Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Korean Kwangju travel

The rich beautiful scenery and many landscape's Kwangju, has the proverb named which the sentence is widely known “to raise Kwangju not to forget not to have and so on mountains; Raises does not have and so on mountains not to forget Kwangju”. So symbolizes non-and so on mountains as Kwangju, by its grand wonderful crag strange stone demonstration grand marvelous sight. In near future, also has the multi-island sea marine national park, the wisdom different mountain national park, the month becomes an official the national park and reflection prosperous times Buddhism culture many ancient temples, enhanced only this to die the sightseeing city reputation. In addition, but also has contains the South Korean spirit the historical traces or the academy and so on understands Confucianism culture shape many vestiges. Kwangju kui for is not hometown of the artistic, the city has the strip is honored as “the artistic street” the avenue. There has cultural spaces and so on decorated corridor, ceramic showground and understands the artistic real peduncle's antique store or inherits the artistic tradition the handicraft shop. These numerous shops will meet visitor's cultural need. In the Kwangju State-run Museum, but also displays the Chinese Song which, the Yuan time ceramics in the south tip of Xinan sea salvages from the Han peninsula and so on massive precious archaeology material. Kwangju international fine arts festival and pickled vegetable festival: Has city of fine reputation and traditional culture the artistic Kwangju, in 1995 has sponsored “the Kwangju international fine arts exhibition”. Has that activity which various countries artist participates, mainly had demonstrated reflects the third world country the political contradiction and the time the bitter pictorial representation or the print work.

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