Monday, February 22, 2010

The British winter in love online searching

Christmas has passed, the cold of winter he was by no signs of subsiding, do not love to go out of the British singles fear the threat of snow, turned to the web to find love.

As the snow across the UK the situation is worsening, countless people trapped in their homes can not work, another surprising phenomenon is that online dating dating site number of visitors increased substantially.

Service for single people dating site "" said the number of visitors to the site last week, the sudden increase 55%, and the largest number of website visits in the afternoon time is 3 points instead of an ordinary 22 o'clock.

Another Web site for a single person "" also said that the sudden increase in site traffic this week, 27%.

In January each year is the busiest online dating dating site month.

January is the peak season
The service's website for a single person said, "every year in January is our busiest month, because many people are asked to their own New Year's determined to find a partner."

"But last week, very strange in general our website is most busy on weekends, but last Wednesday, and Thursday was an unexpected climax."

The trend in recent years, online dating has become increasingly prosperous. According to market research firm estimates that pay for online dating and dating services will rise from 260 million in 2006 to 2012, suddenly increased to 600 million.

Those who want to be able to find a Prince Charming or Snow White online single person in this industry will create 368 million pounds of economies of scale.

Experts say, online dating agency services flourishing for many reasons, including the modern life more and more dependent on networks, and people are more willing to make new friends through the Internet, in particular, the search for love objects.

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