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United States Grand Canyon

United States Grand Canyon is a world-renowned natural wonders, located in the west of the Kaibab Plateau in northwest Arizona, the total area of 2724.7 square kilometers. As the flow of the Colorado River to wear them, so also known as the Grand Canyon, which is chosen as the UNESCO protected natural heritage site.

The Grand Canyon is a masterpiece of the Colorado River. The river originates in Colorado Rocky Mountains, torrent pour down through Utah, Arizona, from California, the Gulf of California into the sea. Length of 2320 kilometers. "Colorado", in Spanish, meaning "Red River", which is due to a large number of river sediment entrainment, the river often noticeable red, hence the name.

Colorado River's long-term erosion around the clock forward in torrents, and sometimes split Road mountains, and sometimes give way to return, in the mainstream and tributaries upstream had been carved carved into the black Canyon, Canyonlands, Glen Canyon, Bruce Canyon 19 Canyon , and the last flows through Arizona Kaibab rocky when there was even a shocking pen, formed the Grand Canyon, wonders, and to become all of this river valley in the "Valley of the King."

The Grand Canyon a very irregular shape, was roughly east-west, total length of 349 kilometers, winding like a rebellious python, creeping above the V on the Kaibab Plateau. Its width 6-25 km between the two sides Canyon from north to south, with an average 1600 m deep valley, the bottom width of 762 meters. Colorado River surging forward at the bottom, forming two mountains stand like a wall, a spectacular water flow and its majestic landscape, the vast breadth of spirit, awesome demeanor, extraordinary scenery suddenly, the Bank without his horse. 1903 U.S. President Theodore - Roosevelt came to visit when he exclaims: "The Grand Canyon made me full of awe, it is incomparable, indescribable, in this vast world, unique."

Indian legend, the Grand Canyon was formed during a flood. At that time God of human beings as fish Ao, only survived. Therefore, the local Indians still will not eat fish fresh. In fact, shaping the work of the Grand Canyon is not the power overnight, but a few billions of years through the long years, but has not yet been finalized relented, and last forever. Human beings can not be aware of the progress of each day engraved, but the time went on, it showed the most incredible view of Wei.

Grand Canyon strata structure is different due to pine density varies river rampage, sometimes resulting in large areas of Tan Xian, sometimes leaving only one crevices; sometimes as Roughs as the agitation, sometimes and if sawtooth-like erosion; such as advection Yuhuan, left behind traces of gentle, such as the torrent rolled, then produced an unexpected decoration. Thus, this long valley on the gestos smells, and some wide exhibition, and some narrow-minded; some, such as cellular; some, such as the colony; some tip-Song, such as pagodas, some stacked like bricks; some such as the Koho Jie Li, and some, such as the cave heavens, and the people of these masterpieces of nature, depending on shape naming, preceded a number of fairy tales contain the name, such as the Temple of Apollo, Diana Temple, Brahmin temples and so on. The north edge of the "angel window" appear on one side of mountain peaks, a sky-empty, its southern edge of the "virtues cape," and, like the worship of ancient generals Guayin
Canyon colors, and also because Liangbi rock types, weathering degree, the time evolution, as well as contain different minerals, but different, iron ore in the sunlight, showing multicolored, other oxides are produced a variety of dim colors, quartzite again showing white, consequent to form a block of bright red, one side deep ocher, a dark round and round, a sheet iron gray, and earth, like a huge colorful bright-colored palette to the showground. However, some because the folders are sprouting vegetation and the soil with some poetic, some compounded by the bottom was filled with mist, while the microdisplay lilacinus; coupled with changes in the weather or direct sun, or rain unlucky Dusk or Dawn early , or a sunset mountain will enable the canyon scenery, unpredictable, spectacular.

The Grand Canyon is not only exotic scenery, but also wild animals are very Shigetomi. There are more than 200 kinds of birds, 60 species of mammals and 15 species of reptiles and amphibians in this habitat, in the bottom of the McFadden Ranch and phase more than 90 km away from the high of about 3,500 meters of the San Francisco between the peaks of the lots, both subtropical plants, is also a cold plant growing areas. So, where cactus, poppy, spruce, fir and other plants in the same area is almost symbiotic.

Hut ruins of the Grand Canyon walls, indicating that the Indians in the 13th century is the development of the earliest masters here. But the Grand Canyon's natural wonders of the unknown, to be attributed to the United States armed artillery Major Powell publicity. In 1869, he led an expedition by boat from the exploration of the Colorado River without sailing into the Grand Canyon has been the bottom, he will experience along the way adventure-stricken, written travelogues, widely circulated, causing the U.S. government and the public's attention , in 1919 established the Grand Canyon National Park. Is now receiving more than 300 million visitors each year. Visitors can walk or ride donkeys, along the beautiful valley trail in-depth exploration, or take a canoe in the rapids on the Colorado River, experience the thrill of fun, or get on scenic flight aircraft, from the air, overlooking the majestic Grand Canyon.

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