Friday, February 19, 2010

It has 1,000 years of history, enjoy the "world music capital" of the reputation of

The world's cities, few cities are Vienna, is so complex background. It has 1,000 years of history, enjoy the "World Music City" reputation, which served as a tremendously popular capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, disdain history and a glorious ...

Vienna is located in the northern foot of the Alps, the Danube runs through the city. Population of 1.5 million. The 15th century became the capital of the Roman Empire, Europe's political and economic center. The late 19th century as the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Stalin put Shihab dynasty in 1278 as the Austrian capital of Vienna. 1805 to 1809, French emperor Napoleon's occupation and the rule of Vienna. Establishment of the Republic of Austria in 1918, its capital Vienna.

Win World War II, the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and France shared the four countries receive battle a decade.

Vienna has 1,000 years of history, the Austrian Habs dynasty ruled the territory is very vast. It is up to seven hundred years of imperial rule in years. Ancient monarchy in central Europe, the Vienna constructed as a bright pearl.

Now a national political, economic and cultural center. International Atomic Energy Agency, UNIDO and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries headquarters.

The United Nations in New York and Geneva as the third United Nations Conference on outside of cities. Vienna, the "Music Capital of the World," said. Difficult to find in the world come to Vienna, the second such as music, immersed in a thick atmosphere of the city. Development of the arts here, the music is not bad, the world-famous musicians gathered in the annual world famous New Year's Concert.

The "Music Capital of the World," the reputation of a genius here, the emergence of famous men, Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss and other musicians, but also and immortalizing, in the "Blue" Danube River, and always could be heard everywhere are familiar with melody.

Austria, the beautiful scenery of the Danube and forest known, gurgling streams Misty green, giving musicians a lot of inspiration. Vienna is the capital of a world-class music capital, talent emerging, famous men, Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss and other musicians, but also and immortalizing. In the "Blue" Danube River, and always could be heard everywhere are familiar with the melody. The old dynasty has left many magnificent majestic architecture, monuments such as the Schönbrunn Palace, Bervid Le Palace, the Hofburg, Shi Di, etc. too numerous to mention where the cathedral.

Vienna, the "goddess of the Danube," said. Board west of the Alpine foothills, undulating waves of "Vienna Woods" panoramic view; east face of the Danube basin, called on hill overlooking sparkling green Kaer Ba Feng Jian. Wide north lawn like a large green velvet carpet, blue water and micro-ripples flow of the Danube border anchovy during wear. Housing top of the mountain was built, re-floor, even the word structured. Ascend afar, various styles of church buildings give this city covered with a layer of clear water Aoyama ancient solemn colors.

Attractions list: the Danube Park, Vienna State Opera, the Ring Boulevard, Fort Hall floating palace, the beautiful spring palaces, city parks, so the uterus, the Vienna International Center, Vienna Concert Hall.

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