Friday, February 19, 2010

St. Petersburg, the Russian second big city

 St. Petersburg is the Russian second big city, is situated in the Baltic Sea Gulf of Finland east bank, the Niewahe river mouth. Area 1350 square kilometers, existing population 5,000,000. The entire city is composed of more than 100 islands, connects by more than 700 bridges. As a result of its crisscrossed by rivers and canals, islands scattered about, sight fluttering flags, is known as “north Venice” the name. in the St. Petersburg city's Russian classical architectural complex enjoys the great reputation, the main architectural complex includes: Peter the Paulo fort and Peter the Paulo cathedral (Peter Emperor buries), Simoernigong, Winter Palace and so on. St. Petersburg is also a cultural famous city, has more than 50 museums, is honored as the museum city. The suburb royal palace is lofty, here has being possible be called “the Russian Versailles” czar palace outside the capital Peter palace, Buff Love Si gram villa area, czar summer villa emperor village and so on. St. Petersburg, so long as mentioned that this name lets the human remember these Russian greatest poets, the writer as well as the composer: Pushkin, proper Si proper Yefu Siji, Chaikefusiji. The 19th century to St. Petersburg's rich social class is the section gold years. That was one has filled the ballet and the dance party, artistic and the literature, the tea and the caviar world. Because this section of gold years the First World War approached ends. Working class's disaffection surges upward more and more. when 1917, the communist party has come and guarantees peace to the people and prosperous. St. Petersburg turned the Petrograd in 1914. The people want to take the Russian name for this city. Ten years later, this city's name changed, this time is called Leningrad. Then in 1991, Leningrad's residents voted restored this city initial name. Some people oppose to change the name thoroughly, some people thought that the name changed too quickly. They said that obsolete Soviet Leningrad no longer was the 19th century's St. Petersburg. But, for all this, you might find some this urban magnificent past. Stands in Uygur silk Leva the Siji island west end, right side is graceful Winter Palace, was the czar past dwelling. It that light blue outer wall and the white classical garden column, cause it to become are probably in St. Petersburg the most graceful building. Inside it has in the world the most famous artistic museum: Miti great museum. In inside, was 20 kilometers art galleries has collected several thousand artistic works. Toward your left shoulder behind looked that the Saint scattered cathedral giant Jin Zhi the dome to enter the sky. You will also understand why St. Petersburg is called “the float city”. Stands in there, by the water encirclement, you may see nearly completely in this urban 42 islands four. Acrossed a bridge changes to Winter Palace's behind, among the giant Winter Palace square is standing erect the Alexander column. It is to commemorate the victory which Russia and Napoleon join battle. This 650 ton granite column base has not been fixed by any way, the base also does not have any support. Stands erect after 1832, then has stood in there. Continues to arrive accepts the tile Siji street, this old urban center. Strolls leisurely and carefree in you, lets the crowd pass through in a hurry from your one's side. Appreciates these on the bridge and the column, above entrance as well as window's fine carving. Passes through the canal and passes through the small imperial palace as well as other classical buildings. Let your eye enjoy the pale basket full, dark green, the yellow and the pink. A flowered time strolls the semicircle which the huge brown column encircles in the Mt. Ka cathedral. Or, if you like the Russian style the construction, passes through the street and walks section of short distances along with the canal the road. The reactivating church happen to was located at czar Alexander two th in 1881 the place which assassinated.
Leaves the urban district toward the Peter city direction tour, as soon as tastes the ancient imperial palace splendid flavor. Peter Emperor in 17 century's ends toured after France, he decided that must cover one for oneself to compare the Versailles Palace imperial palace fortunately. In his rest of the year, this dream had not realized. The imperial palace and the park compound construction spent two centuries only then to complete nearly. Very little has the city to have the opportunity to create itself again, this opportunity arrived at St. Petersburg now. Some people possibly hoped returns in glory, but most people knew that is impossible. They hoped that can pass in the middle of the age essence to retain, and progresses forwards. You may make a bet this city no longer will be old St. Petersburg, but is a completely different city. Scenic spot tabulation: Winter Palace, Saint Peter Paulo cathedral, Peter palace, Peter Emperor Xia Gong, Aier rice Tash Museum, Simoernigong, Peter Paulo fort, “Afuleer” cruiser, naval department building, in December party member square, Iraqi Sackey Yefu Siji cathedral, Mt. Ka cathedral, Pushkin city, Yekajielinna palace, Peter Emperor bronze knight statue.

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