Saturday, February 20, 2010

Venice, Italy travel

Venice, a city of great romantic and simple. Each year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Beautiful architecture, extraordinary exquisite sculptures, red and black and white "gondola", elegant serenity of the pigeons constitute the classical and romantic city of Venice style.
Since the Middle Ages, trade with the East flourished, then known as Adelie Sea maritime country of the Queen's - Venice, has a glorious history from St. Ma Luke Square today, monasteries, palaces and buildings of the city architecture and magnificent traditional folk festivals, the taste of 12. Artists then their colorful paintings, are now all housed in 阿卡德米亚 Fine Arts Museum.
Wide and narrow width along the Venice canals, repair can be seen in a few centuries ago, the ancient houses, these houses are still maintaining the look and style of the time, the bright flowers stretching out from the balcony, bringing vitality and infinite reveries. Ride on the "gondola", indulge in Venice's arms, listening to boatman singing Italian folk songs, as if forgetting the existence of this world is completely melted in this unique charm of being. Venice was built in AD 453, the 697 became the Byzantine Empire, a city-state. After the 13th century to become the Mediterranean's commercial center. After the beginning of the 16th century, Venice gradually lost in the political and commercial influence, the late 18th century, Venice "seems to become a big puppet theater." 1797, Venice to submit to the rule of Napoleon, has 1000 years of history of the Republic of Venice from extinction. 1866 Venice region and the reunification of Italy, she became a region of Italy.
Even well past the era of supremacy at sea, Venice emerged with the momentum is still stylized, decadent and gorgeous beauty coexist blurred ambience seduce tourists from around the world, but this piece of island Gap, as if with the World isolated general, living alone, are the lazy days of Venice. Stubborn Venetian will be a mansion after another, standing in the water, he served as the tidal erosion, loss of past honor bright again after repeatedly and patiently fitting.
Venice, the world-famous fishing village, population 350,000. The city built on water, going out or on foot or boat, is the world's only car-city. Venice is also a historical and cultural city, the city many monuments, there are 120 Columbia holding style, Renaissance, Baroque churches, 120 Clock Tower, 64 male and female monasteries, more than 40 palaces, as well as numerous bathing beach.
Winding waterways and a curved anchovy another one of the small bridge, cutting out the squares and streets amazing, so you find the absolute pleasure of travel. Located in Veneto (Veneto) off the coast of Thrush lake (laguna) district of Venice, in fact, includes 100 islands of varying sizes on the main island canal in Venice up to 150, the standard to the sea and prosperous Jiede Sea Queen.
In a boat and on foot as the main means of transportation in Venice, everything is dynamic with a leisurely Yun. Radiation windows with Venetian splendor, the streets filled with romantic atmosphere, so that visitors attracted to.
Attractions list: flurry church, Ducal Palace, Kanaya, Liyatuoer Bridge, St. Mark's Square, along the canal.

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