Friday, February 19, 2010

Greece Olympia

To bring the Olympic Games, it is necessary to mention the ancient Olympic sports will be, while the ancient Olympic sports will be instituted, we naturally think of her birthplace - the sacred Olympia.

Southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula is located in ancient Greece, gave birth to Europe's most ancient civilizations. Peninsula, vibrant natural environment, so that the Greeks formed a love of beauty and sporting event tradition, had a great impact on future generations.

Slavery in ancient Greece, the country appeared in the first 200 years BC, the island of Crete, Crete in ancient times under the influence of oriental culture created its own culture. These include dance, bullfighting, boxing and wrestling plastic and so on. With the city economic and cultural prosperity and the complexity of inter-city competition and bring about the prosperity of the ancient Greek sport, chariot race, standing ankle fist fighting, running, javelin, discus, jumping, fighting, archery and so become the ancient Greeks the most common form of movement. Sparta and Athens, Greece has become a boom sport representatives. But also in the process gave birth, resulting in a number of local or whole-Games in Greece, in which a greater impact is born in Olympia, the Olympic sports will be. This lasted for 293 sessions of athletics will be, as long as 1170, in order to leave a valuable cultural heritage of mankind. However, with the sports will be the demise of the glory of ancient Greek sport slowly disappeared from people's memory, and Olympia has become the sport-loving people of the most revered holy places.

Olympia is located in the western Peloponnese peninsula east of Pyrgos, Alfred wives River and克拉泽夫斯River confluence, 370 km away from Athens. From the 18th century, successive waves of scholars have come to study here, and look for the remains of the ancient Olympic sports will be. In 1766, the British Chandler for the first time discovered the ruins of the Temple of Tony Adams. Since then, after a large number of Germany, France, the United Kingdom archaeologists, historians were on the site of Olympia systematic, large-scale exploration, excavation, to 1881, obtained a great deal about the ancient Olympic sports will be the precious relics and historical materials. The 11th Olympic Games in 1936, after part of the balance due, the International Olympic Committee decided to use the money to continue to Olympia carried out to explore, find and recover the stadium.

Olympia here, pleasant weather, beautiful, full of olive trees, laurel and cypress trees. Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic Movement. According to historical records, as early as the Iron Age, Dorian temple built in here. The Olympic movement is a kind of ritual celebrations. Olympia has the world's oldest sports ground. After the Olympic Games, held alternately in all countries although the change, but still followed the name, and where the sessions of the Games torch lit. Olympia's museum has attracted visitors all over the world.

Attractions list: Olympia, Olympia Archaeological Museum, and the Statue of Zeus, the West Coast.

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