Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Nagoya travel

Nagoya is the Aizhi County capital, is only inferior to Tokyo, Osaka and the Yokohama's fourth big city. It in the Honshu mid-west, borders on the Iraqi potential bay. Because this city is situated between capital Tokyo and between the ancient capital Kyoto, therefore has “Beijing” the name. The area is 376 square kilometers, the population 2,100,000. Nagoya's core area is Japan plans the best city, the tourist is very easy to know the path. The city shade avenue, the fresh flower spits the fragrance. The Nagoya harbor is covert, not storm influence. The city has many main railways and the trunk highway passes, the tourism is more developed. In the past, Nagoya has obtained the fine reputation because of the historical site, now, Nagoya because of its developed industry and commerce, but is world famous. It is the comprehensive big industrial city, the textile industry and the ship-building industry is developed. It is also Japanese one of three big wholesalers. The Aichi Toyota Auto sale Company and the pine ban room Department store is the big Commercial department which the nation is well-known. Nagoya was one has filled the vigor city, it had the numerous recreation centers, the shopping center, the museum, the convention center. in 1978, Nagoya and our country's Nanjing tied for the friendship city. Including the Nagoya castle, Nagoya television tower, cross-ocean bridge, Nagoya City Museum, Nagoya City Archives, Tokugawa art museum, Shirotori garden, Nagoya Port Public Aquarium, Nagoya Scientific Museum, Shikemichi old block, Toyota industrial technology memorial hall, electric power museum, Nagoya City Art Museum, currency museum and so on numerous scenic spots.

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