Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here is the holiday resort, the sun and the sea is a sign of her.

Perth, Australia accounted for one-third of the whole territory of the capital of Western Australia, but also a vibrant city. Here is the holiday resort, the sun and the sea is a sign of her. Perth in Western Australia, the Indian Ocean coast, is the world's most isolated city. From the geographical point of view, Pasi Xi side is the vastness of the Indian Ocean, marsh latitude lane westbound 7350 kilometers to reach the coast of Africa, the south is separated by vast oceans of Antarctica. Distance from the nearest port in northern Jakarta, there are 3l50 kilometers east of the mainland, but if you want to go to another city Adelaide dishes Germany to go through the desert, the recent line of 2740 kilometers also. Although remote, the development of Perth are thriving. The city was formally established stem early 19th century, as gold was discovered in the Mainland, to the late 19th century, immigrants began to increase into the 20th century, with the continuous development of gold mining industry, Perth is also developing into a modern boomtown. Perth in 1829, became a colony of free immigrants, she though the use of the prisoner's efforts to carry out construction, however, to promote vigorous development of Perth and Western Australia or the reasons for the late nineteenth century gold rush. Perth is currently a wealth of underground resources with its backing to continue to develop into a modern city. In Western Australia, the ability to "city" title match only Paz city, with many urban agglomeration compared to the east coast influence is relatively weak. Perhaps it is because of this reason, very few short-term travelers to this city. But as long as those who visited a Perth, will be this beautiful city is located in the Swan River shores. Swan River originates from the east, from east to west to the sea, after Perth City, gathered together to form a large lake. Mouth straight to the Indian Ocean. Swan River to Perth is divided into north and south sides. South Bank is a nature reserve, north shore is the business district. Swan River flows westward from year to year to go fishing the south bank holiday, some people, some ornamental black swan, black swan flocks of blue water on a freely swimming. According to Aboriginal legend, Western Australia Bo Buer door there is a branch of tribal ancestors come from the Black Swan changed. Black swan found only in Western Australia, has therefore become a symbol of Western Australia. It was generally familiar with the White Swan, little is known about the black swan, black swan Western Australia, in addition to a few pieces on the wings white or brown feathers, the body is dark. Fan Chu a paint light. Its beak color red, foot dark brown, the color of nature with Taiwan, more and more become the black swan's elegant luxury, extraordinary. The black swan is always to Western Australia as their home, is not the same as the white swan migration. The local residents become more like them, for them continue to create a good environment for habitat and breeding. More and more people are familiar with the black swan, standing on the shore surrounded by tourists often ask for food, and people amused. The image of the black swan has become a symbol of Western Australia, Pago period is also known as the "Black Swan City." The street signs can be seen on both sides, so that visitors to Pago period is to get to the river and the Black Swan a souvenir photo. Swan River and the vast Indian Ocean as a favorite of residents and tourists, water sports provided a vast world. Miles of white beaches and some islands in the vicinity of a popular holiday destination. 8 km away from the urban area, there is a Grand Canyon, including two boulders, 8 meters above sea level, stands firmly stirred Qianchi spray, issue Xiao Loud sound, terrifying. A good climate and beautiful scenery, so here into a new tourist city, tourists from around the world, and many local residents make their living like to come here to Australia vacation. The coastal embankment walks, great tide waves, wind blown human face is hair, plump seagulls, and H-it is not moving; re-runs, a two-step slowly forward Duo; three home runs, was quite to the face to low-flying two, the one with you too lazy to care about looks. Perth city also has many parks and gardens. Kings Park is located in the western suburbs of the largest, covering 404 hectares, it is a rugged natural bush and grassland, there are rare birds and animals, spring wildflowers in full bloom, the park was colorful embellishment. In addition to Kings Park, there are nine national parks. Pass nearby the famous Kalgoorlie gold and Pilbara iron ore, this route is a favorite place for explorers, both to experience the wilderness of life, discover what treasures you can give a lift. August to November each year is the flowering season in Perth, there is no margin of protected areas, flowers with a bold style has never been Meijianshiguo demonstrate its charm. The wild flowers are made Pressed flower craft embedded in the canvas became a Perth famous gift. Outsiders said the Western Australia (West Austria) the abbreviation "WA" is Wait A While (wait a moment) the meaning of idle mockery of their lives, work efficiency is low. But take a look at Perth bar, dry climate, brilliant sunshine, enchanted the bend, an affluent life, so how can live up to the scenery all out? It should be Wait a minute, look at it more, Mozambique negative this scenery. For most people, Sydney is Australia, the number of orders that the beauty of Western Australia, some discouraged. In fact, the beauty, as beautiful women, often kept in purdah who did not know, even Lu Fang-chi, immediately stunning, it is cherished. Perth gives the impression that open, bright. Tourists can go to visit the Perth Mint, hands-on casting coins or medals; or go to Perth Zoo, or the type of Australia largest and most dense palm trees in the physical and mental relaxation. Perth City with its many art galleries, wildlife and theme parks, white sand beaches, the Indian Ocean surf beaches, as well as the opportunity to watch dolphins and whales are proud of. Downstream of a vibrant, historic port city Fulaimante. Perth is surrounded by a variety of fascinating destination. You can go to visit the Turnbull Gamu farm, where farm show and indigenous performances; to the Pierre area, and nature to enjoy the jungle scenery, if you are restless type, you can play golf or participating in water sports; from up to Order Arp tram to explore Yalasenlin, if you are a train enthusiast, you can go by steam train, or other old diesel trains; to Regin Pool Nature Reserve in the Murray River camping, there is also canoeing and the ideal place for jungle walks; or go to Western Australia's longest hiking trail than Burman Road. Night, you can go to is located in the beautiful park in the open day and night to try luck Pepsi live casino.

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