Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hong Kong Victoria Peak goes against travel

Victoria Peak goes against is Hong Kong peak, the elevation 554 meters, located at the Hong Kong Island northeast, has been Hong Kong's symbol. It said that Victoria the peak or the Victoria Peak, are Hong Kong Island most have the great reputation the luxurious high-level residential district; Is also one of Hong Kong most famous tourist attractions. may ride the Peak Tram from the central area parkway (intermediate belt Starferry Wharf to have free feeder bus communication) to mount this elevation 380 meters mountains. Victoria Peak went against the cable car to start transport business from 1888, 100 for many years never have had the accident. Rides the cable car from the mountain to the summit entire journey 1.4 kilometers, only needs 8 minutes to be possible to arrive at the summit. The cable car servicing time from the seven o'clock in the mornings until the midnight, every other ten several minutes has a bus service. the summit is equipped with many specially the equipment which looks at the scenery for the tourist, from the mountain the bird's eye view Victoria port and nine dragon peninsulas, takes in everything at a glance. Hong Kong's night scene is world-famous, watches the position best for the cable car main terminal nearby the old-style ancient fragrant lion pavilion and the spacious joy person's summit park. The summit square looking into the distance from a high place sunset scenery is most ideal. Suits the picnic hike the Hong Kong Island diameter also to start from here. But recently completed Ling Xiao the Chinese style pavilion becomes tourist's new destination.

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