to Nevada, the United States, the rest of the states is strictly prohibited open prostitution, prostitutes, so many of the sex industry in the United States who are commercial sex workers. In this case, the police anti-vice really a bit difficult, if not the judge issued the search warrant, the police can not enter private property to search, but to get the judge's search warrant, you must submit sufficient evidence. But it's difficult in this evidence, so have the police to catch Miss this kind of situation. In turn, play a policewoman obstruction girl, tertiary grasp clients fishing methods.

Police play catch Miss All clients are not legal? In the United States in many criminal cases, the police set up traps, or inducing others to commit crimes are two basic tactics. In the majority of pornography cases, the police order to obtain evidence to use more plain-clothes police fishing approach to handling the case, the Court ruled that police used the trap or inducing others to commit crimes to establish the way the detection of pornography cases is legal.

U.S. police anti-vice principal is to collect evidence, somewhere, if they offer special services for the company or individual suspicion, often will first call connection, and a start will be recording, the phone often asked whether there was full range of services. Wait until the fishing in general have a 3-4 tie in with the police action. The police who will be fishing with recording equipment, and liaison with other police communications equipment, outside the police were eavesdropping and make collusion. Come later, plainclothes police officers tend to inquiry, to do so, how much money, how much money to do so, and then made a mark in cash to the lady. Once Miss any further action, such as undressing or come up with condoms, plain-clothes police will send out signals outside the police will arrest people broke into the house.

The above example of girls being arrested that they did not have sex with the guests, while the jury has ruled that the girl has committed the crime of prostitution. In the United States a number of cases of prostitution, many of the defendants were arrested were all very surprised themselves and there is no physical contact with each other, much less contact with sexual organs, but was finally prosecuted prostitution, which in the end Why?

United States desert "Tomb of the aircraft market" value of 10 billion

23, according to British media reports, in the U.S. state of Arizona desert, on the Davis - Monthan Air Force Base in the eyes of many Americans is only the first 309 military aviation and aerospace maintenance of renewable mission stationed base, but little known is that there is also the world's largest and most expensive "aircraft Tomb of the market," because there are parked or scrapped almost 4000 retired U.S. military aircraft - including obsolete bombers, fighter aircraft, unmanned aircraft, helicopters and military cargo aircraft and so on. Although these aircraft have been retired or scrapped, but their total value is still as high as 35 billion U.S. dollars, because these planes are like the "organ donor", as some of the important parts of their body can still be dismantled, as the repair parts assembled into a number of The military aircraft still in service! The United States "Google Earth" satellite photographs revealed a few days ago for the first time the "aircraft tomb field" on the dock packed with thousands of military aircraft of the spectacular scenes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Americans are the happiest days of the year flies

365 days a year and more people want to be happy every day. But the reality of human happiness can not be every day, nor can it not be faster every day. The poor poor happy law, no money can be poor and happy, the rich are rich, happy feeling, not bad money does not necessarily mean that happy every day. Children are looking forward to Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year joy, little sad, if ever have to come, the same as the Chinese New Year, it can be described as a happy 啦 every day.

In the survey, 47% of the U.S. public believe that the child had a very happy life, but also less stress and worry, 12% of people said the pressure of living large and is not happy. Americans feel most happy with the holiday on the day, more than Liucheng of Americans believe that there are eight days a year is the happiest day of joy in these days and there is no stress in their lives. 64% of Americans on this day the happiest man-made Easter, while other Americans believe that the happiest day of Christmas, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, National Day, New Year, Father's Day, Colombia prior to Sunday. The United States, these statutory holidays and weekends are often connected, also known as a long weekend, many Americans will be traveling through the long weekend the whole family young and old, to enjoy a happy family life.

Have a happy day, of course there will be an unhappy day in 2009, Americans believe that the most unhappy and stressful day, including: the economic stimulus bill passed by Congress the same day, Congress passed the economic stimulus bill the next day, the Dow Jones stock closed record 12-year low that day, the King of Pop Jackson memorial service that day, CIT Group, declared bankruptcy, Barack Obama denounced the Wall Street that day, the day of Obama's address to Congress, General Motors CEO to resign.

The joy of modern life is not happy with the pressure on the relationship, and the pressure exerted by the people and the work has a direct relationship. Chinese Medical Association and other units "issued by the White Paper on China's urban white-collar health," points out that China's urban white-collar workers, nearly six as in a fatigue state, 35 to 50-year-old high-income groups, an average of aging earlier than the actual age of 10 years, the health situation is significantly decline. The fatigue of the white-collar workers, there are eight irregular sleep, eating into the day, feeling tired; 23.7% can not guarantee that breakfast; more than 1 / 5 regularly eat fast food, can not guarantee that intake of fruits and vegetables; Chao Guo 54.4% lack of sleep, while 32.4% poor quality of sleep; only 46% of the occasional sports. In addition, more than half feel annoyed, 20% psychological loneliness, more than 7 as the lack of happiness and satisfaction.
Accelerated pace of modern life, more and more intense competition in the workplace, people in their lives will be strongly felt in the work pressure. According to research institutions and the poll's findings, 40% of salary earners in the United States believe that they work a lot of pressure, 25% of the working-class believe that the working pressure is the greatest pressure in their lives. Three-quarters of working-class that they suffer more than the previous generation of the working pressure, 29% of the working-class that they feel the work pressure. Work pressure on the people most affected are the negative effects caused by physical and mental health, financial and family issues than on human health effects are great.

The United States, a poll showed that 80% of the respondents said that feeling the pressure of work, half of the respondents said it needed to be helped to understand how to relieve work pressure. About 25% of the respondents said that work pressure is almost make them crazy, 10% of the respondents believed that the pressure of work make people become more violent, while 18% of the respondents felt in their work colleagues because of Working pressure shown violent tendencies.

Pressure on the medical profession once made the United States deemed to affect the health of Americans, the first element, three-quarters of Americans said that at least one day a week will feel tremendous pressure, one-third of Americans said that within two weeks at least one day will feel tremendous pressure. Approximately 75-90% to the doctor and seek treatment for emerging health problems of patients with stress-related, work pressure is an adult (excluding students) the most important pressure.

The pressure on modern man is more common than their predecessors, more durable and more likely to cause harm, because such harm is mainly for psychological rather than physical. Pressure will intensify people's sympathetic nervous system activity and the release of more stress-related hormones. A number of ongoing long pressure, such as loneliness, poverty, family death, depression, frustration and so would weaken the body's immune system, the pressure will also affect other hormones in the body, such as the transmission of brain hormone, prostaglandin, etc..
The latest research shows that, for wage earners, the working pressure will diminish after the age of 55, of course, a person as long as one day, he still faces more or less pressure of work and has been continued until a person's retirement.

The researchers said they can not tell in the face of pressure at work, what is the special health approach. However, they mentioned several ways, such as "direct protest," "immediately communicate with each other," "immediately shouted to each other," and "In the aftermath such as communicate with each other."

A Swedish study found that, for that work, subjected to unfair treatment of men, and vent out of a bad mood, compared to forbear who suffered a heart attack and even lead to the death of up to four times more likely to higher. In other words, the work under the pressure to vent out some sort of channels or methods beneficial to the body only, but it will definitely be stuffy stuffy in which goes out ill.

Stockholm University conducted a survey to track the 2755 heart disease not previously committed career men, at the end of the study, 47 participants had a heart attack, some people even died of heart disease, many of whom work in the forbear injustice has taken the attitude.

Research, said: "Taking into account the age, socio-economic, risk behavior, work stress and biological risks, and many other factors, we found that myocardial infarction, or heart disease is closely related to death and forbear." Forbear the so-called modalities, including when the feeling of being mistreatment of colleagues or superiors, the "say nothing to make things in the past" or "go away." And to take some form of release of stress compared to forbear who had a higher risk of heart disease to four times higher.

The British winter in love online searching

Christmas has passed, the cold of winter he was by no signs of subsiding, do not love to go out of the British singles fear the threat of snow, turned to the web to find love.

As the snow across the UK the situation is worsening, countless people trapped in their homes can not work, another surprising phenomenon is that online dating dating site number of visitors increased substantially.

Service for single people dating site "Mysinglefriend.com" said the number of visitors to the site last week, the sudden increase 55%, and the largest number of website visits in the afternoon time is 3 points instead of an ordinary 22 o'clock.

Another Web site for a single person "Singles365.com" also said that the sudden increase in site traffic this week, 27%.

In January each year is the busiest online dating dating site month.

January is the peak season
The service's website for a single person said, "every year in January is our busiest month, because many people are asked to their own New Year's determined to find a partner."

"But last week, very strange in general our website is most busy on weekends, but last Wednesday, and Thursday was an unexpected climax."

The trend in recent years, online dating has become increasingly prosperous. According to market research firm estimates that pay for online dating and dating services will rise from 260 million in 2006 to 2012, suddenly increased to 600 million.

Those who want to be able to find a Prince Charming or Snow White online single person in this industry will create 368 million pounds of economies of scale.

Experts say, online dating agency services flourishing for many reasons, including the modern life more and more dependent on networks, and people are more willing to make new friends through the Internet, in particular, the search for love objects.

How do you think? Welcome Gentie comment.

Open London "classic cars" of the driver

In London, the ancient streets, built a tall building; there are many crowded roads lead to a small road next to there will be thousands of historical allusion and construction. London is a microcosm of England, and perhaps a microcosm of the entire United Kingdom. Seem to remember someone said that in the world like no other place like the London old and new, beauty and ugliness, rich and poor, might co-exist with the humble.
London's well-developed transportation industry and the fascinating monuments make it a tourist destination, London, the reception of overseas tourists each year over 800 million people. Variety of ethnic skin, can be seen in London; the world's different countries, different religions, different ethnic restaurants hotels can be found here. I have to go once in London, mini-bar, go there and sit down, but unfortunately every night tired, as if no time, we regret to leave a little bar.
When I walk the streets in London, or take in a number of ponies on the road, do not see the huddle garbage; no one anywhere to urinate. Although not very bright light in those places, and people walked over, and no Wendao Na kinds of foul smell. Although Shanghai is an international metropolis, in some small way, in the light dark road in some places, often there will be distributed out of the foul smell of those unpleasant, people are sick.
So why the different races from around the world, different nationalities, after they go to London, very few of these very civilized behavior will happen? Many from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, as well as from the underdeveloped areas of Africa people, how would they go to London consciously out?

The world's eight wealthy residential areas

We can always see on TV or magazines luxury of the rich area of the world which of the eight areas are rich? In the end a number of luxury? Today, a simple list for everyone:

1, Beverly Hills

Hollywood star and Los Angeles as a super-rich are well-known figures such as the United States's top place to live, Beverly Hills is a Los Angeles clinical Bay area's most famous wealthy area. The radius of more than 10 kilometers of the residential area like a fairyland general, avenue trees and flowers and verdant, dripping fresh grass and flowers and contests. So if you go to Hollywood instead of Beverly Hills, just as the Great Wall of China Beijing not to like. Here, an astonishing price of the villa, with an average price of 600 million dollars, the worst there are five million U.S. dollars. Here not only has the best living facilities, is also the world-famous attractions, many international meetings were often held in this area. Has a house here is very simple in this world-famous singer Jackson just rented a well-known ethnic Chinese painter Ting Shao Kuang mansion, this occupies 1.1 million square meters of an independent villa worth 30 million U.S. dollars. However, where a set of Jackie Chan's villa, room number is 1705.

2, Hawke Bay (Hawke's Bay)

New Zealand's Hawke's Bay is located in the east is the vast Pacific Ocean, Yaan twists and turns, the situation advantageous, is the world a good place for an alternative adventure tourists. Hawke's Bay has a Mediterranean climate, where fertile land, beautiful scenery, dotted with historic vineyards, producing the famous New Zealand wine. Here is world famous for their unique architectural style: a "twin city" known as Napier and Hastings, since 1931, was destroyed by earthquake and after the fire, that is a modern art style reconstruction of the beautiful city. Hawke's Bay ARTDECO a modern architectural style known worldwide, including walking the ArtDeco Peel Avenue and enjoy the unique world-famous architectural style and arts and culture, not a good feeling.

3, Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island South, is exquisitely beautiful, the most representative of Hong Kong's beautiful bay. Where fine sand and clear water, wave-quiet, as Hong Kong's most upscale residential area known for. Repulse Bay is a good place for people's leisure, but also couples "dating" the first choice. People can come here for barbecue, swimming, tea. Days after the goddess, and like the concept of audio and video, as well as 10000 Shouting, longevity bridges are well-known attractions, the living environment quite good.

4, United States Long Island

Long Island, New York in the United States is a wealthy suburb of distinctive characteristics. Long Island, far away from the city, the environment is very beautiful and good public order and the general residential sharp boundaries. Price of wealthy Long Island mansion more than 100 million U.S. dollars, and was rapidly rising trend year by year, up about 15% per year. Long Island wealthy area residents, mostly from New York to doctors, lawyers and self-employed businessmen mainly that they possess a certain degree of economic strength. Most of these people buy a house where they lived, a small part of the investment. But now a growing number of Wenzhou people buy a house on Long Island investment is primarily used for investment, resold or leased. Although the prices here are not the world's most expensive, but the construction of several hundred years of history or to become the world's most famous classic where the rich area.

5, Noosa Bay Area (Noosa Bay)

Noosa is evolved from the aboriginal languages Noothera, meaning shade areas, located in beautiful scenery in Brisbane, Australia. Since 1960, Noosa surfer beautiful beach is a sacred place, now becoming world-renowned resorts. Nusa scenic national parks, water sports lovers paradise Cooloola National Park are all here, where did indeed become the best place for beach tourism. Noosa Beach is located in the wealthy district here has a more distinctive on the temperament, one expensive and the cheapest of the sea have more than 1000 million yuan mansion; 2 is the fear here is the world's most suitable for the top leisure life of the place. Because this is the essence of the Sunshine Coast. Fundus lay out white sandy beaches, the waves of soft tap coast shows a relaxed atmosphere. Living in the Noosa Bay, people are very warm, easygoing, here known as a paradise on earth is not too much.

6, Tokyo Bay (Tokyo Bay)

In Japan is famous for reclamation land reclamation, while the Tokyo Bay area, as the world's first one mainly rely on manual planning and building of the Bay Area, becoming wealthy man planning model. Wealthy area of Tokyo Bay 80 years in the 20th century building, where the prominent feature is the emphasis on ecology and sustainable development, created a world-class ecosystem of the Gulf. Tokyo Bay landscape design people-oriented, people can not only enjoy the beauty of Tokyo Bay, you can also participate. As the wealthy owner of Tokyo Bay in Tokyo Metropolitan Area-based business tycoons, where transportation and other hardware facilities are very good, architectural design, architectural style, construction quality, and cultural and other aspects of residential lead the world trend.

7, Burau Bay (Burau Bay)

Malaysia's Langkawi is the world's rich find the best place for holiday fun. Langkawi Langkawi is located in the city is located in the Strait of Malacca between Malaysia, Thailand and the Andaman Sea border the junction of the west coast it has a quiet beauty of the beach-Burau Bay. Here is not only a conditional first-class modern hotel super, there are a variety of features cozy style resort. Living in the here and come to travel here, people are intoxicated with a variety of recreation: water sports, rainforest adventure, beach golf course, beach yacht club, it is unforgettable. Everything is making it possible to tour the Holy Land to become rich people's tourist paradise. Here is not just a luxury buildings, but also visited Burau Bay, the rich people's dreams.

8, double inlet (Double Bay)

As the name suggests, double-inlet is not a bay, but by the KELTIE composition of the Gulf and the Gulf BLACKBURN, located in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Due to its unique geographical location, where the Mediterranean town filled with rich atmosphere. Sydney is Australia's largest city, two inlets along the coast within the mansion is also home to Australia's richest people. Out of the spun yarn is soft, light sparkling off the front of you is, little white sail; overlooking Sydney, a blue pearl in the ocean, displayed in front of a modern metropolis. Australia's reputation for high quality of life in the world would aspire to the most luxurious among the world's wealthy pairs of inlets into the quarter-finals is reasonable.

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Colombian singing Santa doll

Old West myth that a man named La-Cypriot either semi-magic half of one cent stunning beauty. She not only has a devil figure, there is a pair of very ecstasy song throat! No one can resist the temptation of her, of all ages!

She often sat in the sea, with a pair of sharp eyes to search a vessel off whenever possible!

Once she discovered the "game" immediately release her golden throat singing circumflex charming song. The sky to hear her singing birds Shimoji immediately fell into a fossil, but puzzled by her singing in front of her ships to the above the same in humans and animals into fossil spared!

This is the song's charm! You can melt you are neither!

On that day, I was fortunate to hear any singing like a plug, I have been to melt!

Of course, the singing is not magic but a black cents plug any singer!

Floating Luolun Sa from Germany to Austria Salzburg has to go through a place called St. Columbia doll. It is located along the Rhine, a very beautiful rural scenery Ridge.

Our bus ride cruise down the Rhine to enjoy the scenery of both sides. In a backdrop of green hills, a castles, churches, monasteries, or the top of the exposed tip or round of classical architecture, wide silence followed the muddy water of the Rhine Chuanji; a seat cover in the Green cottage, the house before the green lawn of a few cattle and sheep eating the tender grass in the serenity to ...

I suspect this time this scenery to the Hans Christian Andersen's fairy-tale world!

We have a group of castle down the boat, to visit those ancient buildings on the reliefs and murals.

That I am particularly excited because it was my birthday! Munich in Germany at noon dinner, the evening went to Salzburg in Austria for dinner, a birthday dinner in the two countries, life is the number of such opportunities? !

So, during a visit to these ancient buildings murals relief enthusiastic and energetic when I was young 10-year-old!

Buildings are scattered, the Xiao-Po there. Reliefs and frescoes are described in the Bible, on ancient Greek mythology characters, portrayed very fine Innocent Steps, such as raw! I was ecstatic seen a sudden burst of euphemism sad songs came, everyone heard!

In such a quiet mountain Who this songs?

One insider commented: songs will not be very professional and amateur singers!

With sound I find to go, we saw lower slope on the ancient wall, a stone bench sat a woman dressed in black with long hair, stood next to a big bag. She was not young looks are mediocre, but she sing the melody, such as Hangyunliushui I will soon be attracted to her emotional past and fall into the abyss!

I saw she was carrying young guitar Zidanzichang, Tianshui, binocular Wang Shen's gaze Rhine connecting place! Perhaps she was too focused, I walked quietly by her side simply did not notice!

Although she sang in English, But, poignant and smooth melodies that I immediately know that the familiar "Tears in Heaven"!

"Tears in Heaven" is the United States dedicated to guitarist Eric Clapton song to his dead son, Conner.

The lyrics to the effect that: "If I meet you in heaven, do you still remember my name? If I were reunited in heaven with you, you can done before? ... Time will destroy everything, the time can lead people to yield, time to heart crumble to bits. "

V., such as songs, such as tear-jerking sob! Voice brims with tragic but Rouqingsishui, people purify the soul!

I watched her face and that sad eyes full of tears constantly guessing who she was singing here, why go? Is it here to have left her footprints of her memorable? Who is so invested in her memory so sad? Heaven is her son or her beloved relatives?

Traveled abroad more than 10 days in eight countries, every day, running every day in the rush excitement! Only now have the opportunity to sit quietly on a stone bench taste it Deep Sorrow songs!

Resonance in music to calm my enthusiasm for the ensuing tour was Cecil Nostalgia, past little bit of ripple wave effect seems to return to the past ...

In the song I felt myself melt! But I have not turned into a stone into a mass of clouds drifting but the sky!

I saw the wide Rhine was the setting sun dyed Bloody surging flock to the horizon; I saw a place connected to a sea of clouds billow in Tianshui, in Choi Wan Estate and surrounded by flowers appear in a film Diaolan loft! Oh! This is the beauty of heaven?

I know that heaven is a big country in!

Suddenly, in a fit of Sound wonderful sound, I see me I miss the loved ones who day and night!

They smiled and came up to me ...

I saw my father kindly pro in my mother waving to me; I saw my wife die abroad Qianli Xun's brother to me, waving red pillows; I see my young age giving her a table with friends hidden sarai argue for large sub-waving cheer me violin; I saw in my life walked three blue-Yan confidant Juzhaojiubei a toast ... to me.

At this point, I cried! I smiled! I am desperate to fly to them! I will always be with them and is no longer lonely ...

Will never forget - birthday that day, I have heard in a foreign country of the world's most touching songs, "Tears in Heaven"!

Colombian singing Santa doll so shocked people addicted to forget their own! Colombian singing Santa doll so unreal takes you to the cherished place!

Oh! Colombian singing Santa doll over a long time when in retrospect I feel that the total residual sound reverberate tearful ...

Louvre palace of art

Mention of the Louvre, the immediate respect of those who emerged out of the grand, magnificent, magnificent buildings and the buildings on the bas-reliefs are exquisite! There are tall, bright Nazuo square pyramid, intrauterine those collections of art ... It all makes interesting reading nostalgia Nanshe!

Visit the Louvre that day, autumn cotton wrapped around. Tens of thousands of tourists used to fish along the channel of the pyramid, with respectful feelings to enter this world-renowned palace of art!

Louvre collection of works of art than 40 million pieces, yes, when Napoleon's conquest of Europe derived from Egypt and other countries plundered. Which includes sculpture, painting, arts and crafts and ancient East, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece and Rome and other seven categories. A total of 225 exhibition, covering an area of 7 thousand square meters. Succeed in less than a day touring the exhibits is absolutely impossible! So, we went straight to visit the Louvre on the theme of the day - the first town everyone to see the Louvre Palace, Sambo!

I myself have witnessed, while others are valuable painting style!

Although, usually I have also read up. Vinci's famous painting "Mona Lisa", but are of copies! Today, standing in front of this piece of genuine, that I realized where her light!

Within view of the staff taught us how to appreciate the "Mona Lisa Smile." She told us: From the perspective of light is the transfer of light and shade; from the geometric point of view, head to the arm on both sides of an isosceles triangle; from the plane of view, the body parts have brought a sense of transparency and three-dimensional. Her skin is very delicate, in particular, that dynamic is very sensual hands clearly visible through the skin of those tendons! And, no matter what angle you are standing on her, she looks at you smile! Different people at different times to see her smile has a different feel! Sometimes kind, gentle; and sometimes cynicism, mockery, ridicule .... Really lifelike! Combined with tenderness in the pair of eyes watched the whole facial expression is full of vitality, as if standing in a dialogue with her live now! If it is not the strict supervision of security personnel, I really wanted to run over the next stroked her delicate hands smooth implication temperature!

After reading "Mona Lisa Smile," we are tall and elegant decorative art exhibitions of a wide promenade to enjoy a lot of paintings. Such as Ingres's "Grande Odalisque", Le Brun's "artist with his daughter," Delacroix's "freedom of leading the people," Poussin in his later years even as "The Seasons". Among them, I particularly appreciate the French painter 威廉布格罗 attention to oil painting!
I have a collection of 70 pieces of Bouguereau's paintings in the album simply love my blog is not optional in hand! Today, when I stand the world's largest museum, the present master of the many paintings show when the real thing, a devout sense of spontaneous flourishing of art!

Instructors focus on give us a burger pieces of painting, such as "Virgin," "souls ascended to heaven," "Sisters", "peasant", "girls" ... and so on.

Bougreau pen Virgin dignified, kind, body exudes Yi Gu great maternal love. She looked around around five different positions in different kids. Some have been sitting on lap of the tamper not Anfen; some are still not satisfied with the current position of constantly climbing; the middle of that young children are happy doing the serenity of the dream; sitting on the ground of the two a lonely to their own play, a very timid and full of fear ... right around the master several children portrayed through the performance of the different kinds of people in the community mentality.

Bougreau described by fairies, almost all of body art. Live Flesh of those fairy's body extremely charming, set off in the light and the environment exudes a strong sense of beauty of art! Such as "the soul to heaven," "bathing women", "Venus and Cupid," "Senlinzhiwang" and so on.

Bougreau created a large number of rural theme village women and the little girl image. Those strong rural flavor and the pastoral mood of the picture, in the hands of master pieces have become a feast for the eyes as color magnificent works of poetry, people read the exposure of its territory excited!

Time is always precious little that is loss of vertical, I have not fascinating stats from Bouguereau's paintings in the guide also urged us to quickly visit the Sculpture Museum, I had to step 3 back reluctantly to leave the painting exhibition.

Sculptures of the Louvre Museum was established in 1817, a total of 27 exhibition hall, exhibits more than 1,000, mostly for the performance of the works of religious themes, some for the performance of human and animal work.

Sculpture Museum where a lot of statues are the Bible and ancient Greek mythology. For a non-professional staff to do it is difficult to appreciate from a professional point of view of those paintings or sculptures, but fortunately I have read "Ancient Greek mythology tale" for the inside story of the mythological characters and know little about, so that those who and animal statues of a kind of intimacy!

When I stood arm in front of Venus sculpture, 3.2 meters high on the sleeping in the soil again in the Louvre in 2000 stood almost 200 years was full of admiration for the beauty of God! Eolian in 2000 did not bury the United States and God's glory, she is still noble and elegant side Zhuang Xiuli! Although there is no arms, but her shoulders slightly sinking, willowy uniform body, wonderful Suxiong, standard hip curve, quiet and peaceful enough to reflect her facial expressions ... the perfect defects in the United States!

I gaze in ancient Greek mythology, the story of provoking the Trojan War played an important role of the Goddess silent greeting: "Hello Mody Eros? Your son Cupid Cupid good Mody? I wish you all the love you have given love and beauty and your loved ones!

Michelangelo's sculpture of Venus to leave immediately to visit the stone "Goddess of Victory."

Goddess of Victory in the Denon on the first floor the staircase to the second floor junction. Standing stone boat, a high 3.28 meters. Goddess Despite the loss of the head and arms, but she was the wind slightly forward body, fit and dressed in a thin robe chest still felt after the victory of the war has shown a lively, enthusiastic and cheering! It is also perfect in the deterioration of the United States, incomplete though not bring a full sense of beauty, there is a special kind of shock, and is precisely where the art of light!

Sculpture Museum will run through a few halls, and we lose no time, then watched another Michelangelo masterpiece, "the dying slave," "Cupid and Psyche", the Italian sculptor Canova's masterpiece in his later years, "Pu Xisha and Venus "...

A sculpture of each gesture, expression, and that Yi Meipiao contingent is ready to have given me a vivid image of the bursts of tremor! Ancient Greek artists can use boulders to create a perfect craft really makes such a sigh!

Indulge in the arts influenced by the time that I forgot! Xing-not entirely out of the Hall may still proudly Nanshe!

At this point in Paris, the sky is still lingering autumn rain. Look at look at the Louvre building itself is a craft, which more than 100 roots of the Renaissance-style columns, in the misty rain, he proudly hold up the long corridor, to tell the people that it took 700 years of worldly vicissitudes of life, telling the generations of the royal family converted the age of exaggerated style!

Just think, if there is no Louvre, Paris, fairly in the world become?

Good-bye the Louvre! Good-bye the great art galleries! You will stay in my life for some of the most beautiful poems movement!

Blurred dream of Venice

Mention Venice, my mind had come back out of the vast ocean of floating through the massive classical, refined elegant, beautiful city! Flickering, like a mirage ...

When we take a cruise in the Adriatic Sea towards the morning of Venice, is under the drizzle. Looking at the distance, Tianshui connecting local misty rain curl, hazy.

Less than half an hour, in the hazy suddenly appeared a classical city. That the church bell tower and various buildings are seeing the top of tower, with Gothic, Baroque, Byzantine-style ... or a sharp or round, towering between the cloud water in the Rain in the flickering, like a mirage! Maggi! People feel beautiful and true!

If there is heaven, I think, certainly not far away from here! .

Venice is an area of less than 8 square across the 126 islands and 110 canals, which connected into a spider's web penetration by 350 bridges River.. Block size of the island there are more than 120 churches. Almost every bridge is next to have a chapel. Can be seen that the first church in Venice scenery!

Cruise ship moored in St. Mark's point of landing, we went straight to the first attraction is the Basilica San Marco.

St. Mark's Church was built in 829 years, a church sanctuary disciples of Jesus were buried named St. Mark's.. It was once the largest church in medieval Europe, is the Venice Architecture art classic. Its main building is a magnificent Byzantine-style, square south, north, west on three sides by magnificent Gothic-style palace surrounded by buildings. The front entrance of the church is a magnificent five Roman arches, arches at the top is a description of St. Mark's five things Ji mosaics. All buildings of the roof, the walls are exquisite beautiful relief.. Relief on both the Bible and the ancient Greek myth of the characters, all the characters an air of realism Innocent Steps, such as raw! Windowsill and the stigma which run on the lines above are constituted by a rose or a lily pattern, delicate matter to people that had to marvel at nature's intricate craft!

The church's internal collection of the rich from around the world of art exhibits, from the floor, walls to the ceiling, are colorful and detailed paintings of the Maasai can be mosaic. The theme covers the 12 disciples, sermons, Christ's Passion, Christ and the prophets, as well as the portraits of the saints. As these paintings were covered with a layer of shiny gold foil, making the whole church, glittering, shining bright!

Can be said that St. Mark's Church within the concept, whether or appearance, completely fine classical pieces of art. It records the rise and fall of Venice, honor the history of 1000 years, solemn, majestic stands in the square.

St. Mark's Church of attractive addition to its exquisite architecture, there are over 7000 square with only a symbolic peace dove!

In order to prevent breeding pigeons, the blind, they eat pigeon food were placed in a pill.

I saw pigeons are not afraid of people, elegant leisure wear in the middle of the crowd walk-degree steps. Or fly over your head; or standing on your shoulders and enjoy visitors fed food. I am also excited to squat on the ground, I have left to pigeons were standing on his head jumping, my heart, and together they sang happily!

Suddenly, the square came vigorous bell! Place the right side of the bell from the bell tower of a towering issued. Bell tower of up to 100 meters, and every time a part-time, it sounded the bell can be heard throughout the island.

At this point, the bell under the blue sky, the magnificent ancient Greek buildings, fly over the square and on the ground as well as the degree of step Gequn crowd scenes, such as weaving, blending into a touching romance! If someone tells you: this is the West Paradise! You have absolutely no doubt!

After visiting the Basilica San Marco, we have the famous gondola ride in Venice cruise swimming Street.

Cruise is a scenic gondola in Venice of the two. It is the kind of two Gao Qiao, decorated boat can take 4-6 people. Guides also call it "Pteris boat."

Rain, long ago stopped! Exceptionally fresh air after the rain. Pteris boat sat by the boatman slowly shaking walking in various sizes Water Alley, enjoy watching the two sides is the kinds of scenery is very pleasant to enjoy!

Venetian style can not do without water! Water waves on the elegant old town, water was added to our different styles of bridges, cruise ships visiting the winding sat Water Street, Water Street shops under the parked vehicles - all kinds of boats and jet skis ... all of the scenery of income to make fundus! The feelings generated simply fantastic, I am fully immersed himself in rivers and lakes of the romantic style! At that moment, really want to freeze-frame time is no longer flow away!

Tour End Water Street, we visited Venice, followed by crystal products fabrication facility.

Xiuzhen in that small-scale production workshops, a tall, skilled workers grow fat for our performing handicraft production process. He saw a small one-meter-long steel pipe, the fire in the molten silicate liquid blown a fine horses, model, and then blowing on the tube with another root color, the last into the incubator drying. Less than 40 minutes, a refined horse Pentium want to fly out! Really "know a flower," it is simply a skilled technical operation of our stared!

Reading handicraft production, we went to a 60-square to visit the small exhibition hall finished crystal.

Small decorative arts and crafts exhibition was dazzling Innocent Steps, such as raw! There are angry lion, tame deer, Ana variety of classical beauty, exquisite vase ... a good sample although expensive, crafts each piece from a very Xiuzhen's to 50 cm thick in as little as several hundred dollars, multi - then a few thousand dollars or even million (those degrees of gold)!

After visiting the Craft Factory We will then visit the famous Bridge of Sighs in Venice!

Bridge of Sighs Venice scenery ter. It is well-known reason is because of its unique location and beautiful legends.

Bridge of Sighs was built in 1603, there are more than 400 years of history. It connects two buildings housing is very ironic! One side is a majestic instrument Governor's House; side is a heavily guarded prison. That is one side is heaven; side is hell! Prisoners from the Governor's House sub-sentence, to come out, to go through the Bridge of Sighs into the prison. Legend has a prisoner sentenced to his sentence, when you come to Bridge of Sighs, just saw his lover in the bridge and the other men kissing, not feel sad This is really a shot hit to the bridge to go! Blood and sighs that is embedded in Qiao Lan, every rainy days, overnight, under the bridge will be heard Youde sighs! Bridge of Sighs for this name.

After visiting the Bridge of Sighs, tour guides pointing to the west side of the island, said a green forest cover, which is the famous "Green Island"! Island red tiles and green walls with elegant lush, Huaxiangniaoyu! In many countries this is a film base. Chinese director Zhang Yi a "Raise the Red Lantern" is taken on this lens.

After visiting the above attractions, tour guides and declared freedom of movement.

Venice I have a strong sense of curiosity and mystery, so do not accompany lone. The only one land along the street, I have carefully observed this Shuicheng style.

The first floor houses in Venice were below the road, to the sea in winter, when high tide will be flooded, so people are not live. I am very curious to see where Tantou Wang, Jin Zhao is also the ground water, distribution of the wet smell of the sea. Slightly higher than the second layer of the road, are more shops, cafes and boutique shops and so on. I saw a few young men holding masks of Venice laugh a mask from a store, come face the sun!

I think they must hold a fancy dress party!

Venetian glass and masks are the two major handicraft products. The Venetian Carnival is held every year and they often run fancy dress party. It was they who taste of these romantic and classical architecture of Venice, St. Mark's Square pigeons are elegant as well as step-degree water Piaodang the gondola cruise blend, shape of this world water is a million species style!

I walked a berth cruise point, look overlooking. Tianshui connecting places still smoke curl, those small islands in the smoke Yingyingchuochao, a poetic!

I stood on the shore, listening to the surging Haitao Sheng, watching this will leave the ancient romantic Shuicheng mind spontaneously rising Yi Gu deep melancholy!

Because of this beautiful water city is growing at an annual rate of 100 mm sinking, that is, 100 years later, in Venice this despite years of 1000 years of wind and rain, but perfectly preserved classical architecture, with its honor will work together to sink into the history of the rise and fall sea, becoming a true mirage of the!

This historical and cultural heritage of mankind will be much to lose ah!

I am about to go to Watertown this filled with passionate, quietly repeat it goodbye: Goodbye, blurred dream of Venice! Good-bye, a paradise on earth!

Regardless of whether it has a chance to re-visit, I'll be your love, your beauty is not deeply embedded in my side of the eternal memory of a lifetime and unforgettable!

Paris, the world

Paris, the world Paris, was known as "the world", also won acclaim called "the world's Huadu! Visible, its impact is so great! In modern history, in Paris there had been a lot of earth-shattering thing! Here played Giang empires rise and fall of Napoleon; the establishment of the world's first proletarian political power - the Paris Commune; International Socialist Workers Congress, held in Paris, proclaimed the establishment of the world's second International; here, had an impact global trends The French bourgeois revolution; of the Renaissance and the Renaissance, there emerged a large number of outstanding writers and philosophers. Such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Meng Rhodes dove, Hugo, Stendhal, Balzac, Maupassant and so on. In my adolescent age, a lot of respect for the legendary Paris, the story of this city, full of curiosity and fantasy. Because Hugo described in the book "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Les Miserables", a small swollen horse's "La Traviata," Stendhal's "Red and Black" ... these stories are moving to Paris for the background! At one time, I harbored the city's admiration and longing for those wonderful pictures of Paris opposite the hundreds everywhere Q: Paris - When will I be able to pay their last respects to your appearance? However, when I actually stood on the Eiffel Tower, Paris, overlooking the whole city, I was it busy, broad, beautiful deeply shocked! I was absolutely overwhelmed by the! Because it than I imagined but also the United States! The whole city of Paris buildings have classical and modern, East and West blend style. In the shade under the guise of justifiable display with its noble Yong-jung, and demonstrates the momentum of its civilization and to demonstrate forward to its excellent and unparalleled! The most striking is the blue of the Serbian sodium River. Cypriot sodium River is the cradle of Paris, is the mother river of Paris. She was like a green ribbon he lay in the city center, the Paris is divided into north and south sides. She also like a pool of Cangsang the elderly, witnessing thousands of years in Paris Red Dust rolling and historical transformation. Her spacious, calm and clarify. Her own broad and beautiful, gently embraced this green city, as this adds a vital city landscape! Given birth to innumerable ancient relics in the Seine. Sierra Leone sitting in sodium River Cruise to view the scenery can be seen in everywhere Xiuse a lot of magnificent classical architecture. As a symbol of Paris, the 3,000-meter-high Eiffel Tower, stalwart of the Louvre, Notre-Dame de Paris, the mysterious, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Orsay Museum, Place de la Concorde ... as well as holding high the torch of the shore stood staring tablets

I saw the marble bridge built, there is only gold-plated wings vacated Pegasus sculpture. Golden bridge railings outside the steel skeleton is gorgeous flower-shaped sculpture, carving and characters. The bridge of lights installed in the verdigris-colored sculpture light shelves, light next to candlesticks hugged. Tour guide, one night, the entire deck gold and glitter, shine! And the Seine, the two sides landmarks flashing lights form a contrast, sparkling picturesque! Was a totally wonderful fairy-tale world! Seine across from the history of the Paris inclusive, tolerant of all the important buildings in Paris! Then, also look to the famous D'Orsay Museum, the burial of Napoleon's remains disabled veterans homes, Academy of Agricultural Sciences ... It can be said, each attraction will let you see a shock! Let your heart beat! You excited! Swim the Seine, Xing-unfinished due to the time I also follow the tour group went to the famous Arc de Triomphe! Arc de Triomphe is located in Star Plaza Center for the pictures of Napoleon at Austerlitz, he defeated Austrian Russia's achievements in 1806 the coalition built. It is Paris, 12 Avenue of the focal point is the famous Champs Elys's door. Arc de Triomphe is 50 meters wide and 45 meters, 22 meters thick. A total of four doors around the sides. The door head and the door has a beautiful wall reliefs. Floating tone on the record with Napoleon's illustrious military exploits of the hundreds of victory campaign. The most striking thing about the face of the Champs-Elysees relief on the cliff sides. The above one is followed by the wings of the Statue of Liberty play to go with the youthful warrior's sculpture "volunteers starting expedition", that is the famous "La Marseillaise"; the other was "triumphant return of Napoleon." Arc de Triomphe each are bas-reliefs on the immortal works of art, art history, stood in the world have a place! This is said to have a peculiar Arc de Triomphe is the place whenever the anniversary of the death of Napoleon weeks dusk, from the Champs-Elysees to the west looked, just a group setting sun reflected in the Arc de Triomphe arch doors circles. Triumph door equipped with elevators, can reach 50 meters high arches, the door on top with a small museum. Standing on the top platform, the door may be overlooking a lot of attractions in Paris.I stood on top of the stage, overlooking the historic city, and I feel extremely stirring!Through the busy streets, you can see the magnificent Notre Dame de Paris, the Luxor Obelisk on the Place de la Concorde, the magnificent Eiffel Tower, Sacre-Coeur, as well as the steady stream of overlooking the Seine ... and then triumph subglottic extension in all directions from the Ring Street, out of 12 radial tree-lined avenue, the avenue will shine like a brilliant star

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hong Kong Victoria park travel

 The Victoria park is outside Hong Kong most wealthy and powerful family park, constructed in 1955, by sports location primarily. Located at cypress rather hotel opposite. The park entrance sets up the Victoria empress bronze statue firmly, therefore names. In the garden the facility is complete, has conforms to the international standard swimming pool, the tennis court, the soccer field and other ball games location. In the park the carpet of green grass, daily early morning, has many morning calisthenics public figures to take a walk the practice Taijiquan in this. Victoria park when Chinese new year will suppose the greatest Lantern Festival market, also will be the ideal place which Mid-Autumn Festival will enjoy looking at the moon. on Sunday high noon, in the park holds has the characteristic current event debate ── city forum. This assembly imitates from the British London Hyde Park, the resident may debate with the orator, its process also in television station scene direct seeding.

Hong Kong Victoria Peak goes against travel

Victoria Peak goes against is Hong Kong peak, the elevation 554 meters, located at the Hong Kong Island northeast, has been Hong Kong's symbol. It said that Victoria the peak or the Victoria Peak, are Hong Kong Island most have the great reputation the luxurious high-level residential district; Is also one of Hong Kong most famous tourist attractions. may ride the Peak Tram from the central area parkway (intermediate belt Starferry Wharf to have free feeder bus communication) to mount this elevation 380 meters mountains. Victoria Peak went against the cable car to start transport business from 1888, 100 for many years never have had the accident. Rides the cable car from the mountain to the summit entire journey 1.4 kilometers, only needs 8 minutes to be possible to arrive at the summit. The cable car servicing time from the seven o'clock in the mornings until the midnight, every other ten several minutes has a bus service. the summit is equipped with many specially the equipment which looks at the scenery for the tourist, from the mountain the bird's eye view Victoria port and nine dragon peninsulas, takes in everything at a glance. Hong Kong's night scene is world-famous, watches the position best for the cable car main terminal nearby the old-style ancient fragrant lion pavilion and the spacious joy person's summit park. The summit square looking into the distance from a high place sunset scenery is most ideal. Suits the picnic hike the Hong Kong Island diameter also to start from here. But recently completed Ling Xiao the Chinese style pavilion becomes tourist's new destination.

Hong Kong Saigon travel

Sai Kung in the east, beautiful scenery, and many locals like to come here for the weekend. Here is the best way to view scenery hire a boat, you can boat around the island (about 150 Hong Kong dollars). You can also stroll the beach or hiking. A weekend holiday, young people and families together and to the stream.

Sai Kung from a few hundred years ago near the beginning, the center of business guests, the small streets narrow roads, like a maze, retained a strong old face.

Who have a small fishing village of Sai Kung 60 years due to the east of High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung, the construction of the water of life caused by their migration, the population surge, is now in Hong Kong on vacation hot spots, popular. Saigon street a smaller scale, the shoreline of the Market Street can watch the same rows of Koh aquarium fish shop, a huge colorful lobsters, crabs, shellfish, fish can also be selected eat things into seafood dishes for a restaurant meal. Recently here regularly to see drinking wine, eating seafood, American and European guests. In addition, modern restaurants and bars are also increasing. Walking on the beach and sun drying for a day, you go to the nearby small restaurants. The best restaurants are Pepperoni's Pizza and Cafe on Po Tung Road and Man Nin Street. Road Tung Kee Restaurant, which supply the Guangdong-style delicious seafood.

After a city that is at once the scope of country parks and beaches, visitors can engage in marine activities, hiking, mountain climbing, or to eat seafood and other leisure activities, if the money can rent yachts. Invited on the favorite partners can spend a romantic day in terms of sunrise and sunset Qingqing Bibo experience the alternative of Hong Kong. Take sampan cruise sea of islands is not bad.

In addition, due to convenient transportation in pursuit of a better living environment for the middle class who have done so you can see a lot of Filipino women domestic workers.

Route: In the Diamond Hill MTR station, take bus 92 to the finish line is in Sai Kung, or in the subway station take a bus stop outside the line of light can also be reached.

Hong Kong Qingma Bridge travel

Tsing Ma Bridge is to Chek Lap Kok Airport, built one of the ten core projects can be regarded as a world-class architecture, it stretches from the Tsing Yi Island and Ma Wan, the length of 2,160 meters, the main bridge span is also up to 1377 meters, two crane towers, each 206 meters high, Block, 62 meters from the sea is the world's longest road, rail suspension bridge carrying. In 1992, the Tsing Ma Bridge, the start of construction, only five years to complete, be regarded as the same building to spend the shortest time. It connected to Ma Wan, Lantau Island, Kap Shui Mun Bridge together, like two rainbows, to become Hong Kong's new tourist attractions. It is a spectacular grand momentum completely beyond the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States.

Enjoy the majestic view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, the best attractions in the north-west side of the island is willing to clothing the "Lantau Link Visitors Center" and the side of the observation deck. They boarded the observation deck of the trail beside the bridge stands the best symbol of the spirit of the two monuments - Jiong around the cable with the tower and the cross-section of the main cable interception down. Do not underestimate these two monuments, erected that year in order to support the bridge's main cables, depends on this standing on both sides of the tower, lap another enclosure, like a camel around the Shengquan formed diameter of 1.1 meters, the huge 16,000 km long cable, using the thin cable length, a full four weeks you can orbit the earth. Looked at the side note, really has the world's first suspension bridge of this rising more high esteem also from around the bridge, holding the attitude of admiration.

From the viewing platform overlooking the Tsing Ma Bridge, sufficient insight to its magnificent momentum Yinyun in the rigid steel structure, a symbol of the great human engineering; from the other end of the observation deck, you can watch another "Ting Kau Bridge" the yellow cable of the Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong Island to the shoulder to clear the traffic between the New Territories, bright yellow during the day took away a lot of the demeanor of the Tsing Ma Bridge, and in fact, Ting Kau Bridge is relatively photogenic.

Macao Central library travel

 Organizes in 1895, the old name for the Macao Public library, presently names as the Macao Central library, this year is this hall establishes the 100th anniversary commemoration. its predecessor may trace constructs early in 1873 Macao library, this is a mass organization nature organization, is for the purpose of establishing a privately established library to collect the domestic and foreign books. on July 27, 1893, adopted an item of Macao culture plan in Portugal, decided that organizes Macao state-run advantage night middle school and the state-run library, this library later then changes name as the Macao Public library. the Macao advantage night middle school approximately organizes in 1894, but Macao library is one year later, namely in 1895 nine months on 25th establishes.

Macao black sand beach travel

The black sand beach is the natural beach, is Macao famous natural sea bathing place. The bay assumes the meniscus, the slope is gentle, the beach surface is broad. The nearby has pineries, green cover; Side constructs the broad parking lot, the bus stop and the various types small food shop. The black sand's characteristic lies in swarthily, the young slippery fine sand, the beach therefore acquires fame. It is said that the black fine sand is because the sea specific environment forms black inferior native ore glauconite result. [glauconite] the ocean current influence, is transported to the near bank, passes through the storm to carry the beach again, causes the original pure white bright white sand beach, turns the enchanting mystical black sand beach. On holiday weekend and midsummer season, black sand beach tourist like crucian carp, lively very. Nearby the beach entrance is the black sand park.

Macao Lu Lianre park travel

If Lu Lian the park located at Macao Peninsula's middle, east looks at Yangshan's northern foothill, Luo Lilao street and Dutch garden street's intersection point, total area 1.78 hectares. In garden scenery like poem like picture, just like one quiet and tasteful, beautiful, tranquil south of Yangzi River scenery, has the Suzhou Sizi Lin's pattern, one kind “small sees the feeling in a big way” for the human, is the Hong Kong and Macao area has the Suzhou botanical garden graceful bearing park only. the 20 years ago repairs Lu Lian who is completed, if the park, the original name amusement garden, several dozens years ago is this Australian one of three given name gardens, by the big gambling business, Macao chamber of commerce and the Jing Lake Hospital charitable meeting manages affairs meeting President Lu Lianre to contribute the construction, begins in builds in 1904, undergoes twenty years only then one after another to complete in 1925. Big its scale is Macao private garden. At the beginning of the century the amusement garden once the lid built the theater shed, the performance Guangdong opera, therefore is renowned in one's time. Latter Lu Jia withers the defeat also to partition changes hands. In the early 70s. Buys for Macao government. After repair, Lu Lian, if the park opens in September, 1974, becomes the populace amusement and rest the good destination. Enters the park from the main entrance, is a book has “the Pingshan mirror building” four large brush-written Chinese character antique circular arched entrances, both sides is covered with the fresh flower and green bamboo's treeshady lanes, the towering banyan fig, the Large expanse of bamboo grove, are in full bloom the fresh flower complements the tower pavilion Chinese style pavilion, the winding path winding corridor, the pond bridge pavilion, the running water to fly the waterfall, the rockery strange stone.  In the garden the scenic spot distribution is appropriate, the scenery is scattered and organized. The rockery piles the high peak strange stone which becomes exquisitely carved, towering hundred condition, trickle the running water from the rockery crown depreciation, forms five pack of waterfalls, the current of water pours into the rockery under foot's small pond, in the ancient times beautiful woman handsome pond which builds with the megalith, nearby the pond the weeping willow is reluctant to part, pond domestic waters Ming Rujing, the white lotus drags, in groups tilapia mossambica tours tours, above the round lotus leaf and the spread-eagle assumes the campylodromous curving zigzag bridge bridge to form a nice contrast. The entire garden take “the spring thatched house” the waterside pavilion hall as the construction main body, before passing appears in court, around water surface Shi Jing to be united as one body various scenic spots. The park pavilion porch, hangs up the inscribed horizontal tablet antithetical couplet. After renovates a new blue incense pavilion, to scoop up the green jade pavilion, the life insurance pavilion, the tourist often settles down the appreciation calligraphy to unite the language, innate appeal. In the ordinary day, in the courtyard has many old people and the friend seizes the chess together in this, or takes a nap a quarter to wear down the time.although spring the thatched house is typical China constructs, but the house outer wall has actually used the cream color which the Portuguese uses happily, and matches by the white line, 12 porch pillars also adopt the Gothic style architectural style, what on the mast top decorates is the white western-style pattern, but borders on the pond in the platform the chair type railing is the Chinese likes with the bright red color, causes the human to realize in this Chinese building reflected the West culture blends trace.if Lu Lian the park scenery outshines others in the Macao numerous parks, in 1992 is evaluated Macao one of new eight scenery.

Macao Dangzi island travel

Mainland people to Macau tourism, limited to the time and preferences lively, it is generally stay in the Macao Peninsula, Taipa little to go on the road part two islands. In fact, love peace and quiet and the Probe into the person's visit to Cuba not only find sense in the Islands, and perhaps in the intersection of East and West cultures blending in and taste the unique flavor.

Macao by the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island composed of three parts, with a total area of 23.5 square kilometers. Among them, two islands located on the southern tip of the peninsula, with a total area of 14.4 square kilometers. 2 Macau-Taipa Bridge and the Cotai a road across the sea from the original three-part company as a whole. Development of late due to two outlying islands, coupled with the vast majority of Macao residents living in the Macao Peninsula, so here with the new Macau Street guxiang crowded noisy, busy, compared with a huge contrast.

I have been to Macau, where a friend introduced me to Macau eight scenic spots carefully, including the "Mirror Sea Changhong", "Taipa", "Black Sand Treader" Three King Islands are related to the. So I gladly accepted a friend's recommendation, find what you want, and the two islands to go over again.

From Taipa Island overlooking the island of Macau, the tallest building in Bridge River Bank of China Macao Branch.
Ranked first in the eight wonders of the "mirror sea Changhong" refers to the two Macau-Taipa Bridge: built in 1974, Nobre de Carvalho, together with the Approach length of 3449.1 meters, 9.2 meters Bridge, lacking a broad prospect; the Friendship Bridge, built in 1994, , together with the bridge approach length of 5522.86 meters, 19.3 meters Bridge, lacking a broad prospect. Yidongyixi two bridges across the sea in the vast mirror above the momentum rainbow. In particular, the longer term, as the open bridge of the bow, Flip forward to connecting the two sides of the middle of the high uplift, to give people a visual image of the steep-Song. Macao Bridge is not only the main artery, but also a sign of the steady development of Macao, rich flavor and charm of the era.

Macao racing club travel

The horse racing is one of Macao people's recreational activities, therefore Macao's racing club is also quite appealing, becomes a place which must go to Macao. Macao racing club's equipment is advanced, the administrative personnels, the jockey and competes the horses comes from the world, conforms to the international standard. In the athletic field has the air conditioning stand and the member special-purpose side building. Regardless of whether the members can appreciate each sports event comfortably. In addition, but may also through the big screen or the television onlooking sports event. In the racing club is also equipped with has, west the dining room, when onlooking horse racing may also go to eat at will. Usually, summer the sports event between late June - early September, at night is held. Transportation: Public transportation 28A, 33, 34, 35, 38 and airport AP1 line

Macao city hall travel

The city hall is Macao constructs representative, front door on friendship big street. The interior is very tranquil gravely, for the human by the secluded from the world feeling, the inner wall attaches Portugal's blue white ceramic tile, in the garden the numerous flower grows thickly. The city hall is extremely grand, presently is the Macao SAR seat of the government. the municipal administration square in the city hall directly opposite, it is a European style square, four sides has the church, the hotel, the cafe, is unfolding Portugal's life appeal. The local resident likes sitting eats food around the square or drinks wine to relax own nerve. The pink color which reflects from square wall all around is specially attractive when the summer sunlight. visit time: Monday to Saturday 1:00 pm to 7 o'clock, free visit.

Macao pigeon nest park travel

The pigeon nest park occupying land area is broad, in the garden the hill link folds, ancient wooden towering, spreads plants the flowers and plants, the song of the birds is lingering on faintly. Even if during the midsummer season, is in a situation, was still just like tours the cool world. The pigeon nest park acquires fame has the origin really. In the 18th century, here was house of originally the Portuguese rich merchant Ma Kuishi. This person raises the pigeon happily, reaches several hundred many, hovers the horizon, the scenery is really magnificent; Pavilion Zhan space, far view, if nest, by this. In the garden has a pit hole, the named Jia Meishi hole, stands erect the Portugal famous poet Jia Meishi bronze statue. This was born more than 400 year ago Jia Meishi bronze statues, is in 1866 by the Portuguese troops kui gentleman casting. Nearby the pigeon nest park has two story-high to have the southern Europe architectural feature building, this is the Jia Meishi museum original address.

Seoul, South Korea traveling

Since the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) So far, about 600 years, Seoul has been Korea's capital. Korea Seoul Times called "Hanyang", after the period of Japanese occupation of Korea after the establishment of the Republic of Korea in 1945, when the Hanyang has also changed its name to Seoul. Seoul is South Korea's economic, political and cultural center, to the Han River as the boundary is divided into two parts north and south. The northern part of Seoul's historical and cultural center, and south of the business is relatively more full-bodied flavor. Have been held in Seoul in 1986 Asian Games, 1988 Olympics and 2002 World Cup tournament, is a modern international city. Seoul, the city's tourist attractions are mainly North Korea's five ancient palaces and ancestral temple, and the Han Dynasty into the World Cup Stadium, 63 Building, Hanjiang River, Nanshan, Northern Han-Shan National Park, University Road, Insa-dong and so on, the famous shopping there pears Thai House, Myeong-dong, Apgujeong, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, etc.. The outskirts of Seoul, Seoul, playground, Everland, Caribbean Bay (Caribbean Bay), the Korean Folk Village, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Namhansanseong is also worth a visit such attractions.
Prosperous and bustling night in Seoul, most of the hotels are equipped with night clubs, cocktail put, the wealthy people to indulge in sentiment.
There Masaoki friends can watch the real stage performances, to experience the "Las Vegas" crazy gamble, Seoul to Walkerhill, David, Hyatt and other big hotels of the most famous; there is a "disco" dance known Hilton, Seoul Royal, Heath, Lotte Hotel; Myeong-dong and Itaewon, etc. disco, karaoke and other entertainment-intensive. Recently, the Jiangnan region can also be added that many working people to patronize restaurants and German-style beer cocktail shop.
In addition, visitors who like to play golf, Seoul is really a good place not to be missed, South Korea more than 120 golf courses available, mostly in the vicinity of Seoul, the course Despite the price difference, but the cost is usually Monday to Friday 8-9 million won, 110,000 won on weekends.
To Korea, can not but enjoy the fun of skiing every year in December to March next year's peak season for skiing in Korea, most of all, with night skiing ski facilities, accommodation facilities are very complete, in order to Bears Town Ski Resort in Seoul and yang Chile's most famous ski resorts.
In addition, visitors like to enjoy life, it will certainly fall in love with the hot springs here, South Korea's hot springs, in its form the way with China, unlike Japan, the latter two are mostly volcanic hot springs generating, while South Korea is the hot springs gush from the granite , the lower water temperature, water quality, delicate, and contain a variety of minerals, tourists are attracted to.

South Korean Jeju travel

Jeju Island is a prestigious South Korea's largest island, south of the southern coast of South Korea more than 90 kilometers, east and Japan's Kyushu Island, across the sea, to brief the Korea Strait gateway location is very important. In this area of 1800 square kilometers of the island, stands an altitude of 1950 meters the highest mountain in Korea to take Yue Han Shan, this 1007 eruption of the volcanic cone left to make Jeju Island is extraordinarily Xiongqi spectacular.
Jeju Island, the landscape is very strange, always magmatic condensate stone. The year where lava flows, forming a strange, Rong Dong, melting column, displaying the unique charm. As time goes on, Jeju Island has been covered with green equipment. A pair of trees, tall and straight rock, soil, ground Fangcaoqiqi, waterfalls like the Galaxy Fei Xie, and if the roads lead to Bailian give Jeju cast a layer of mystery.
Since ancient times, known as the island has "more than three treasures." More than 3 more than the wind, stone and more fruit trees and more Sambo is seafood, plants and dialects. The eastern part of Jeju Island is a large expanse of grassland suitable for grazing, making the island for many centuries Korea has been the main ranch. Island, a ranch occupies 8 million hectares of pastures in Asia, one of the best. Jeju Island, famous for horse breeding history, Zeng Yi, and now there are more than 3,000 horses on the island, about two-thirds of South Korea's horses. On the island a mild climate suitable for growing citrus, grapefruit and red orange, the island's Seogwipo is the center of the national citrus production. In order to protect fruit trees against the invasion of the island of the strong sea breeze and orchards around the high stone wall built.
Jeju Island, away from the peninsula, the island some of the primitive customs are still circulating. The most interesting is where you can see traces of a matriarchal society, headed, to make a living mainly by women. The "sea-woman" is probably the most typical "career women" had. They often have to sneak into the underwater reefs along the steep collecting shellfish, abalone, sea cucumbers and conch and other seafood, while the men are left at home to take care of household chores.
Jeju Island is located in the vicinity of 33 degrees north latitude, but it has a tropical climate characteristics, the highest average temperature in South Korea, where the most precipitation. A mild and humid climate and volcanic activity shaped by the out Qili colorful natural scenery, attracting thousands of domestic and overseas tourist-friendly. Jeju Island is located in the southwest Chinese, and the blue waves of the neighbors, and the white sandy beaches as partners, back Pong Tianchi Yuan scenic waterfall, is a rare tourism and health resorts. Many South Korea heads of state and government leaders have been in the Chinese villas and hotels to stay to carry out their busy way to visit the rest. Jeju Island also has the "honeymoon island", "Romantic Island," laudatory, South Korea many newlywed couples are here to spend their romantic honeymoon.

South Korean Pusan

Pusan is the Korean Peninsula most greatly international harbor, the main scenic spot has Donglai to burn the fish temple, too ancestor Taiwan. It has South Korea biggest watering-place - sea to rape, and the loose island, multi-Dapu, as well as Donglai, the sea rape the hot spring and so on, for health resort. Pusan has the park, the bathing place and so on more than 50. The offshore shade island is the sight area which the tourist cannot not go, on the island has a steep and dangerous unusual cliff. Sets up Yu Yading the bird's eye view, the too beautiful to behold North Korean channel gets a panoramic view.

Gyeongju travel

Not only Kyongju's base as follows proliferates in the urban district, approaches the suburb also when has sees, moreover still carried on the excavation discovery work at present. Kyongju has been listed as world one of ten big ancient capitals, it may be said that does not have fence's historical culture museum. Kyongju's street each corner can see the ancient grave park. And is unearthed the white fox tomb unearthed more than 10000 antiques, have collected by the museum. In the Kyongju everywhere obviously numerous historical sites: The king mausoleum, imperator the grave, the stele, the pond, the pavilion, the alcove, the Chinese zodiac elephant, the 7th century Xinluo empire astronomical observatory which builds with the stone - - gazes star Taiwan, exclaimed in surprise for the tourist, in addition, but also has India temple, rock cave hut, profuse emperor temple tower, five mausoleums as well as scenic sites and so on Pu gate lake amusement area.

South Korean snow Yue Shan travel

The snow mountain mountain located at east coast northmost part Jiangyuandao, the sea dials 1708 meter high. Beforehand snow Yue Shan is also called the snowy mountain or the Xuefang. What this name refers to is in the world the high point meaning. The snow mountain is the translation for the Chinese character name. Is assigned in 1970 by the South Korean Government is the country park, moreover, because snow Yue Shan holds 500 many kinds of wild animals and more than 1000 kind of unusual plants, is assigned by UNESCO is “the South Korean only plant preserves the area”. Snow Yue Shan is one of Han peninsula backbone taibai mountains arteries prominent peaks. In the snow mountain mountain divides into outside the snow mountain the snow mountain two parts, take high point Qingfeng (178 meters) as the center, spreads Bouch Shanguai the stone to be situated the sea to dial 1200 meter high sky waterfalls and the Thousand Buddhas Cave ravine becomes the world scenery, the scenery is certainly enchanting. In addition, as soon as the snow mountain mountainous area has many are worth the scenic spot which looks, the god being popular the temple, the five colors liquid medicines, the stirrup range, the loud waterfall, lying feudal official Taiwan, flies Sendai, five year old of turtle, power Jin Cheng and so on.

South Korean Kwangju travel

The rich beautiful scenery and many landscape's Kwangju, has the proverb named which the sentence is widely known “to raise Kwangju not to forget not to have and so on mountains; Raises does not have and so on mountains not to forget Kwangju”. So symbolizes non-and so on mountains as Kwangju, by its grand wonderful crag strange stone demonstration grand marvelous sight. In near future, also has the multi-island sea marine national park, the wisdom different mountain national park, the month becomes an official the national park and reflection prosperous times Buddhism culture many ancient temples, enhanced only this to die the sightseeing city reputation. In addition, but also has contains the South Korean spirit the historical traces or the academy and so on understands Confucianism culture shape many vestiges. Kwangju kui for is not hometown of the artistic, the city has the strip is honored as “the artistic street” the avenue. There has cultural spaces and so on decorated corridor, ceramic showground and understands the artistic real peduncle's antique store or inherits the artistic tradition the handicraft shop. These numerous shops will meet visitor's cultural need. In the Kwangju State-run Museum, but also displays the Chinese Song which, the Yuan time ceramics in the south tip of Xinan sea salvages from the Han peninsula and so on massive precious archaeology material. Kwangju international fine arts festival and pickled vegetable festival: Has city of fine reputation and traditional culture the artistic Kwangju, in 1995 has sponsored “the Kwangju international fine arts exhibition”. Has that activity which various countries artist participates, mainly had demonstrated reflects the third world country the political contradiction and the time the bitter pictorial representation or the print work.

Japanese Tokyo travel

Tokyo common name Musashi is Japan's capital, but also Japan's political, cultural and economic center, a high degree of modernization. Its area of 2162 square kilometers, population 11.82 million, including 23 urban, 26 suburban cities, seven-machi, 8 villages, while the surrounding towns, are gradually and continuously to become its "satellite" urban. Tokyo is the world's most populous, the largest modern international cities.

In ancient times, Tokyo is only a reed profusion of wild remote small fishing village, it was first known as Chiyoda. 1457, big feudal lords Ota Dokan in massive construction projects tectonics after the Edo castle, there are documented formally established in Tokyo, but it was the size of a small Edo Castle until 1603, Tokugawa Ieyasu in exercising the power, set up in the Edo After the shogunate, Edo to serve as the administrative hub of Japan have made great headway. AD 1700, it had become a population of more than 1 million of the world's first city.

In 1869, Emperor Meiji moved the capital to Edo, and it is located in eastern Kyoto, is named for Tokyo.
In 1943, Tokyo City was renamed Tokyo, (equivalent to municipalities), expanding the jurisdiction and rapidly developed into large cities and 500 million people. In Tokyo, to protect the good historic and modern architecture communities constitute a perfect harmony, always reflects Japan's traditional culture and cosmopolitan city in perfect harmony.

Tokyo is now Japan's largest industrial city, gathered 11% of the nation's factories. Mainly iron and steel, machinery, chemicals, precision instruments, printing, publishing and apparel and other industries. Is also the country's economic, financial and commercial center. Capital 50 million yen of the company, it has 90% of the centrally located in Tokyo. Major national bank head office or main branches are located here. Tokyo is the world's three major financial centers, with world-famous stock market. Business is very well developed, large wholesale stores account for 18% of the country, small wholesale stores accounted for 31% or so. Ginza is the city's most bustling commercial street.
Tokyo is the national cultural and educational center. Various types of colleges, including short-term university, including a total of more than 190. Near Tsukuba Science City, where with 43 research institutes and universities, including the Japanese space program and space research and test center. Press, Tokyo, account for 2 / 3 or more, while the circulation of books accounted for 90%. Tokyo is Japan's largest transportation hub. Leading to the aircraft and ships and around the world, is the national high-speed railway lines converging point of the city subway extending in all directions with a total length over 170 km. Tokyo Hong Kong ranked the nation's first four, the annual throughput of 40 million tons. There are 4 airports, Narita and Haneda institutions in the capital's air gateway.

Whether city sightseeing, visiting museums, or the entertainment, shopping, tasting food, you can be met in Tokyo, and fun.

Tokyo's famous tourist attractions include Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Parliament Chamber, Senso-ji Temple, Hama Rikyu, Ueno Park and Zoo, Kasai Seaside Park, Odaiba, Tokyo Disneyland and so on. Have more characteristics of a baseball and sumo wrestling match and watch a baseball can go to Park Station in Tokyo after the course, where the Tokyo Giants. Sumo can go to Akihabara to see the two go to a nearby, where the two countries both technical museum, there are many sumo wrestlers belong Heya (clubs), each has its own name for itself Heya and logo. Edo-Tokyo Museum is also worth a visit.

Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Japan's Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Kannon, Ueno Park, Sumida River, Ginza, Akihabara Electric Street, Odaiba, Shinjuku

Japanese Nagoya travel

Nagoya is the Aizhi County capital, is only inferior to Tokyo, Osaka and the Yokohama's fourth big city. It in the Honshu mid-west, borders on the Iraqi potential bay. Because this city is situated between capital Tokyo and between the ancient capital Kyoto, therefore has “Beijing” the name. The area is 376 square kilometers, the population 2,100,000. Nagoya's core area is Japan plans the best city, the tourist is very easy to know the path. The city shade avenue, the fresh flower spits the fragrance. The Nagoya harbor is covert, not storm influence. The city has many main railways and the trunk highway passes, the tourism is more developed. In the past, Nagoya has obtained the fine reputation because of the historical site, now, Nagoya because of its developed industry and commerce, but is world famous. It is the comprehensive big industrial city, the textile industry and the ship-building industry is developed. It is also Japanese one of three big wholesalers. The Aichi Toyota Auto sale Company and the pine ban room Department store is the big Commercial department which the nation is well-known. Nagoya was one has filled the vigor city, it had the numerous recreation centers, the shopping center, the museum, the convention center. in 1978, Nagoya and our country's Nanjing tied for the friendship city. Including the Nagoya castle, Nagoya television tower, cross-ocean bridge, Nagoya City Museum, Nagoya City Archives, Tokugawa art museum, Shirotori garden, Nagoya Port Public Aquarium, Nagoya Scientific Museum, Shikemichi old block, Toyota industrial technology memorial hall, electric power museum, Nagoya City Art Museum, currency museum and so on numerous scenic spots.

Japanese Osaka travel

Osaka, Japan Updated :2004-12-29 15:52:50

Osaka is Japan's third largest city, with a total area of 221.37 square kilometers, from 24 districts constitute a population of nearly 26 million. Osaka is Japan's economy, trade and cultural center, at the same time as Japan's historical and cultural city, its monuments also tourists from around the world nostalgia afternoon a memorable one.
Osaka City, the high terrain east west low, low-lying west of Osaka people use the favorable conditions to build a number of canals so that water transport is more developed, the water area accounting for more than 10% of the total area, the "water is," said. Addition of the bridge on the river, there are more than 1400 seats, and thus have "Osaka Bridge 880" depicted. There are five underground street in the city, with a total area of 9.2 thousand square meters. Some underground street upper, middle and lower three floors, each floor features a different, there is a man-made stream flow during wear, comes with flower beds, statues, fountains, and small gardens, waterfalls and other man-made landscape, streets, shops both bustling business district, but also chic tour ground.

Concentrated north of the city government agencies and high-level department stores, skyscrapers, a typical modern atmosphere; the south are more civilian-oriented, there are many century-old still maintains the old style. Although Osaka in western Japan's commercial and industrial center, but the Environmental Protection intact, fresh air, clean, little pollution. Street crimson maple, apricot and dark green pines and cypresses of ginkgo each other, they constitute an "Osaka Autumn," a beautiful picture.

Because the verge of the Seto Inland Sea since ancient times as the ancient capital of Nara, Osaka and Kyoto on the gateway to the Japanese business and trade development in the first area, there have been several generations of its capital in this Japanese emperor (AD 313 ~ 412 years, 645 ~ 683 years) Therefore, numerous monuments.

Osaka is Japan's land, sea and air transportation hub. Of aviation lines, high-speed railway and highway and the capital Tokyo and around the similarities. Such as Tokyo, Osaka Shinkansen high-speed train between the day and from as many as dozens of columns. Osaka port can accommodate large cargo ships, each year at 30 million tons of cargo throughput over its external financial accounts for the country's total foreign trade about 30%.

Cultural and educational center in Osaka in western Japan. More than 40 colleges and universities, as well as the National Museum of Ethnology, Museum of Oriental Ceramics and other cultural facilities. Osaka's dialect has the characteristic, is named the Guanxi words or the Osaka words. The Guanxi language charming humorous, many Japan's comedians and the tradition inundate only then (are equal to China's crosstalk actors) are born much in the Guanxi area, moreover, even if after they become famous, in local or also still uses the Guanxi dialect in television station's and so on Guandong performance. Osaka's scenic spot and historic resort are many, mainly has the Oosakajou, the international exposition park, the four devas temple, the exceedingly high Chinese style pavilion, to live in lucky big society, the plum field lively street, “the rainbow street” the underground city and the new world avenue and so on.

Japanese Kyoto travel

Kyoto Prefecture in Japan's main island - the island in the Midwest, east Mie and Shiga, Hyogo Prefecture, west, south of Osaka Prefecture and Nara Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture in Northeast neighborhood. Kyoto Prefecture has a population of 2.6 million, covers an area of 4613 square kilometers. Kyoto climate, beautiful scenery.
Kyoto is a terrain slope from north to south, surrounded by Higashiyama, Kitayama, Western Hills, surrounded by an inland mountain city. Kamogawa east, west, Katsuragawa these two major rivers running through the city. Kyoto in AD 794 was designated as the capital of Japan in the next thousand years, gradually developed into a historical and cultural center. Because of its rich cultural heritage, Kyoto has always been Japan's history and culture of the city. Today's Kyoto presents a distinctive & the art of breath, and the fast paced Tokyo distinct.
Kyoto, mainly in the textile industry dominated industry is the country's largest industrial centers of the textile and textile distribution center. Well-known textile products "Nishijin" and "Kyo-Yuzen" are high-end expensive kimono cloth.
Kyoto in Japan enjoy "learning capital" laudatory, there are more than 20 institutions of higher learning. One well-known at home and abroad, Kyoto University, Japan's Nobel laureate mostly graduated from the school.
Kyoto, there are "ancient capital," said, the Japanese religious and cultural center, the preservation of the country's most abundant historical and cultural heritage, known as Japan's "cultural cradle" is a symbol of Japanese culture. At the same time, but also the birthplace of Zen Buddhism in Japan.
Kyoto is not conservative, it is only committed to preserving its ancient style. The development of new art, culture and tradition and so, Kyoto has also spared no effort. Distant historical background, making the Kyoto inherited, such as architecture, painting, sculpture, gardening, historical monuments and folk art, architecture and heritage such as a rich cultural heritage. Nearly 15 percent of Japan's important cultural assets can be found in Kyoto. Its cultural heritage, whether in terms of quality or quantity, are among the highest in the nation of Japan.
Kyoto has a large number of cultural heritage, "the ancient capital of Kyoto, the cultural heritage," has been registered as world cultural heritage. Which includes 17 monuments in Kyoto, they are: Kiyomizu Temple, Nijo Castle, Golden Pavilion Temple, Silver Pavilion Temple, Tianlong Si, Long An Temple, Yan Li Temple, high-Temple, Ninna-ji Temple, West Fong Temple, East Temple, Daigo-ji Temple, West of the like Temple, on the Kamo Shrine, Shimogamo Shrine, Uji on the shrine, Byodoin Phoenix Hall. Byodoin Phoenix Hall is today printed on the 10-yen coin behind the building.
Kyoto's cultural heritage far more than these buildings, but also accompanied with the dependency of these buildings surrounding environment, but also including some not registered as World Heritage architecture and landscape. The monastery includes both the beauty of the building, but also contains a garden, shape beauty, seamless integration with the surrounding environment is indeed a fine traditional art. Kyoto, people are to love our environment, Kyoto in 1994, appeared in more than 60 meters, hostel, there are many who believe that these high-rise buildings Kyoto Kyoto destroyed the original scenery and atmosphere, and some spots even refused to live in these high-level hotels off admission to protest.
Kyoto is endowed with beautiful scenery and rich cultural landscape. Tourists to visit Kyoto each year 56 million people, of whom 52 million were overseas tourists. Guests can enjoy a taste of Japan's culture, history and various types of accommodation, the larger hotels have used fluent in English and French and other foreign language staff to enable overseas visitors enjoying to make letter.
Kyoto attractions list: Sagano, East of this like Temple, Nijo Castle, teaching Wang Gokokuji, Heian Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, 3000 Center, 33 Church, West Honganji, Silver Pavilion Temple, Arashiyama, Nishijin Kimono Center , Golden Pavilion Temple

Japanese Yokohama travel

Yokohama is a small fishing village originally, in 1859 founded a country as Japan opens a port first, develops into the world the very few international commercial harbor, the only more than 140 years population achieved 3,400,000, has become the Japanese second big city.    Yokohama is one of Japanese biggest harbors, is also the world third big port. Yokohama northern side Tokyo the approximately 20 kilometers place, its west side is the Japanese famous Mt. Fuji and the tourist attraction Hakone. Yokohama port take the Japanese economy most developed Guandong area as a center, is known as “the Tokyo outer harbor” the name, the population 2,770,000. the Yokohama divides is 14 administrative areas, the central area and west the area is a town center, has each kind of store, the Department store, the movie theater and the bank and so on, the Yeze room and the Gao Island two big Department stores is situated on this avenue. Motomachi is Yokohama another crowded downtown area, its south side Chinese street is the overseas Chinese community. Shan Shouding is the European and American substandard people's community. Yokohama's scenic spot and historic resort have three brook gardens, Iraqi potential Shan Huangshen the palace, great Ming Si, the Kanazawa library and so on, especially three brook garden's scenery is best. Yokohama scenic spot tabulation: Yokohama symbol tower building, under the Japanese pill number, the mountain the seashore park, the Chinese street, Yokohama universe world paradise, new Yokohama mediate the museum, Yokohama JOYPOLIS, Yokohama bay shore bridge, the cocktail bar, the fire traffic lane.

Japanese Nagasaki travel

Nagasaki is located in the west end of Kyushu, and is only 800 kilometers away from Shanghai in China since ancient times is a bridge between China and Japan.
Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan capital of ancient times known as deep Eura, 12 century, Nagasaki Kotaro Shigetsuna as feudal lords, monarchs here. In the 16th century by the Portuguese request to open Hong Kong, since then, the island outside the building except China Ming Dynasty, there had been a number of the Netherlands, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia and other exotic construction, so far in the streets of Nagasaki, still is full of exotic, nostalgic past.
Nagasaki Since ancient times, has been the Japanese foreign exchange, opening up a gateway, but also Western culture and cultural transmission of important parts of the mainland, all to Nagasaki brought prosperity and flourish. Nagasaki as an international trading port city attracted national visitors, the opera "Madama Butterfly" is to Nagasaki as the background and subject matter.
Nagasaki had been subjected to atomic bombing in 1945, a century after the catastrophe, the heart of the explosion still barren. The fire after the explosion sphere of influence in turn expanded to 3.7 kilometers. Nagasaki were put forward the concept of elimination of nuclear weapons, hoping the early arrival of peace in the world.
Nagasaki is an important port city, an area of 241.8 square kilometers, population 450,000. Is a self-style city, there are many aspects of people full of praise. Her style of million species waiting for everyone to come to savor.
Nagasaki near the green of the sea water transparency is second to none in the world, the colorful fish swim in the colorful coral reefs. And a cliff topography, a mysterious island, beautiful scenery and natural beauty. Nagasaki is filled with tropical plants, tropical flowers and the beautiful seasons of the year. Nagasaki has many islands and peninsula rich in natural landscape, including the National Park, including the existing 10 nature parks. As early as the era of the Meiji Restoration it will have a "summer resort" and laudatory, who is widely known in Europe.
Nagasaki has many islands and peninsula rich in natural landscape, including the National Park, including the existing 10 nature parks, the beautiful scenery so that visitors were deeply moved.
Nagasaki Prefecture, including the surrounding islands, has about 30, including hot springs, the famous hot springs, surrounded by rare and spa is located in a summer resort in the mountains or in floating the seaside beach town atmosphere, these hot springs with the bounty of nature and common for people to offer unique styles and comfortable conditions for rest.
Nagasaki has also retained a number of historical exchange precious feet, bits and pieces of the church, quietly recounting the history of Christianity in Japan's distant. The beautiful scenery to visitors were deeply moved.
Natural geo-scenery coupled with the fun of hot springs, attracted the eyes of many visitors.
Main attractions list: Netherlands Business Dejima Museum Gu Zhi, Oura Catholic Church, rice Sayama, Glover Park, Huis Ten Bosch, the Peace Park, Confucius Temple, Urakami Cathedral, Japan, 26 Martyrdom of Saints, glasses bridge, Unzen obama .