Saturday, February 20, 2010

British London travel

London is located in south-east England, cross the River Thames downstream of the two sides, population 7.17 million, ranking first in the country. It is the capital of England is the national political, economic, cultural and transportation center, or the world's financial centers. London Transport developed, many monuments, there are "British tourist center," said. London with its long history, gorgeous color, the majestic grace of the forest stands erect in the city.

London's 2,000 years of history, is its capital dynasties lies. The monuments and modern buildings here, colorful, beautiful. London is a busy, bustling busy city, many buildings are relics of the Victorian era. The tallest building in the urban areas, postal telecommunications tower, 189 meters high.

River Thames is the lifeblood of London, stretching 300 kilometers, the two sides beautiful scenery. 28 different architectural styles with a bridge to cross the Thames into one. Waterloo Bridge, to commemorate the British defeat of Napoleon and Wellington, named after generals. Tower of London Bridge is the most beautiful bridge, tower bridge in style, and magnificent, in the two huge piers built five-story tower. -Style bridge is turned on, whenever there is higher than the deck of the vessel passed, the bridge can be lifted separately. Connect the twin towers is a top-level 140 meters above the surface of the pedestrian bridge, standing on top of the tower can watch the scenery of the nearby lai.

City of London City of London around the gradual evolution. London is administratively divided into 33 areas, the City of London alone is a zone. The 12 urban areas outside the city called the Inner London; in the 20 urban areas outside London called outside London. The City of London and outside London together collectively known as the Greater London area of 1580 square kilometers. Inner London primary exercise of administrative, financial, trade and cultural functions. London was originally built by the Romans, around the 1st century AD, the British domination in Rome, established under the Lundunnimu the administrative headquarters, and plans to Tai Zhaoshi River as an important transport corridors. However, to link the two sides is to have the bridge channel, so they chose the Tower of London to the city along the bridge, there was rapid development of the city at that time.

London, from the ancient Roman Empire, has been a long tradition of maintaining their own, where every corner of the historical monuments telling the past, where the streets are showing signs of going through years of wind and frost. If the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey to explore the tour, a twinkling of an eye, you'll find seems to be back in a few hundred years ago. At the same time, there is also the birthplace of short skirts, often the latest trends in fashion this into the world.

Many people still believe that Britain is an Anglo-Saxon countries, the white majority. This is not the case, the initial visit to London is probably the guests would be there so many blacks, Asians feel scared. As in the past the capital of the British Empire, London, incorporating not only the old colonial legacy, but also incorporated a large number of immigrants, resulting in a variety of profound social problems. On the other hand, this is one of the conditions to become an international metropolis.

Attractions list: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the British Museum, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square

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