Thursday, February 18, 2010

Las Vegas in the barren desert into an international famous city of entertainment

Las Vegas in the barren desert into an international famous city of entertainment, while in South Africa's Sun City (Sun City), also in order to luxurious and complete facilities and the natural beauty of nature itself, attracting people of the world eyes, almost all tourists traveling to South Africa will not miss a good place.

In South Africa, Sun City is the entertainment, food, gambling, comfortable, romantic synonymous with surprise, few people could get rid of his charm.

Sun City is located in Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city, 187 km north-west Division. In fact, it is located in South Africa and Botswana (Botswana) border on the year, but for the South African apartheid, will this border land classified as "No matter areas", agreed to here can be "non-normal sexual" (immoral) entertainment (only set up a gambling establishment), this well-known luxury entertainment city might not exist.

Sun City, South Africa's billionaire shuttle Erkesina (Sol Kerzner) in a dream. Costner in the mid 70s, they begin to set up the idea, hoping to in the African jungle, the construction of a luxury such as the Las Vegas-like entertainment district.

"Dream If not, that will never be great", Cosme this vast plan, has finally started in July 1978, December 7, 1979 was officially opened. Sun City, caused a sensation after the opening of the world is dropping, Sun City hotel's 340 rooms was not enough to deal with. Along with Sun City's reputation has gradually opened up, followed by Sun City's tourists each year to grow at an alarming rate, in this case, in 1990, Cosme began to create the legendary city within a city, that is, The Lost City (The Lost City) .

With regard to Lost City has an ancient legend, legend, in the West enjoy a civilized, before the nomads from Central Africa, in the "Sun Valley" (Valley of Sun) built an unprecedented great city, its sights wonderful workmanship excelling nature, is impressive, but later a devastating earthquake, making the city was struck by magma to become the legendary lost city. In order to achieve this dream, Cosme 3 million at a cost of 800 million Rand (about 400 million ringgit a more than 10 million ringgit), a total of 1.2 million to a variety of transplanted trees and plants, build up an artificial rain forest, marsh area, which There are trickle of the creek and galloping rapids, has spent 28 months in 1992, ending 12 to the legendary lost city of the world to reproduce. Turning Lost City, it can not but have been included in the introduction, one of the world's 10 largest hotels, has 338 rooms of the six-star Palace Hotel (The Palace Hotel). Sun City Palace Hotel is a fourth hotel, is the most advanced luxury and the most expensive hotel prices. It is a hotel, it would be better it is in Africa on the castle, the hotel exterior architectural design and sculpture, full of rough with the psychedelic style in Africa, many places with wild animals as a theme, in-room furniture for relief, are a variety of animal shapes show that Africa's unique customs, as small as stationery, pencils and other small objects, there is no exactly the same as now the African style.

Lost City in 1992 after the opening rhythm of the city are strange and interesting and there is no lack of entertainment the world has become the world's tourists are visiting Sun City, one of the purposes. Alleged that each of the tourists visiting Sun City, beyond the 3 million passengers, number keeps increasing. The Lost City, like every scene is completely fake the appearance of ancient legends everywhere broken pillars collapsed, giant doors, so people get the wrong impression be misled into a time tunnel into the ancient times.

Here, you can go to man-made swimming in the sea. Do not underestimate it just man-made sea, but also create 2-meter-high wave surfing pool for visitors to surf. There are five water slides of various slope along the water potential down to allow visitors to enjoy the thrill of stimulation, including two hidden in between the rock, just like in swift current underground waterways, slide down time is about 3 seconds, a little bolder The smaller, understanding and did not dare to play. If you do not like to swim, it does not matter, they can play golf in the world-class golf course, feel the same venue to play with the world master the taste; do not, you can play water sports. In short, the activities you want to come here, there will be.

Is the most stimulating than the "Bridge of Time" (Bridge of Time), which is one of about 100 meter long pedestrian bridge, which at intervals of 1 hour regular meeting issued a "rumbling thunder" and a loud noise and a sense of Shanbengdelie earthquakes volcanic eruptions of terrorist feelings. Korsner designed to bridge the purpose, wanted to tell people: When the beautiful Lost City is to be a major earthquake, volcanic lava flooded out.

However, the most famous Sun City casino or into the casino, who will be placed in its internal high number of gambling machines be surprised. If you're tired of gambling machines, where there are playing cards, roulette, bakla (a kind of card games), and other content.

Sun City (Sun City) is South Africa's most luxurious, but also most famous resort (Resort). Almost all tourists traveling to South Africa will not miss a good place.

In South Africa, Sun City is the entertainment, food, gambling, comfortable, romantic synonymous with surprise, few people could get rid of his charm. In particular, within the Lost City Sun City (Lost City), is a cost of 800 million to build three million rand of entertainment out of the city, there are at breathtaking man-made forests, and the dynamic of the artificial wave pool, the city's Palace Hotel (The Palace Hotel), with such splendid and distinguished comfort features, the world's top ten hotels of the column.
Attractions List: The Lost City, Water World, entertainment center, pilanesberg National Park.

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