Saturday, February 20, 2010

German Berlin travel

German capital Berlin is an ancient and beautiful city.
Back in the 13th century, has become a trading town, the 17th century developed into a local political, economic and cultural center. Berlin 1871 was Prussian, "the German Empire," the capital of the Weimar Republic era Berlin as the "Golden Twenties time," the stage is celebrating its glorious history of the peak. It is the capital of Germany before World War II and the largest city. As the Nazi regime came to power. Berlin's prosperity have been overshadowed on the overcast shade, after the defeat of what the city was split into two and a half. August 13, 1961 overnight, "Berlin Wall" built up, and since then 28 years, people have been thinking that it will not collapse. November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall have been opened out of a hole, and as the second year of German reunification, Berlin has once again to restore the status of the capital, although the Bonn also served as the capital of most of the political functions, but the functions of transfer has already started, the president's official residence in Berlin. Eastern and Western Europe in Berlin brief roads on the north from the Baltic Sea, south to 200 km from the Czech Republic are not.
Berlin transport arteries in the Eastern and Western Europe, location of great significance. Peri-urban forest, lakes, rivers surrounded by, the "forests and lakes of all" in the world. The city are electronics, instrumentation, chemical, electrical, printing, food and other industrial sectors.
Berlin, economy and culture were very well developed. Aerial view of Berlin, has been around forests, lakes, rivers surrounded by the city as if immersed in a sea of green. Spree River slowly flows through the urban area from the south. Alexanderplatz TV tower, surrounded by rings with modern hotels, shops, conference room, teachers, hall and other large buildings, the daring, magnificent, beautiful shape. Chur charge Sternberg Dam 3 km long commercial street, shops, clothing shops, galleries in rows Ringby. The famous Bodhi Tree Street, is Europe's most famous boulevard. In addition, built into the granite with milky white of the Brandenburg Gate, there are 800-year-old Church of Our Lady, City Hall, the museum on the island's ancient buildings, the "Crystal Palace" of the Republic of officials, Humboldt University is also very famous. Charlottenburg Palace, the ancient distributed around the Egyptian Museum, antique museum, prehistoric museum of early application of the important museums and cultural buildings, its internal collection of many precious relics and works of art. The old straight side of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church built a new octagonal church. Completed in 1957, silver, clamshell-shaped roof was the conference hall is a masterpiece of modern architecture. Berlin is the world's major places of cultural and academic exchanges is one of no less than that in Paris the art capital, in particular, expressionistic paintings and the remarkable achievements of German film were particularly noticeable. Building has a modern international conference center. Bi-annual Berlin International Film Festival has also attracted world-class stars and movie lovers attention.
Possible for many people who first arrived in Berlin, the Berlin Wall, a mind that only attraction. In fact, the Berlin city, there are still many sites and monuments. Such as: built in 1861-1869 years, the green city hall, 800-year-old Church of Our Lady, palace-style State Opera, has a long history of the Humboldt University, the "Museum Island" on the old buildings and so on.
A number of modern buildings for City View adds color, ranked as the city's television tower 365 meters high, magnificent Republic of the officer, 40-story Berlin hotel, the white twill five-layer laminate veneers department store and so on. Charlottenburg Palace in the 17,18 century and gradually built in the middle of the courtyard there are four equestrian statue of the general election Di Hou. Historical palace hall, portraits of Frederick the Great Hall and the "Golden Hall." There are royal palace garden mausoleum, Rauch, and Enke made quite luxurious marble statue. Charlottenburg Palace, the National Museum of Egypt, near the Department of the pro-Fu Titi queen of ancient Egypt (about 1360 BC) stone color, like, world-renowned. Berlin Zoo is Germany's largest zoo. Circle natural environment, quiet, with an average of 5 million people a day come to visit and tour.
Of course, the most to go take a look at what is still the junction of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Berlin Wall and the Berlin National Gallery.
Attractions list: the Berlin Wall, Potsdamer Platz, the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin TV Tower, Berlin Zoo, National Gallery in Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace security.

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