Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colombian singing Santa doll

Old West myth that a man named La-Cypriot either semi-magic half of one cent stunning beauty. She not only has a devil figure, there is a pair of very ecstasy song throat! No one can resist the temptation of her, of all ages!

She often sat in the sea, with a pair of sharp eyes to search a vessel off whenever possible!

Once she discovered the "game" immediately release her golden throat singing circumflex charming song. The sky to hear her singing birds Shimoji immediately fell into a fossil, but puzzled by her singing in front of her ships to the above the same in humans and animals into fossil spared!

This is the song's charm! You can melt you are neither!

On that day, I was fortunate to hear any singing like a plug, I have been to melt!

Of course, the singing is not magic but a black cents plug any singer!

Floating Luolun Sa from Germany to Austria Salzburg has to go through a place called St. Columbia doll. It is located along the Rhine, a very beautiful rural scenery Ridge.

Our bus ride cruise down the Rhine to enjoy the scenery of both sides. In a backdrop of green hills, a castles, churches, monasteries, or the top of the exposed tip or round of classical architecture, wide silence followed the muddy water of the Rhine Chuanji; a seat cover in the Green cottage, the house before the green lawn of a few cattle and sheep eating the tender grass in the serenity to ...

I suspect this time this scenery to the Hans Christian Andersen's fairy-tale world!

We have a group of castle down the boat, to visit those ancient buildings on the reliefs and murals.

That I am particularly excited because it was my birthday! Munich in Germany at noon dinner, the evening went to Salzburg in Austria for dinner, a birthday dinner in the two countries, life is the number of such opportunities? !

So, during a visit to these ancient buildings murals relief enthusiastic and energetic when I was young 10-year-old!

Buildings are scattered, the Xiao-Po there. Reliefs and frescoes are described in the Bible, on ancient Greek mythology characters, portrayed very fine Innocent Steps, such as raw! I was ecstatic seen a sudden burst of euphemism sad songs came, everyone heard!

In such a quiet mountain Who this songs?

One insider commented: songs will not be very professional and amateur singers!

With sound I find to go, we saw lower slope on the ancient wall, a stone bench sat a woman dressed in black with long hair, stood next to a big bag. She was not young looks are mediocre, but she sing the melody, such as Hangyunliushui I will soon be attracted to her emotional past and fall into the abyss!

I saw she was carrying young guitar Zidanzichang, Tianshui, binocular Wang Shen's gaze Rhine connecting place! Perhaps she was too focused, I walked quietly by her side simply did not notice!

Although she sang in English, But, poignant and smooth melodies that I immediately know that the familiar "Tears in Heaven"!

"Tears in Heaven" is the United States dedicated to guitarist Eric Clapton song to his dead son, Conner.

The lyrics to the effect that: "If I meet you in heaven, do you still remember my name? If I were reunited in heaven with you, you can done before? ... Time will destroy everything, the time can lead people to yield, time to heart crumble to bits. "

V., such as songs, such as tear-jerking sob! Voice brims with tragic but Rouqingsishui, people purify the soul!

I watched her face and that sad eyes full of tears constantly guessing who she was singing here, why go? Is it here to have left her footprints of her memorable? Who is so invested in her memory so sad? Heaven is her son or her beloved relatives?

Traveled abroad more than 10 days in eight countries, every day, running every day in the rush excitement! Only now have the opportunity to sit quietly on a stone bench taste it Deep Sorrow songs!

Resonance in music to calm my enthusiasm for the ensuing tour was Cecil Nostalgia, past little bit of ripple wave effect seems to return to the past ...

In the song I felt myself melt! But I have not turned into a stone into a mass of clouds drifting but the sky!

I saw the wide Rhine was the setting sun dyed Bloody surging flock to the horizon; I saw a place connected to a sea of clouds billow in Tianshui, in Choi Wan Estate and surrounded by flowers appear in a film Diaolan loft! Oh! This is the beauty of heaven?

I know that heaven is a big country in!

Suddenly, in a fit of Sound wonderful sound, I see me I miss the loved ones who day and night!

They smiled and came up to me ...

I saw my father kindly pro in my mother waving to me; I saw my wife die abroad Qianli Xun's brother to me, waving red pillows; I see my young age giving her a table with friends hidden sarai argue for large sub-waving cheer me violin; I saw in my life walked three blue-Yan confidant Juzhaojiubei a toast ... to me.

At this point, I cried! I smiled! I am desperate to fly to them! I will always be with them and is no longer lonely ...

Will never forget - birthday that day, I have heard in a foreign country of the world's most touching songs, "Tears in Heaven"!

Colombian singing Santa doll so shocked people addicted to forget their own! Colombian singing Santa doll so unreal takes you to the cherished place!

Oh! Colombian singing Santa doll over a long time when in retrospect I feel that the total residual sound reverberate tearful ...

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