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Blurred dream of Venice

Mention Venice, my mind had come back out of the vast ocean of floating through the massive classical, refined elegant, beautiful city! Flickering, like a mirage ...

When we take a cruise in the Adriatic Sea towards the morning of Venice, is under the drizzle. Looking at the distance, Tianshui connecting local misty rain curl, hazy.

Less than half an hour, in the hazy suddenly appeared a classical city. That the church bell tower and various buildings are seeing the top of tower, with Gothic, Baroque, Byzantine-style ... or a sharp or round, towering between the cloud water in the Rain in the flickering, like a mirage! Maggi! People feel beautiful and true!

If there is heaven, I think, certainly not far away from here! .

Venice is an area of less than 8 square across the 126 islands and 110 canals, which connected into a spider's web penetration by 350 bridges River.. Block size of the island there are more than 120 churches. Almost every bridge is next to have a chapel. Can be seen that the first church in Venice scenery!

Cruise ship moored in St. Mark's point of landing, we went straight to the first attraction is the Basilica San Marco.

St. Mark's Church was built in 829 years, a church sanctuary disciples of Jesus were buried named St. Mark's.. It was once the largest church in medieval Europe, is the Venice Architecture art classic. Its main building is a magnificent Byzantine-style, square south, north, west on three sides by magnificent Gothic-style palace surrounded by buildings. The front entrance of the church is a magnificent five Roman arches, arches at the top is a description of St. Mark's five things Ji mosaics. All buildings of the roof, the walls are exquisite beautiful relief.. Relief on both the Bible and the ancient Greek myth of the characters, all the characters an air of realism Innocent Steps, such as raw! Windowsill and the stigma which run on the lines above are constituted by a rose or a lily pattern, delicate matter to people that had to marvel at nature's intricate craft!

The church's internal collection of the rich from around the world of art exhibits, from the floor, walls to the ceiling, are colorful and detailed paintings of the Maasai can be mosaic. The theme covers the 12 disciples, sermons, Christ's Passion, Christ and the prophets, as well as the portraits of the saints. As these paintings were covered with a layer of shiny gold foil, making the whole church, glittering, shining bright!

Can be said that St. Mark's Church within the concept, whether or appearance, completely fine classical pieces of art. It records the rise and fall of Venice, honor the history of 1000 years, solemn, majestic stands in the square.

St. Mark's Church of attractive addition to its exquisite architecture, there are over 7000 square with only a symbolic peace dove!

In order to prevent breeding pigeons, the blind, they eat pigeon food were placed in a pill.

I saw pigeons are not afraid of people, elegant leisure wear in the middle of the crowd walk-degree steps. Or fly over your head; or standing on your shoulders and enjoy visitors fed food. I am also excited to squat on the ground, I have left to pigeons were standing on his head jumping, my heart, and together they sang happily!

Suddenly, the square came vigorous bell! Place the right side of the bell from the bell tower of a towering issued. Bell tower of up to 100 meters, and every time a part-time, it sounded the bell can be heard throughout the island.

At this point, the bell under the blue sky, the magnificent ancient Greek buildings, fly over the square and on the ground as well as the degree of step Gequn crowd scenes, such as weaving, blending into a touching romance! If someone tells you: this is the West Paradise! You have absolutely no doubt!

After visiting the Basilica San Marco, we have the famous gondola ride in Venice cruise swimming Street.

Cruise is a scenic gondola in Venice of the two. It is the kind of two Gao Qiao, decorated boat can take 4-6 people. Guides also call it "Pteris boat."

Rain, long ago stopped! Exceptionally fresh air after the rain. Pteris boat sat by the boatman slowly shaking walking in various sizes Water Alley, enjoy watching the two sides is the kinds of scenery is very pleasant to enjoy!

Venetian style can not do without water! Water waves on the elegant old town, water was added to our different styles of bridges, cruise ships visiting the winding sat Water Street, Water Street shops under the parked vehicles - all kinds of boats and jet skis ... all of the scenery of income to make fundus! The feelings generated simply fantastic, I am fully immersed himself in rivers and lakes of the romantic style! At that moment, really want to freeze-frame time is no longer flow away!

Tour End Water Street, we visited Venice, followed by crystal products fabrication facility.

Xiuzhen in that small-scale production workshops, a tall, skilled workers grow fat for our performing handicraft production process. He saw a small one-meter-long steel pipe, the fire in the molten silicate liquid blown a fine horses, model, and then blowing on the tube with another root color, the last into the incubator drying. Less than 40 minutes, a refined horse Pentium want to fly out! Really "know a flower," it is simply a skilled technical operation of our stared!

Reading handicraft production, we went to a 60-square to visit the small exhibition hall finished crystal.

Small decorative arts and crafts exhibition was dazzling Innocent Steps, such as raw! There are angry lion, tame deer, Ana variety of classical beauty, exquisite vase ... a good sample although expensive, crafts each piece from a very Xiuzhen's to 50 cm thick in as little as several hundred dollars, multi - then a few thousand dollars or even million (those degrees of gold)!

After visiting the Craft Factory We will then visit the famous Bridge of Sighs in Venice!

Bridge of Sighs Venice scenery ter. It is well-known reason is because of its unique location and beautiful legends.

Bridge of Sighs was built in 1603, there are more than 400 years of history. It connects two buildings housing is very ironic! One side is a majestic instrument Governor's House; side is a heavily guarded prison. That is one side is heaven; side is hell! Prisoners from the Governor's House sub-sentence, to come out, to go through the Bridge of Sighs into the prison. Legend has a prisoner sentenced to his sentence, when you come to Bridge of Sighs, just saw his lover in the bridge and the other men kissing, not feel sad This is really a shot hit to the bridge to go! Blood and sighs that is embedded in Qiao Lan, every rainy days, overnight, under the bridge will be heard Youde sighs! Bridge of Sighs for this name.

After visiting the Bridge of Sighs, tour guides pointing to the west side of the island, said a green forest cover, which is the famous "Green Island"! Island red tiles and green walls with elegant lush, Huaxiangniaoyu! In many countries this is a film base. Chinese director Zhang Yi a "Raise the Red Lantern" is taken on this lens.

After visiting the above attractions, tour guides and declared freedom of movement.

Venice I have a strong sense of curiosity and mystery, so do not accompany lone. The only one land along the street, I have carefully observed this Shuicheng style.

The first floor houses in Venice were below the road, to the sea in winter, when high tide will be flooded, so people are not live. I am very curious to see where Tantou Wang, Jin Zhao is also the ground water, distribution of the wet smell of the sea. Slightly higher than the second layer of the road, are more shops, cafes and boutique shops and so on. I saw a few young men holding masks of Venice laugh a mask from a store, come face the sun!

I think they must hold a fancy dress party!

Venetian glass and masks are the two major handicraft products. The Venetian Carnival is held every year and they often run fancy dress party. It was they who taste of these romantic and classical architecture of Venice, St. Mark's Square pigeons are elegant as well as step-degree water Piaodang the gondola cruise blend, shape of this world water is a million species style!

I walked a berth cruise point, look overlooking. Tianshui connecting places still smoke curl, those small islands in the smoke Yingyingchuochao, a poetic!

I stood on the shore, listening to the surging Haitao Sheng, watching this will leave the ancient romantic Shuicheng mind spontaneously rising Yi Gu deep melancholy!

Because of this beautiful water city is growing at an annual rate of 100 mm sinking, that is, 100 years later, in Venice this despite years of 1000 years of wind and rain, but perfectly preserved classical architecture, with its honor will work together to sink into the history of the rise and fall sea, becoming a true mirage of the!

This historical and cultural heritage of mankind will be much to lose ah!

I am about to go to Watertown this filled with passionate, quietly repeat it goodbye: Goodbye, blurred dream of Venice! Good-bye, a paradise on earth!

Regardless of whether it has a chance to re-visit, I'll be your love, your beauty is not deeply embedded in my side of the eternal memory of a lifetime and unforgettable!

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