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Rome, Italy travel

Rome is the capital of Italy, but also the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Rome City, an area of about 1,500 square miles with a population of about three million, is the most extensive area of Italy, the most populous city. Rome, Italy, political, historical and cultural center, but also the birthplace of the world's brilliant culture. Large-scale ancient Roman ruins, it is imagination, Liulianwangfan.

History of Rome from the Tiber River began on the river Tiber in Rome the center there is a Tibeilina Island. Rome, the birth of this island and a great relationship. Construction along the river when the city is usually easy to cross the river location, Tibeilina Island, just to meet this condition.

The milk of the legendary Mu Lang, one of the upbringing of the twin brothers Romulus on the Palatine Hill in 753 BC built a city, this is the origin of Rome. Today's historians infer the founding of Rome in 600 BC, while the formation of a real urban form in Rome is the 6th century BC. 6 century BC, the Roman exile King, set up a republican form of government. Then gradually conquered the neighboring areas. The first emperor Augustus (27 BC to AD 14 years in office) era, Rome's population reached 100 million, the command of the Emperor of Rome for the urban renewal will change from the Roman brick Roman marble feel proud.

Frankish king Pippin in 756 years to the Pope donated the land. This is the beginning of the Pope territory. Since then, central Italy, the Church of Rome as the capital of the country, its destiny and the power of the Rise and Fall of the Pope linked together.

from ancient times to the Roman Empire, the era of brutal persecution of Christians preaching, to the golden era as a Christian center, from Italy into Mussolini's power, through a variety of historical changes in the Roman people develop a unique temperament. Gathered from all over Italy to Rome to pursue a dream of all sorts of people is also very interesting. Tolerant of those different characters of people is a clear demonstration of confidence in this eternal city. After all, from ancient Rome since the Roman Empire flourished as the capital city.

Rome is a precipitation for thousands of years the ancient city of historical monuments, has a rich cultural heritage of ancient buildings. The Roman era in any foreign land for both a passenger and a city full of sensory stimulation. After 2,500 years of history, left the stage a wide variety of sites, enough to make tourists feast their eyes on. Rome is one suffered a lot of the old town and many sites. Pantheon, Temple of Caesar, Constantine the Great Arc de Triomphe, as well as the Roman Colosseum is one of the great leader. Others, such as around the city, a variety of sculptures, fountains, ubiquitous churches, monasteries are unforgettable.

There are all kinds of fountains throughout the city of Rome more than 1,300, mostly in the Renaissance is said to celebrate the restoration of some water pipes and built.

The most famous square in Rome is the St Peter's Square and Venice Square. St. Peter's Square, an architect Bernini designed Duzao square imposing, one must be called architectural history. Piazza Venezia in Rome's largest square is 130 meters wide and 75 meters, all large-scale celebrations in Rome were held here.

Rome has 610 churches and monasteries, most notably the "city within a country" within the Vatican's Saint Peter's Basilica, the church is Michelangelo designed to accommodate up to 6 million people, is the world's largest church.

Attractions list: ancient Roman market, arena, Majieaoer Lady Chapel, St. Peter's Square, St. Peter's Church, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Spanish square, make a wish fountain, the truth of the mouth.

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