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Turkey's largest city and harbor

Turkey's largest city and seaport, industrial and commercial center, ancient history, the provincial capital of Istanbul, Istanbul, located on the eastern end of borders in the Balkans, located in the Bosporus Strait South Side, the West Bank, the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Bay, surrounded on three sides around the corner from the city, is the world's only two mainland cities across Europe and Asia, but also the end of the ancient Silk Road. Access to a critical point of the Black Sea, Istanbul, the gateway is located in Europe and Asia transportation hub, a very advantageous strategic position has always been a struggle for the military strategists of the land. Historically, Istanbul has the East Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Empire, the capital of the three, nearly 2000 years, it is with the Eurasian continent politics, religion, art history, many of the events linked to the city holds a number of ancient architectural masterpieces , many of which produce the construction on the two continents Europe and Asia had a great impact and is extremely valuable historical and cultural heritage of mankind, in 1985 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as the city's archaeological park Suleymaniyah area, Ze Leike District and the wall area included in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.
Bosphorus Istanbul City is divided into eastern and western parts, while the length of 1560 meters of the Bosphorus suspension bridge is like a link to another part of the city two links Europe and Asia as a whole. During the day, stand in bridge, look around, fjord blue water sparkling, the two sides of Castle Peak green, castles, mosques, churches, palaces, houses, trees, flowers and so on reflection surface, colorful, magnificent picturesque. At night, the bridge Chinese Lantern Qi, the two sides was ablaze with lights like fire dragon fly, full of magical color, triggering a one remembers countless days of this historic city.
The mountain beside the sea in Istanbul, is one of the world has 2600 years of history, city, 660 years BC, the Greeks built, known as Byzantium, 330 AD Roman Empire of Constantine the Great redevelopment, and the capital moved to here , called Constantinople, which means "capital of Constantine." 395 AD, the Roman Empire split into Eastern and Western Roman in Rome, where the capital of Eastern Roman Empire, in the next few hundred years, where the eastern Mediterranean has been the political, economic and cultural center. After the 7th century AD, the East Roman Empire at the national and social development has been very different with the early Roman Empire, which historically known as the "Byzantine Empire", where it became the capital of the Byzantine Empire. To 1453, Mehmed II captured soldiers, this unification of the ancient fortified strong and established across Europe, Asia, Africa and three continents, the momentum prominent Ottoman Empire, and its capital here, changed its name to Istanbul. In 1923, the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed, and its capital in Ankara, Istanbul, thus concluded as the capital of ancient dynasties 1600 years of history. Istanbul has a rich cultural heritage. The Golden Horn Bay is located in the south of the old city, prescribe the walls surrounded by walls built in 413 years, the length 6650 meters, 9 meters high, 4.8 meters thick, outer wall built in 447 years, with 92 top turret, the existing 56 seats, there are deep-ho retaining wall be called a masterpiece of military architectural history.
Located in the old town's Topkapi museum, built in 1478 the Ottoman Sultan's palace, the latter turned into a museum, and has collected many of Turkey's historical relics. Dolmabahce palace is a 19th century palace in Sudan, with European architectural styles, with beautiful architecture, sculpture brilliant, gorgeous murals is known, there are some great palace chandeliers, with 750 light bulbs, weighing 4.5 tons, Lex like layers of waterfalls, such as the fire dragon circling lights, is a rare treasure.
Historically, the mosque in Istanbul to the large number of huge and famous, are well preserved at least 450, is the prestigious Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The mosque was built in 1616, that solemn sky dome and the minaret cloud-compelling temple prayer hall spacious and Huo Liang, walls inlaid with blue tiles more than 20,000 pieces, with "Blue Mosque "known.
Istanbul Old City streets along the undulating terrain meandering straits, the ancient streets of the red roofs of those on both sides of the Gothic-style building with small balcony echo the Islamic housing. The new city streets broad and straight, both sides of the modern high-rise building, suburbs various types of vehicles on the highway maneuvering. Now the urban area has expanded to the Golden Horn and the Bosporus Strait, north of the east coast of Uskudar and so on. Business district located in the center is very busy, the Golden Horn Bay, the old indoor market, is the world's rare in a large indoor market, an area of 3 million square meters, more than 4,000 stores, such as the tide of people every day. Istanbul is Turkey's largest industrial centers, textile, machinery, ship repair industries are particularly well developed. Istanbul is a city steeped in culture, with the University of Istanbul, Strait University 34 universities and institutions of higher learning.
Today, this city has become a well-known cities to visit.
Istanbul has a rich and varied cultural heritage, its museums, churches, palaces, mosques, markets, and beautiful natural scenery, will make people Liulianwangfan. The cloud city with world-famous tower Mosque (also known as the Blue Mosque), St. Sophia Mosque, Topkapi Palace and so on. Saint Sophia Cathedral in which the characteristics of both the architecture of Rome, another flavor of oriental art, became Istanbul's most famous and most representative of historical buildings.

Attractions list: St. Sophia Cathedral, such as Maley fortress, the Bosphorus, Beylerbeyi Palace, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce, Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Sultan Matt Square, racetrack, Dolby strange palace.

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