Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aswan, Egypt

Aswan is an important city in the south of Egypt, Aswan, the provincial capital, the famous tourist attraction in winter. The capital Cairo, the Nile 900 km south of the east coast, is Egypt's southern gateway. Aswan city is not, the surging waters of the Nile flows north, adding to it a lot of scenery. That is built here, the ancient Inn and barracks, but also neighbors of trade with the South to stand. Existing textile, sugar, chemical, leather and other industries. It is dry and mild winter, it is good to convalescence and browse.

City museums, botanical gardens and other attractions. In the vicinity of the Nile on the building of the Aswan High Dam, one of the world's seven major dams. It is cross-sectional Nile river water, Gao Xia out of Pinghu, board standing on the bank of the dam monument, circular arch-type dam, such as Changhong, resplendent across the Nile into the mesh. Length 3600 meters of the main dam, 110 meters high. Assistance in the Soviet Union in 1960 to start construction, built in 1971 and lasted more than 10 years at a cost of about 10 billion U.S. dollars, the use of building materials 43 million cubic meters, equivalent to 17 times the Great Pyramid is an irrigation, navigation, power generation, integrated Utilization Project. A total of six high dam drainage tunnels, each tunnel has two outlets, each installed a hydroelectric generating set, namely, 13 generating units, the output voltage through the step-up up to 50 million volts for electricity in Cairo and the Nile Delta region. High dam flood control, fundamentally eliminate the flooding and drought, not only to ensure that the Nile water upstream and downstream of farmland, but also on the Egyptian Nile Valley crop from one quarter to one or two quarters, three quarters of the harvest. High dam is completed, the south to form an artificial lake surrounded by mountains - Aswan Reservoir. Lake more than 500 kilometers long, with an average width 12 km, an area of 6500 square kilometers, is the world's second-largest artificial lake, deep (210 m) and storage capacity (182 billion cubic meters) were highest in the world.

Aswan is located in the Nile's east coast, this ancient city is not only to retain a large number of relics of ancient Egypt, it is the world's leading winter tourist attraction and, therefore, an important tourist city in Egypt.

Aswan is not the urban areas, watching the north side of the Nile flows from the city, adding to it a lot of scenery. The main attractions here, Philae Temple, the world's largest obelisk and the Aswan Dam and so on.

Attractions list: granite quarries, Aswan Museum, the Nile tide gauge, Aga Khan Temple, Aswan Dam, Abu Simbel Great Temple, Philae Temple, obelisk, Kalabusha God Temple.

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