Saturday, February 20, 2010

Milan, Italy travel

This led Milan, Italy's economy, industrial, modern city, has now been the most watched in Europe one of the cities; the city's fourteenth-century Italy to the essence of the main building blocks Cathedral as the center section filled with poignant and graceful turn of the century and the new century The vision and misty fantasy, showing the human yearning for a romantic tenderness and future Mercedes-Benz. Milan is located in Europe, west and north-south cross-junction of the Department, again in the fertile plains of Lombardy with the city to develop as an economic factor.

Western Roman Empire, Germanic peoples as a major migration of great confusion arising from Milan, the capital of 1:00 as the Empire, the center of Western Christianity and prosperous future, and also because Goths and so on migration and cause confusion. The 12th century due to the burgeoning social consciousness, caused by the commune era, making Milan and prosperity once again.
Enables the rapid development of northern Italy, is the expedition to the East Crusaders, the city in order of wealth, power, conquer other cities and launched a struggle. Milan is no exception, since 1395, as Milanweisi Conti family home and Faithfull check rule. This small country city developed, resulting in well-off members of the public, from them to carry out protection, rewarding academic and artistic activities will ultimately bear fruit, the birth of the Renaissance culture.
15 end of the century trading system, great changes have taken place, Milan and other Italian cities began to stagnation, the Italian peninsula, by Germany, France, Spain and other countries of aggression, to the 1870 unification of Italy has experienced a long time, unfortunately.

Milan is a European metropolis, commercial and popular center. Here are Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper" and the fame of the La Scala Opera House. Milan were rich and good, conservative character was due to the Nordic style dictates, the Leaving aside its modernization and efficiency, Milan are still poetic in the.Festival in Milan The best starting point is the cathedral (Duomo ,1386-1813), this Gothic cathedral is Europe's third cathedral, within the 135 towers and collected by the various times of more than 2,245 marble statues . 4-meter-high gold-plated "Madonna" to decorate the church's highest steeple. The roof of the cathedral shows the Milanese jokingly side. This is not the roof of the cave do not have some cave heavens. Decoration such as the stalagmite-like spire stands, while the carved rosette ornaments, such as jewel-like scattered on the floor.
The church is extremely spectacular scenery, the weather was fine, can have seen the Alps. To just below the view, the square filled with angry, cluster feeding pigeons eat crumbs. A crowded tram in the square cross into a cross, pedestrians hurry, compared to other cities, Milan were to try and push more.
Down from the cathedral came to the center of Milan cathedral square. The end of a large horse who was the first king of Italy hand Tuoyi Man Vic Emmanuel II statue. Square, lined on both sides of the colonnade is the world's most ancient and elegant shopping street, Victor Emmanuel corridor. The other end of the corridor is the location of the famous La Scala opera house La Scala Square.

Attractions list: Boerdipei Rizzoli Art Museum, Brera Art Gallery, Faithfull mining Moscow Castle, Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum, Thanksgiving Virgin Mary Church, La Scala opera housel.

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